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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Tonight, I watched Father of the Bride. I have seen it many times, but this time, it gave me an idea for this little post. When Spencer Tracy played the father of the bride, it was 1950. The wedding was held in a church and the reception at the family home. The caterer's per person charge was $3.75- yes, three dollars and seventy five cents. The orchestra cost $85. The cake less than $400. OK, dads! Imagine, as you write checks for thousands of dollars, if your daughter got married then. Sweet moments in the movie included the chat between father and daughter about walking down the aisle- the bride scared and the father having just had a nightmare, the chaotic rehearsal and the phone call by the bride to say goodbye to her daddy as she was boarding a train for the fishing shack in Nova Scotia. Of course, the remake with Steve Martin included a more take on the father's role,the cost and, who could forget Franck-the flamboyant wedding planner! I love the old movies and watch them all the time. This one just brought to mind a more innocent and sweet time for a young lady to be getting married and her father's feelings about it.

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