Bridal Affairs

Angel of Hearts Weddings offers unique and comprehensive assistance to the discerning bride in planning her wedding with a full range of services tailored to her needs. Making magic is my passion.

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In this wedding world of all kinds of people who call themselves "planners", how do you know who is right for you?   What makes me unique?   How do I work?   What are my fees?   Here, I will explain my philosophy, my fee structure and why I am a perfect choice for your wedding assistance.
First, I will tell you that no one will work harder for you, look out for you better or keep you calmer or happier throughout the process than I.   I will be available to you throughout the process, no matter what your needs.   


Will You...? Looking for help in popping the question?  Let me assist you in devising a WOW moment to dazzle your special girl!  From finding that spot, to documenting the moment, to getting her there, your plan will be a smashing success!

I Said Yes  A way to help you get started and then pulling it all together at the end.   I will help you plan a budget, set a timeline for planning and give you tips on finding vendors that fit your taste and budget.  Unlimited calls and/or emails. 

I Do  You have planned and organized and now you just want someone to help you make it all come together.  I will step in at the end to organize, help with timelines for the day and be there for your rehearsal and day of.   Unlimited calls and/or emails.

 From This Day Forward  You are too busy, you live away from where the wedding is, you are overwhelmed and can't do this alone...  I will assist you from beginning to end.  From the "Yes" to the "I Do", I will do it all.   Full planning help- finding vendors, attendance at all meetings, dress shopping and fittings, details, unlimited access for anything you need.  Travel out of town.
Details  Anything can happen.  And, you may need more help along the way.

Planner On Call  I am available day or night, any day of the week.  If you have a problem, if your wedding derails, if you need anything...  I am always here to help!

 Prices for Services start at $1500- contact me for details.  
I won't refuse to answer a question,no matter how small.   I will never refuse to assist you in anything that you need.   
 If an unexpected situation arises, or if you need more help, you are covered under my umbrella of services.   What better insurance policy could you have than this.   You may start out thinking you don't need all of this.  You may think you have it covered.  You may believe that everything is handled.  However, as these brides found out... You never know what might happen! 

If I can make sure you have a perfect day, with the minimum of stress, then I am a success.  So, let me help you to plan your day, YOUR WAY!     Let's chat!