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Friday, February 04, 2011


If you are planning an engagement for Valentine's Day, let me tell you a few of the sweet ways to "pop the question".
Of course, there is the box of chocolates, but what is in that box? Replace one of those velvety truffles with a diamond ring and a note that says "will you?" When she opens the box she will see it and say "YES" right away. What woman can resist chocolate and diamonds? Or, take her out for dinner and plan ahead to have dessert brought to the table with the ring sitting on top of the confection you order ahead of time. Make sure you have a bottle of champagne ready to toast after she says "yes". Maybe you are handy in the kitchen. A romantic meal and a luscious dessert with a diamond on the plate will surely get a "yes". How about roses in the snow spelling out "will you marry me"? Picture this- the two of you on the top of the ski slope, the gondola coming up the mountain with a sign that asks the question. The ring in your gloved hand. Then, a bottle of champagne and roses by the fire when you return to the lodge. The possibilities are endless. Put on your thinking cap, use your imagination, make it special! Even if she suspects, you can still make it a wonderful surprise, just in the presentation. Good luck! And, let me know your story after the 14th and I will post it here.!

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