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Monday, December 09, 2013


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting- and stressful things you will ever do!   And, to make it more daunting, you are bombarded with Pinterest boards, "reality" TV and too many web sites and too much "advice".    Recently, there was a 20/20 show about the wedding industry and how it overcharges just because you are planning a wedding and not a birthday party.  And, over the weekend, there was an article in the New York Times about the same thing.  This is just NOT true!    And, let me tell you why.

First of all, YOUR wedding is NOT a birthday party or a corporate event.  It is a once in a lifetime milestone in your life.   Professional people that work in this industry spend a great deal of time working with you on this one day.   Hours of prep time, interaction with you over a period of months, or even a year.   Editing photographs and video footage to bring just the right images to you.   Tastings and menus and choosing linens and chairs and cakes.   Helping you decide on just the right song to dance to with your new husband and choosing a playlist of YOUR favorite music.  Decorating your cake to look like your wedding vision.  All of these things and more go into making your wedding day a perfect memory for you to take with you on your life's journey.   

In addition, these people do this for a living.   This is their income- how they feed their families.   Just as other professions spend years in school or learning a trade, wedding professionals spend years honing their craft, staying on top of trends, learning new technology and investing in their business.   So that when you hire them for such a monumental event, they are prepared to do all they can to make it what YOU want it to be.   We are not all celebrities.    Most of us are just regular people, with regular lives.   But, we do this so that YOU can have that extraordinary moment in your life.   

Not every wedding professional is out of reach of a couple on a budget.   And, not every couple is suited for every professional- not financially, personality, style, etc.   So, when you go "shopping" for your wedding vendors, you need to do a little research, make calls, meet with people and then make an intelligent decision about who you will hire.   

Finally, you must decide what you can afford and then set about choosing professionals in your price range.   Know where to put the bulk of your money- what things are the most meaningful to you.   Your wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful and elegant.   It just has to be about you and your new life together.   

We are NOT your enemy and we are not out to send you to the poorhouse or scam you.   Oh yes, there are thieves among us.  And, you must be able to figure out who is who.   Or, you can do the SMART thing and hire a planner at the beginning.   Our job is to keep you on track, on budget and help you choose the right people for your wedding.   We are really your best insurance for having a perfect day on a budget.  
Here is a note from a bride who was on a very tight budget and she had, with my help, the best day of her life!!   Believe me, we in the wedding industry are not out to get you.   We are here to help you plan the biggest and most wonderful event of you life.   So, don't buy into the idea that we are all trying to make more money from you because you are getting married.  This day is about your new life together and not about us at all.  That is what we are here for- YOU!  

The bottom line is this- you can plan a wedding on a budget.  But, you have to know what your budget is, what is most important to you and how to choose the right vendors for your needs.   Real weddings are beautiful because of the two people joining their lives amongst family and friends.   The rest is just eye candy.  And that eye candy comes at a price.   And, I personally don't know anyone who scams brides or overcharges when they hear the word "wedding".   Count on it!      


Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Saturday, September 28, 2013- a magical day for this incredible couple AND for me!  In almost 13 years of planning weddings, I have never been so captivated by a bride.   I LOVE every bride I have helped and I have grown attached to many of them.    But, this couple, and Jacqueline in particular, just had something that left me at a loss for words!  
The day began with a flurry of activity along with more love and giddiness than I can say.   The bridal suite at Le Meridian was jam packed with friends of the bride, the bridal party,  Beautiful Brides Philly, Gerard Tomko Photography, Lucky Productions,  several little ones and Jacqueline- making sure that her mom, her sister and her best friend were feeling included.   And, everyone was fussing over the bride!   

 These two families literally came from all over the map to join in the celebration of Jacqueline and Mirko's wedding.  Mirko's family came from Germany, Jacqueline's father came from Italy, mom came from California and I lost track of all the other places that guests arrived from.   But, they were all her to be a part of this special day.   

Jacqueline's best friend, since they met in daycare, went out for protein bars and yogurt.  Jacqueline's mom had her ipad out and was showing photos of the girls growing up and how Jacqueline always wanted to be "shrouded" in her veil.   I guess some little girls really do carry out their childhood dreams.   

The day could not have been more perfect.  The sun was shining, it was warm and we were on time!    Jerry took the couple off for formal shots and I set to work.   There were so many details that needed to be placed- from two big boxes of pillars to unwrap and place in the library for the ceremony, to the homemade jam jars that doubled as escort cards that needed to be arranged, to the family tree as a guest book and the family photos to be displayed.   I had dads to pin and family to gather in the lobby for photos and Jacqueline got dirty outside, so I had to get out my baby wipes and clean her up.   

The ceremony was just beautiful and officiated by a dear friend of the family.  The whole thing was so personal and tender.  There were tears of joy and plenty of love to go around.  And, it was translated into several languages.   As were the programs and the menu cards.    

 One of my favorite things on Saturday was Mirko helping me to bustle the dress!!  I was so glad that Jacqueline's sister was there to snap this photo!!  
 Jacqueline and Mirko took dance lessons for their first dance at Society Hill Dance Academy.  It was perfectly executed and very touching.   I keep saying that.  but, I am telling you, this couple was SO connected!!!  It was also elegant and almost regal.  Just look at her!

  The tables were all named after the places the couple have traveled.   Each table had a photo of the couple taken in the country or city and Jacqueline made all the frames.   Besides being beautiful, she is so talented and VERY smart!!   

EBE Talent provided the DJ and Amanda and Ryan were amazing!  There was not a time all night that the dance floor was empty.   Everyone had a wonderful time.   And, even though Jacqueline requested no conga line, her mom and her friends had other ideas.   It didn't seem to phase our bride.   She is so gracious and sweet that nothing could have dampened her day.  

  As Mirko is German, Jacqueline wanted to perform a German marriage tradition.  This is usually performed during the ceremony, but for obvious reasons, they decided to do it during the reception.   In Germany, the couple saws a log to ensure they will be able to work a team in their marriage to overcome the obstacles that befall them.   This is the first of those obstacles- to saw through a log.      And, even the way they cut their gluten free cake was special.   No doubt they will be a fabulous team!  

   I could keep posting pictures of these two, but this is getting long.  I really wish I had some of the professional shots to share.  Well, maybe later.  I will share with you a slice of the party that I videoed on my phone.  It is a perfect way to end this post!  I can't tell you how I loved this couple.  I was mesmerized by her all day and it was a truly magical wedding- like out of a story book.  Jacqueline was the quintessential princess.  

Friday, May 24, 2013


Summer is here- well, almost, and you may be planning a summer wedding.   I love finding out all about what Matthew David Celebrations is doing, so I asked Matthew about what he is seeing for summer weddings.   He told me some trends he is seeing and sent me these images of the creative and wonderful things he is doing for his lucky brides!   I really love this arbor escort card idea!!   Here is what Matthew had to say:
What are brides asking you for this year for their summer weddings?
Our brides are looking for their personality and a feeling of family history to be woven into their weddings.  Of course style is key when doing this and a bold look is very fashionable right now.  They want the look to be all things - personal, romantic, nostalgic, bold and timeless.  That's why they are coming to us for vision and execution.  My goal is to get to know them and then prioritize the elements so all of those things can be woven into the design.  Which elements stand out more and which elements become supporting characters in the story?  That all depends on the personality of the couple getting married.
What types of flowers are you using most this summer?
Ranunculus is a big hit this summer.  The palette of colors is wide and comes in bold or soft colors.  They are so romantic.  Also – lilac in white or violet, for a touch of fragrance that doesn't overwhelm. 
What color trends are you seeing for summer weddings?
Classic feminine colors remain the go-to palette for this year.  Teal is huge for that bride who really wants to make a statement.  My personal favorite is to create the wedding in classic shades of white – layered everywhere.  Then, we add a touch of color for the cocktail portion of the celebration and finally, a profusion of color to add a celebratory and festive atmosphere to dinner and dancing.
Are you seeing brides with library themes, garden themes- what is biggest request for design?
I honestly haven't had a request for a library theme – though I LOVE the idea.  Gardens are always a hit because of the nature and romance of them.  I find that when we use the couple themselves as the theme and build the design elements around their lives – the celebration becomes more memorable to everyone.
Have high centerpieces become less popular and replaced by more multi- dimensional pieces?
Tall centerpieces are simply outdated – unless they are wildly, gorgeously “of the moment” (read - elevated level of design).  What I really like to create is ceiling décor that becomes the “star of the show” and then low centerpieces that are gorgeous and intimate.  This gives a wow factor to the room (from the ceiling décor) and a sense of intimacy at the table.  In fact, I've just published a blog-post on collagecenterpieces.
Are you using more vintage or rustic props this year?
Yes.  Vintage props such as frames made of old tin ceiling; graphic wallpaper and lace are hot right now.  Rustic props such as outdoor garden elements have always been cool at weddings.  The feeling should however always be forward looking while not forgetting the past.
Tell me what your favorite summer trend is and why?
I love the current trend of juxtaposing high elegance with fun: photo booths with chandeliers, hammocks with high style pillows, truffled mac and cheese.  LOVE IT!
Photo courtesy of Matthew David Celebrations

Photo courtesy of Dreamlove Photography
  If you are planning a wedding, in summer- or any season, you can ALWAYS count on Matthew David Celebrations to have the best ideas and the most elegant and dazzling ways of making your wedding vision a reality.  Remember, Matthew gets to the heart of you and your personality.  He will make your wedding a reflection of you- not a copy of all the weddings you have been to or seen.   Personally, I can't think of anyone I would rather work with on your wedding! 
Photo courtesy of Matthew David Celebrations


Friday, April 12, 2013


Blackberry mint julep blended with ice
 I love it when creative people ask me if they can share what they know on my blog.  Today, I have a great idea for your wedding that will save you money and also give you and your bridal party a reason to get together.  Thanks for sharing this with me, Michelle Pino!! 

Brides and grooms spend much time and money trying to make their weddings stand out with the latest trends. (I think we can all be grateful the dancing down the aisle fad is dead.) A trend that has gained strength in 2013 is the signature cocktail, blended specially to reflect the bride's and groom's tastes and the theme of their wedding. The good news is that this trend is delicious and elegant. The better news is that it can save the loving couple money while giving them that unusual element they want at their celebration.

This wedding planning activity is one the entire wedding party can get behind. Imagine a fun
evening devoted to mixing and tasting different blends of cocktails to find the one that not only tastes great but is also in one of the wedding colors. Even if you hate the culinary arts, this is one recipe you'll love mixing up. Experiment with vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch, tequila and sweet liqueurs, like amaretto, Kahlua, orange liqueur, and Irish cream. Then bring in juices, milk, bitters, grenadine, etc. and sip your way to a signature drink.

Surprisingly, serving one signature drink at the reception is cheaper than having a full bar
because the bride and groom can order the liquor and mixers in bulk. The drink can both look and taste festive and, through its color, enhance the decorations at the reception. The drink is special and the savings can be used for some extra honeymoon time. Now that situation is a win/win.

Signature drinks work even for a non-alcoholic reception. Mock-tails are delicious and keep
guests from getting tipsy and knocking over the cake and insulting the bride's choice of
husbands. The mixing party will still be fun; the guests will just be better behaved.

The signature cocktail is a bridal trend we can all drink to, over and over again. Forget all the
other fads that have hit the bridal industry: this one is worth the time and trouble. The bridal party will be happy; the guests will be happy; and whoever is paying for the event will be happy as well.

Here is a signature drink recipe that you can try at home. The Bermuda Rose Martini is a crisp, tasty drink inspired by the warm weather, hence the word “Bermuda” in the name. This makes a perfect signature drink for the upcoming spring and summer weddings. Mix and experiment with different recipes to find the best match for your wedding.

Monday, March 25, 2013


A few weeks ago, I posted about dressing the men in your wedding party.   As a follow up, I am pleased to be among the first to announce a "makeover" of the Joseph Abboud name, one of the largest and most popular names in tuxedos. 

According to an eWednewz story, FLOW formal wear plans to make changes in fabric, design and marketing to encourage the modern groom to dress properly, while not feeling as though they are wearing their father's tired tux.   This is part of an ongoing effort, since purchasing the Joseph Abboud name, to recognize the ever- changing market and the tastes of today's  consumer.   

The official relaunch is set for June, with product samples as early as May.   So, if you are planning a wedding, please look out for these dazzling new styles to make your groom feel like the Prince Charming to your Princess gown.   Be on the cutting edge of formal fashion while dressing the part of the proper groom.   The tuxedo is making a comeback and FLOW formal wear is on the leading edge of this trend.   
Special thanks to Paul Pannone of eWednewz for breaking this story.            

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 Are you searching for the perfect gown for your wedding and don't know where to start or how to choose?   Here you will find some tips to help you sort it out and make sense of a very important decision.   And, to find more tips to dress shopping, see my other blog at VIP Magazine.    If you have other questions, let me know.      

 Dress Silhouettes  
Aline- an unbroken line from the bust to the hem with a fitted bodice and a full skirt
          This style is suited to any venue.  Suitable for most body types, but not good for              
           a thick waist.

Ball Gown- the most formal style, with a fitted bodice and waist and a very full skirt- the   
                   Cinderella dress.
                   Suitable for a medium to full bust and to hide a fuller hip.

Empire- falls from under the bust and flows loosely
              Suitable for a small bust and a slimmer figure, but not good for an hourglass.

Mermaid-  contours and hugs the body from the bust to the knee and flares at the hem.
                 Suitable for an hourglass figure or a tall and slim figure, this is a sexy style.

Trumpet- hugs the body to the hips with a straight skirt and flares at the hem.  Suitable   
               for an hourglass or slim figure.

Sheath-  very form fitting and straight to the floor.  Suitable for a tall or petite, slim
               figure.  Not suited to a full figure.

V- Neck- v shape dip in the front that may carry to the back.
              creates good support and good for a busty figure

Bateau- follows the collarbone to the edge of the shoulder.
             suitable for a small bust

Halter- wraps around the neck or a high neck with deep arm holes and an open back.
            good for broad shoulders

Portrait- off the shoulder
              suitable for a medium to full bust and also flattering to a pear shape figure

Scoop- a u- shaped dip in the front and a low cut
            suitable for most body types

Spaghetti Strap- thin straps on a strapless gown.  not meant for support

Strapless- there are three styles of strapless gown---
                 curve- similar to a scoop neckline and suitable for a large bust
                 straight across- a straight line across the bust and suitable for a small bust
                 sweetheart- a dip in the center and suitable for medium to full bust
                 ***a strapless dress should be belted inside the dress to keep from the
                    need to pull on it all day

Charmeuse- light- weight, soft and silky. very revealing and not forgiving of figure flaws
                     suitable for the fit bride and for any weather

Chiffon-  sheer, delicate and easily pulled
               good for a ruched gown and any weather.  

Georgette- light- weight crepe with a nubby, dull texture.  needs to be lined and suitable
                 any weather

Crepe- gauzy, crisp fabric, suitable for any weather, but best in spring or fall

Duchess Satin- a silk and synthetic blend with a shiny, soft feel- like butter
                          wrinkles easily and best suited for winter

Dupioni- raw silk
               great for outdoors or winer

Shantung- raw silk,lighter and nubbier texture than dupioni
                  good for a summer wedding

Faille- ribbed, soft silk or tafetta or cotton

Mikado- rigid and very structured silk with a sheen
             good for a fall wedding

Organza-  sheer and stiffer than chiffon
                 great for outdoors and warm weather

Satin- heavy and smooth silk with a high sheen
          luxurious and elegant for a formal wedding and better in cooler weather      

Tafetta- crisp and smooth silk with a light shimmer and lighter than satin
            suited for a fall or winter wedding

Tulle- silk netting, very sheer and fragile
         good for any weather and ethereal look

The train is the back of the hem that flows behind the dress

Cathedral- the most formal, this falls 7 ½ feet from the waist

Chapel- not as long and less formal, this falls 4 feet from the waist

Court- slightly longer than a sweep, this falls 3 feet from the waist

Sweep- brushes the floor and can’t be bustled


Overbustle- buttons or hooks across the back of the waist that connect to
                    loops around the train.   this bustle hooks on the outside of the dress

Tufted- good for a dress with b

eaded pickups, this bustle brings up a tuft into each bead
           the result is similar to a balloon shade

French- ribbons under the dress, tied to form a drape effect.  it is the most secure type

English- low overbustle and good for a narrow dress- mermaid or trumpet

Austrian- good for an organza gown this bustle threads ribbon through the train and
               pulls up like an Austrian puff shade

Pickup- a narrow bustle created with on button and one loop into an overbustle

Side- good for a ruched, asymetrical gown, the bustle is pulled to the side into the detail    
White, Ivory ( a more yellowed shade), Diamond White ( a more grayed white), Champagne ( more brown than ivory), Blush ( a pink hue) and all manner of color from pinks to reds to black, purple etc.
  *** an ivory or diamond white gown requires an ivory or diamond white veil and the groom should be in an ivory or diamond white shirt.  these colors vary in shade, so make sure to compare before letting your dress look dirty

Glossary of Terms   

Ruching- a pleated look in the bust or skirt
Beading- rhinestones, crystals, pearls or other gems sewn into the dress
Lace- an openworked fabrice with open holes used in decorating or creating a gown.     
         alencon, chantilly, English, Battenberg- the most popular types
Sashes- ribbons ties for adding color or effect to the dress
Corset- a laced up the back effect that is heavily boned and cinches the waist
Brooch- a pin that can be placed on a dress to create a more formal effect.


Cap- hugs the shoulder
¾ - stops at the elbow
Long- stops at the wrist
Bell- flares out at the elbow to create a bell look

To create a more modest look for church or to keep warm in cold weather, consider a bolero ( a short jacket that hugs the body to the should blade), a fur wrap, a lace jacket

with sleeves or a shrug( similar to a bolero).  These can add a layer that can be shed later at the party.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Today's post comes from a ridiculous article I read this morning in the Huffington Post.     On the heels of the disrespectful and false 20/20 report a few weeks back, this article does a disservice to the wedding industry and gives false and dangerous information to the bride.   It also purports that brides should "LIE"  and call their wedding a "party" and not a wedding.    Planning a wedding is complex and stressful.  But, it is not guerrilla warfare and it can be accomplished without lies, disasters or going to the poorhouse.   So, I have gathered some facts that you can use to plan your wedding and still have a "wedding" and not a "party".

You can also find planning books and spread sheets in places like The Knot, Google and Weddingwire.
 From wedding websites to planning advice and other helpful templates, you can plan a perfect day.

 Wedding Planning Do's:
 * Who is paying for your wedding?  Many couples are taking on the responsibility of paying for their weddings.   Parents may or may not contribute, though some parents still take the traditional roll of financing the big day.   Have a discussion about your wedding vision and wishes.   Then, set a time to discuss that vision with your parents and find out what and how much they want to input.   If your parents are footing the entire bill, then consideration should be given to their parameters.   If they are contributing a specific dollar amount, then more of the control may be in your hands.  Either way, compromise and communication are very important to the success of the planning process and to the end result- your wedding.!

* Make a wish list and have your fiance make one too.   Then, decide what is absolute and what you can compromise on or give up.   This will help you to create a budget that works for you and it will avoid arguments down the road.   

* Realize there are unexpected expenses.   Things will come up, you will want to embellish some things and add extras or need more of something.   When you create your budget, allow for unexpected things.  More on hidden expenses later.

* Set up a wedding account.   On line banks are a good place to do this, as they pay high interest and often don't charge for transferring money into your checking account.   

* Use websites like Etsy or Wedzu to find accessories for less.    Beware of "deals" that are too good to be true and DO NOT buy a "discount designer" gown on line.   More on this later.   Don't hire wedding professionals from places like Craigslist or classifieds.   You may not get what you bargain for.   

* When hiring your vendors, ask about setup and delivery charges, taxes and other service charges.   These costs can add to your overall budget.  

* Planning your wedding off season or on a Friday or a Sunday can save you money.   Many venues, caterers and other wedding professionals will charge less at a time when they are not as in demand.    

Wedding Planning Don't's:
 * Don't haggle!   respect the fact that wedding professionals are making a living.   They charge a fee for a reason.   You may be able to get a better deal if you opt for tailoring a package to your needs.   Understand that you would not haggle with a doctor for surgery or a lawyer for legal advice.   Wedding professionals are no different.   There are qualified professionals for all budgets.   

* Read your contracts!    Before signing and paying a deposit, read the contract and ask questions.   Make sure you understand what is provided and make sure your vendors know what you expect.   This will avoid a misunderstanding later.    

* Get wedding insurance!   This is not an expensive investment, but it could save you a great deal of money if something goes wrong, if Mother Nature creates a disaster and most venues require it.     

* Understand what you can afford!   While you are planning, you will see all manner of amazing things you will want to have.   You will also see images of things that look great, but are impractical or prohibitive in cost.   Stick to your budget and stay on track.   In the end, you will be just as happy and your day will be just as perfect.


Flowers:   While it is widely known that seasonal flowers are less expensive, there are varieties that are available all year round, so the prices don't flucuate.   And, there are many "look a likes" that can substitute for a more expensive bloom.   Ask your florist what is in season, but do your research and know what you can ask for at any time.   And, be open.  Sunflowers can be cost effective all year.  But, peonies have a window of availability and are more expensive at other times.   

Venues vs The Backyard Wedding:   You may thing you can have a less expensive wedding in the backyard.   Well, consider all the extras that are NOT included in your backyard- tables and chairs, a tent and dance floor,  port- a- potties, satellite kitchens for the caterer.   By the time you add in all the things that aren't already there, you could end up spending more than you bargain for.   

Buffet vs Sit Down: Buffets are not as cost effective as you may think.  First, you need to rent more tables and more linens to accommodate the food.   And, the caterer must make more food than you actually need in order to keep the buffet looking fresh.   Finally, guests will eat more and longer than a sit down meal.    So, you have to provide for this fact.   A sit down meal will provide on meal for each guest and nothing more.  In the long run, you may spend less serving your guests.   You may also want to consider a brunch or cocktail reception as a way to cut food costs.   An early wedding brunch will cost less and other vendors may charge less with a morning wedding.   

Wedding Cake vs Cupcakes:    Many brides are opting for cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.   But, at a cost of at least $4-$6 per cupcake and adding the cost of set up and rental of the tower, you may not be saving money.   If you have a planner, you may get them to set up the tower- but ask first.   You can also opt for a smaller cake and then have sheet cakes to be cut in the kitchen to accommodate your guests.   

On Line Shopping:  While this sounds like a great way to save time and money, it may not be.   You can find great accessories and details on line, but when it comes to your dresses or other big ticket items- BEWARE!!!!   Buying your gown on line can wind up costing much more.   You may not get a dress at all or you may get an inferior copy of your dream dress.   There is also shipping and finding someone to alter a dress is expensive.   So, think very carefully about buying your wedding on line.   Remember- YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!   And, try sample sales, consignment shops and other means of cutting costs.

Hidden Costs:  These are things that you may not think of while planning your wedding and signing contracts...
1. The band may charge for extra equipment or other added services if the load in and size of your venue warrants it.   ASK when you meet with them.

2.  Postage is needed for all of your invitations and your RSVP's.   The invitation company does not include this in the price of your invitations.   So, please remember to add this cost in to your budget.

3. The alterations are almost never included in the price of your gown.   So, when you set your budget for your dress, remember to include your alterations and your accessories.

4. If you are having a great time and don't want the party to end, that is fine in most venues.   But, it will cost you.   There is a charge to extend your wedding and if you want the photographer or band to stay, make sure you know what they will charge.

5. Vendor meals need to be figured into your catering cost.   Every vendor at your wedding needs to be fed.   This includes bands, DJ's, planners, other entertainers, etc.  

6. If you have welcome bags for out of town guests, there is a charge to have them delivered to the rooms.   To save money, have them kept at the front desk and handed out at guests check in.   

7. If you are renting tables and chairs, linens, etc ask about the delivery charge.   And, to save money, find out what the venue already has.  You may not need to rent some things.

8. Everything you purchase for your wedding will have some tax included.   Save money by buying your dress in a state that has no sales tax for out of state sales and then have the dress shipped to you.  You can still bring it back to the store for alterations.  Gratuities are another thing that that may or may not be included in a price.   Make sure you are clear about pricing and what it includes.   And, if you plan to tip over and above what is included, remember add that into your budget and have the cash on the day of your wedding.

9. If you are bringing wine into a venue, ask if there is a corkage fee for the caterer to open and serve the wine.   And, if the cake is coming from a baker not on the list of vendors or not from the caterer, there may be a cutting fee.  Saving by using the vendors on a venue list is always a money saver.  

10.  Your photographer charges for the time he spends with you.   If you want albums, extra photos or any other product- that is over and above what you pay for in your contract.   Find a photographer with a package that suits your budget and then, ask about extras.   

There are many ways to save money and to stay on budget when planning a wedding.   You don't have to ask your relatives to take your pictures or cook the meal.   And, you don't have to resort to unethical and false recommendations to have a wedding on a reasonable budget.  If you have more questions or need more information, please contact me.  I am happy to assist.   


Consider hiring a planner.   A good planner can keep you on budget, recommend vendors in your price range and ensure your wedding day is perfect.   A PLANNER IS NOT A LUXURY!  And, if you are a DIY bride on a budget, it could be the thing that saves the day.   

HAPPY PLANNING!  Let me know how I can help!