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Angel of Hearts Weddings offers unique and comprehensive assistance to the discerning bride in planning her wedding with a full range of services tailored to her needs. Making magic is my passion.

Angel of Hearts Weddings--Watching Over Your Big Day!

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Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have me assist you in planning your wedding.

1. I will listen and help you bring your dream into focus
2. I will save you time and money by finding the right vendors and assist you in negotiating with them
3. I will interact with all your vendors and make sure everyone understands your vision
4. I will be your advocate, mediator and confidante
5. I will help you use your budget to the best possible outcome, keeping in mind what is most important to you
6. I will keep you stress-free and your wedding day smooth as silk
7. I have the experience to take care of anything that can arise
8. My comprehensive approach will get you from beginning to end with one fee and no hidden costs
9. I will work together with the "on site planner" on the big picture-
they only work for the venue
I will send you off to your new life with happy memories.

When I think of the title "Wedding Planner", it somehow doesn't ring true.  There should be a better, more suited name for what I do.   Yes, I will help you plan your wedding.  But, how will I do it?  What do I bring to the table and how am I different?  You will find your investment will be well spent in my background, my commitment, the time I offer you and my unique approach to this title- Wedding Planner.  
Let me start by telling you a little about my background.  I didn't start out to be a wedding planner.   For 15+ years I ran fine dining establishments in the city of Philadelphia.  I knew food, I could handle the stress and the personalities of the employees, I enjoyed entertaining the guests who came to dine.  I ran banquets, weddings and political events and entertained celebrities at one restaurant. 
My next career was in bridal.  I managed salons, sold dresses, went on buying trips to New York, did alterations and dressed brides on their wedding day.   I was good at this too.   I knew what worked, what didn't work and how to put it all together to make it look great.  I even enjoyed dressing the mannequins in the windows.  This was the germ of my idea about planning as a business     

 Sometimes life throws you a curve and you have to make a quick u-turn.  When I had to make for a more flexible work life, I decided to plunge into this business.  I knew I could run a business- I had done it.  I knew food and presentation, I knew bridal- the dress, the alteration process, how things should look.  I had done theater work- had dressed actors, made costumes, dealt with divas and entertained celebrities.   I COULD DO THIS! 

And, that is what I have done.  It is hard to find photos of "me" in my files.  The tables are not my work- though I will help you find the right vendors and select the perfect linens for your wedding.  The invitations are not mine- though I will refer you to a great company for just the thing that will beckon your guests with a personal touch.  The flowers- no that isn't me either, nor are the favors, the band or the food.   All those things go to the many wonderful vendors I have worked with over the years.   We can select them together or I will work along with those you have already chosen.    I will see that your vision is carried through on your wedding day..   I have been known to help the couple cut the cake.  I spend your wedding day with you!   I help you get dressed.  I help your wedding party- and the guys.   I see to the details without being in the way. My brides have included TV producers, executives with Victoria's Secret and American Express, prominent families in Philadelphia and New York and David Tutera's production supervisor.  I have worked in Philadelphia, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Chicago and Florida.  Other things you can count on me for include- 

*Referrals for vendors
*Finding unusual or unique elements for your wedding
*Regular contact with vendors
*Final confirmation of all vendors
*Contact list and timelines
*Accompany you to any and all meetings, tastings,   fittings, etc with vendors
*Unlimited phone, email and personal meetings
*A shoulder to cry on

I don't charge by the hour or present you with a bill after your wedding with added charges
I only do weddings and I only do one wedding on any given weekend
When you book with me, you get me.  I DO NOT use staff to substitute
I work with the best vendors in the area and will find whatever it is you need
I do weddings anywhere
My job is not over when your wedding is over- if you have an issue afterwards, I will try to help
I will be at your rehearsal and at your wedding- from beginning to end
I will help to collect your belongings and get them to a car or a hotel or wherever you need
I work in the background and do not interfere with other vendors unless absolutely necessary

To sum it all up, here is a paragraph from my introduction letter to my potential clients--

"Every wedding should be a special, one of a kind experience for the bride and groom, their families, friends and guests.  This is the most important, and expensive, day of your life and it is a wise investment to have someone taking care of your every need.   The services of an experienced, competent wedding planner can assure not only the perfect wedding day, but also an enjoyable and stress-free planning process.  
I have been an events planner, a restaurant manager, a bridal shop manager and sales consultant, a seamstress and the mother of the bride.  I would love the opportunity to meet with you.
 Please contact me to find out more and to tell me how I can be of help to you in planning your most special day.  There are several ways to contact me and to get affordable help before you take the plunge.   Take a look at the options in the sidebar of my blog homepage.   Until then- enjoy the process.  I look forward  to hearing from you.