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Friday, October 31, 2008


My post today is more of a vent. I feel I need to justify my job and my fee structure, as there seems to be a reason why brides want me to work for free. Why is that?! Yes, there is always someone out there willing to do it for less- have you checked her credentials? What does she bring to the table? How many weddings has she done- besides her own? What is her background? How involved is she before the wedding? Is that in house coordinator going to listen to your meltdown the week before the wedding or field the phone calls from the vendors with questions or figure out how to save you money on your favors? Is that Knottie bride who took the on line course going to know how to alter the bridesmaid dress that was never picked up until the day bafore the wedding or come with you to all of your fittings- and actually know if your dress is being altered properly? Do you barter with your doctor, your plumber? Or, do you trust that you are getting quality service at a fair price? The old adage "you get what you pay for" is true. And, with me, you get much more than you pay for without compromising your vision or your sanity. Shop around. Go to the professional planners and ask about their fees and what they include. Ask about the hourly charges and the extras. Then call me. Let me show you the many letters I have from brides, family members and vendors. You won't find anyone more commited or more passionate about what they do- or about your wedding. Paying a GOOD planner is one of the smartest investments you can make in your special day. Don't pass this one up for an "also ran". I won't let you down and you won't feel like it was wasted money. Each one of my brides is like my own daughter. And, this is my profession. I don't do this on the side because it is fun. I welcome your feedback.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


These clever little coasters from Bella Figura are a wonderful way to dress up a table, give everyone the recipe for your signature drink or use as place cards for your wedding! I love the beautiful bird and floral design on the green one.

And, I love these international invitations! Whatever cultures you are blending, the folks at Bella Figura can be the perfect beginning to a multicultural wedding. I have written about this company before and you should go to their site and read all about them too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Janice Martin in her trendy Ardmore, Pa shop yesterday. Not only is she lovely and gracious, she is also a fabulous designer of bridal and mother of the bride. She will design something totally unique or she can take your grandmother's gown and restore it, update it and make it perfect for your wedding. These are a few of her original designs. The fabrics are amazing and come from places like France. The silks can be painted and draped to make a dramatic statement. Janice uses antique laces and the workmanship is unsurpassed!
Maybe you have an heirloom gown that you want to wear, but it needs some repair or updating. Janice is the person to see. She has done fabulous work with heirloom gowns- even made a christening gown out of some old lace and some new cotton. You couldn't tell the difference! These are examples of some heirloom pieces she has worked with.

Is your mother having trouble finding a dress that doesn't make her look like a couch? Go and see Janice! She will make your mom feel like a million dollars! Janice has made many mothers of the bride feel as beautiful as the bride and her designs are current and sophisticated.
This isn't for everyone! You have to have the courage to watch your gown evolve and trust that the muslin mock up is going to be an amazing garment. But, if you want to wear something different, something totally yours that no one else has- go see Janice!! She is wonderful and sweet and will work with you to make your wedding dress the most beautiful dress you could imagine. She will also have it cleaned for you after and she has the correct bridal bag made of acid free fabric to store it in. What more could you ask for and what bridal shop can offer that kind of personal service?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Phi and Nhi got married on Saturday and what an adventure! It was a long day and one full of surprises!!! Phi was so precise in her timeline because of the amount of activity in the day and the Asian traditions and superstitions. We started off late, but caught up quickly. Phi's day- and mine, started at 5:30AM! She was up and in the shower by 6AM and the hair and make up people were already in place by 6:30AM. Of course, when the limo arrived to take her to her parents home for the traditional Buddhist tea ceremony- Phi wasn't ready.

The Dress! This incredible confection of embroidered lace on dotted swiss tulle, but Valentino Sposa for Pronovias was so beautiful!! The matching veil was breath taking!

We rushed out and made it- but not before the boys who, by tradition were to be teased and bribed to gain access to her father's home. The groom and his entourage, including his relatives paraded into the bride's home with gifts for the bride's parents and the ceremony began.

The family carries the gifts to the kitchen for the feast prepared by the bride's mother. As everyone watches, the bride and groom pay tribute to the ancestors, the parents and the elders of the families.

This is the tribute to the ancestors.

And, the aftermath of the feast.

The wedding party outside after the tea ceremony.

After the lunch, it was back in the limo for the trip to the Catholic church for a Christian ceremony. These photos of my lovely Phi were taken at church before the ceremony. Is she not exquisite?!

Phi and her parents.

Nhi and his parents and sister.

After church the families went to Nhi's parents to burn incense for his ancestors and to welcome the bride into the family. Then it was off on the last leg of the day's adventure. The wedding feast was held at the Golden City restaurant. There was a 12 course dinner and music by a Vietnamese band and an American DJ. The room was decorated with lanterns that we had hung the night before and lots of orchids on the tables. All the flowers for the day, the creation of Chantilly Florist, were just amazing!!

Here, the orchids line the edge of the lazy susan that would soon be laden with the many dishes created by Golden City for the banquet.

This shot is too dark to see Phi's beautiful deep purple callas or the very Asian inspired centerpiece. but, you can see the adorable favor- a Chinese take out box with a red velvet cupcake inside. It was an amazing day! This is what Phi had to say-- "It was truly the best day of our lives. We loved it and we felt so engaged in the events and the people. We could not have done it without you!
You went above and
r a wedding that had so much for one day and being a crazy stressed bride who at times may have said things she DID not mean, I could not have asked you to be any more understanding than you have been." I loved working with Phi and Nhi- even with all the craziness! I learned a whole new culture and I got to meet two really wonderful people!


October 11- the day that Janice and Jeremy married at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The weather was spectacular and the wedding was perfect! The day started with all the girls getting hair and make up at the Loews Hotel in center city Philadelphia. Darah from Dollface Studio did the stunning make up and her mom curled all that beautiful hair to make each girl look like a starlet.

I love this shot of Janice giving the ok on her mother's make up!

The Dress!! Janice's dress was a lovely ans feminine cloud of lace by Junko Yoshioka. When we went dress shopping this was the first dress she put on. After about 6 more dresses, she put this one back on and the tears came! We had a bride!!! I love this dress and it fit Janice's personality and vision perfectly.

Isn't she beautiful?!!!!!

Because the wedding was in an art gallery, Janice carried the theme of art throughout her wedding. From the framed invitations and table numbers done by Bird and Banner to the favors, the "artful" decor was everywhere. Janice also had a striking color palette! Raspberry, teal and gold were the predominant colors and a sage green just added the softness of Janice's personality. It was truly exquisite! Donna and the crew at Beautiful Blooms did a phenomenal job with the flowers. The ceremony, a combination of Janice's Filipino heritage and Jeremy's Jewish heritage, was beautiful. They stood under the chuppah with the rabbi and the priest and both traditions were incorporated into their ceremony.

Gold chairs, teal linens and glass cylinders full of ranunculus, roses, dahlias and seeded eucalyptus and trimmed in shades of teal and raspberry ribbon made for a stunning reception.

The favors, cookies made by the bride's cousin, were little portraits of the couple placed on mini easels. The vases on the table were a series of interestingly shaped pieces of differing shades of teal and blue, each with its own flower and character.

The guests names were all on these framed cards on a board by table number. And, instead of a guest book, Janice made this lovely framed mat with teal and raspberry ribbon and little cards for the guests to write notes to the couple.

Janice and Jeremy really enjoyed their day! I was happy to have helped them make it so perfect and thrilled to have been there to witness the blending of their cultures and the love in the room! Both families were a pleasure to get to know and I will miss all of them!