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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The first time I met Ron Soliman was at the Hyatt Philadelphia on Memorial Day weekend in 2007. We were about to embark on quite an adventure with a very unhappy bride. Ron was great! When she opened the door to the hotel room- 2 hours late, we were waiting for her. Ron had his camera ready. She announced "No Pictures", so he waited for her go- ahead and did some shots of the girls.. Ron never flinched. He shot amazing pictures, he never lost his head and he was a true hero to me that day. Ron owns Litrato Photography. Litrato means "picture" in Filipino. Just look at these images! When you are looking for the photographer for your wedding, you have to ask yourself "what style of photography do I want". Do you want traditional photos? Do you want candids and formal shots? Do you want the photojournalistic style that Ron produces so beautifully. The photographer you choose should understand your vision and be able to produce the kind of memories that you desire. I asked Ron some questions about his style, his background and what he wants you to know about him. Here is what he had to say:
BA: How did you get started?
RON: Before I went full time in wedding photography, I'd been a newspaper/magazine photojournalist for more than 12 years. My assignments and jobs have brought me around the country and even around the world. And my last stop was the East Coast. I call my last job as the director of photography at Delaware's The News Journal my retirement from my newspaper career. Since then, I switched gears to full time wedding photojournalist.

BA: What is your inspiration?

RON: I love documenting people's lives as a photojournalist. And documenting that one happy moment in one's life, the wedding day, inspires me.

BA: What do you want brides to know about you?

RON: I want them to know that photographing and documenting weddings for me is not just a job, it's my passion.

Tell me about your business philosophy

RON: I always go out and beyond when I deal with brides and grooms for their wedding day. I make sure they are over satisfied when I do my work.

BA: Tell me a little about your style of photography

RON: I do photojournalistic style of photography...meaning I capture those moments in your wedding in a candid and unobtrusive way.

What should a bride look for in a photographer?

RON: Talent is first, and personality is second. Remember, among all your vendors in your wedding, you will work with your photographer the longest, even until months after your wedding when you begin to prepare your wedding album. So having a photographer, who is easy to work with will make things go smoothly for you.

BA: Why should a bride choose your company?

RON: Because when you hire Ron Soliman Photojournalism, you are not only hiring "a photographer" but you are hiring someone who cares about the quality of your pictures, and who loves capturing the moments during your special day.
BA: Describe one of your favorite weddings.
RON: This might sound a little corny, but it's the truth...every wedding I shot is my favorite. Because each one is cannot duplicate the kind of emotions captured, and the kind of fun recorded in my images. If you look at my blog-, you will realize what I mean. And each of these weddings are special to me as a photojournalist.
BA: Anything else you would like to talk about
RON: Yes, one of the things that differ us from our competition out there, is our ability to showcase the wedding images we've have taken during the wedding day at the wedding reception. We bring our 30 inch Apple monitor to do this, and it's usually a big hit among your wedding guests. And the best part of this is, we give this to our clients as a gift on their wedding day.
And in this SOCIAL NETWORKING age, we make sure we burn a CD of the images we showed during the wedding reception, so the next day the bride and groom can share these images in their FACEBOOK pages. That you can't beat! =)

Thank you, Ron, for giving me your time and sharing you talent with me. I enjoy working with you and hope that I have inspired my readers to contact you.

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