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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There is nothing like walking in to a new venue and being blown away!  Such was the case yesterday when I took a couple into the new Hotel Monaco in the Lafayette Building on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.  WOW!  Still under construction, but set to open on October 4, this is a MUST SEE for all of you modern brides!  Even the ballroom is unique and amazing!  And, with the help of the effervescent and darling personality of Michael Mitloff, the director of catering, we made a couple's dream wedding a reality!    
The Lafayette Building stands proud and elegant just across the street from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  A Greek Revival building The Lafayette was built by Stephen Girard and the original ceilings and the grandeur of the building remain.  
The lobby takes your breath away, with it's stunning marble and the massive pillars wrapped in rope.   The spectacular chandelier- a ship, in remembrance of Mr Girard's days on the sea, is like nothing you have ever seen.  
The front desk and the "living room", with it's very French flair, is jaw dropping!   And, there is a little nook called the "love nook" that is a perfect spot to snap a photo or sign a ketubah.  STUNNING!!
Up on the roof is a drop dead gorgeous bar- the Stratus Bar and Lounge, with a pavilion on either side for private use.  My couple wants to have their ceremony up here- WOW, again!       

The guest rooms are unlike anything I have seen.  From the bright colors and shiny whites to the incredible views of the city- the old city, every detail have been thought of!  I adore the oriental cabinet that the TV sits in and the bathroom is a picture!   The walls of the hallways throughout the hotel are full of old Mummer's photographs and antique postcards of Philadelphia in gilded frames.     And, the walls are painted red and yellow or have plaid wallpaper.  For the third time- WOW!

Now, I MUST tell you about Michael!  From my first phone conversation with him to the chat at the chef's table, every moment was memorable and so much fun!  A newlywed himself, and hailing from Chicago, he felt like he was coming home to Philadelphia- and I am glad he is home!!    He is warm, welcoming, funny and made my bride feel like a queen!   

Finally, I have to say, you see my smiling bride below?  Let me tell you, she was not smiling when we began.  She had booked her wedding at another location and was told over the weekend that she could not have her wedding there as the building had been sold.  She also lost her make up person and her officiant.  To say that she was ready to call the whole thing off- well!  But, here you see Michael making her smile and showing her the yummy menus for her wedding dinner.   I am thrilled to be doing this wedding at the Hotel Monaco!  I am overjoyed at the prospect of working with Michael and his staff.  And, I am so excited to be showing you this amazing hotel before it even opens!  

If you are looking for a unique, chic and totally urban setting for your big day- PLEASE contact Michael!!!   Or call me and I will be glad to take you to see him!  You will be blown away and you too will say- WOW!     A HUGE "thank you" to Michael Mitloff for your time, your professionalism and your charming and hilarious personality!   You made my bride's day and helped me save her wedding! 

Monday, September 17, 2012


So excited to be a part of this inspired event on October 4th!   Join Provence Catering as they host this taste of autumn at the lovely Appleford Estate.  Joining them, besides myself, will be the exquisite designs of Nancy Saam.   
Her floral designs are always glorious and her lovely personality will make your selection of flowers for your wedding a delight.   The exciting sounds of CTO Artists- music that will wow your guests and create a lasting memory of a great party at your wedding. 
The talented team from CinemaCake, that will document your day and create a video collage of all the most precious moments of your special day. 
 Invitations by one of the best teams- LoveLeigh Designs.  Making the process of inviting your guests fun and unique.
 And, the amazing and creative mind of Paul Roebuck and Unique Concepts Studio.  Wedding photography that has won awards and a guy that just glows!  

So, join us on October 4th, from 6- 8:30PM, as we celebrate fall and YOU!   RSVP to:
Provence Catering
610- 539-8330

See you there!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I was on the phone with a friend the other day and we were talking about tattoos and brides.   She told me that she had just gotten a tattoo for her 60th birthday- WOW!   It got me to thinking about some of the brides I have worked with who have them and started me wondering how YOU feel about them.   

I remember one bride I had many years ago. She was an exquisite beauty!  She had dark red hair and alabaster skin.   She was from a well- healed family on the Main Line of Philadelphia.   And she had tattoos covering most of her body!  Her mother was visibly upset by this, but trying to be supportive of her daughter whom she loved desperately.  The bride fell in love with a lace, strapless Christos gown.   She looked amazing in it.   Mom was not so sure.   We wound up making a long sleeved version of the gown- at great expense.   The bride looked stunning on her big day and the mother was happy that the guests could not see the tattooed "sleeves" under the dress.   

Well, times have changed and tattoos are all the rage- everybody has them!   Blogs like Offbeat Bride, Broke Ass Bride and Green Wedding Shoes often have photos of real weddings where the bride has her tattoos proudly peeking out of her gown.   Of course, if you want to hide them, you can have your make up artist do that for you.   I, personally, have had brides who wanted to showcase their skin sans the art they wear on a daily basis.   How do you feel?   Will you be sporting a tattoo on your wedding day?   I would REALLY love your feedback.