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Monday, June 27, 2011


One enchanted evening you will be a bride. What is your dream? Could it be a glistening, floating, feminine whisper of a gown, swaying with your motion and carrying you to a time long past? A gown with a name like Dew Drop or Rhoswen or Madame Butterfly? Claire Pettibone may be the designer to capture your heart for your once n a lifetime fairy tale. Her vision of vintage charm, rolling meadows and classic art and literature make her a perfect choice. Let me share with you a select few of the glorious and special gowns that you may want to try.

Let's begin with Constance. An embroidered, ivory, cotton sheath with lace traps and silk flowers, Constance stands regal and classic in her beauty. Constance will surely make you look a royal beauty. Next, we have Emmeline. Emmeline is an ivory, cotton and lace mermaid with a ruffled skirt and jeweled flower embellishments. Emmeline is demure and sweet and wonderful in a garden of English roses. Luna will sparkle in the moonlight with her green camellias over gold lace and pearl silk. Finished with moonstones, you will glisten all the way to the alter and shimmer like the stars and the city lights. Then there is Rhoswen. Straight out of a Jane Austen novel, Rhoswen has an Empire silhouette with pink flowers and ivory tulle. A grand lady of a bygone era, Rhoswen will dazzle the guests at your country estate nuptials.

Here, Cherry Blossom is a sliver of stardust and elegance. Spun from silver and gold gossamer, this shimmering sheath is adorned with scattered crystals and will light up the room when you appear at the door. Dew Drop is a modern bride's dream of pink embroidered ombre with a bolero covered in dew drop roses. While Sparrow is a dress that will make your grandmother conger up memories of her girlhood. Sparrow has platinum handkerchief sleeves and incredible delicate embroidered and beaded flowers. And, Madame Butterfly will take you to the Far East with its embroidered tulle of gold appliques, Asian floral scroll and metallic touches. It has a kimono bodice and a detachable red Obi train. Looking to blend cultures, then glide into the ballroom glistening in this enchanting and exotic gem.

Of course, I could not show you all of these treasures without finishing them with a headpiece and veil. So, let's explore the delicate and lovely selection of veils and the magical headpieces designed to make you a vision to behold on your "one enchanted evening". Spring in Bloom is a cloud of pale green silk leaves and ivory beaded flowers on embroidered tulle. It is available in ivory or green and is the most wonderful accompaniment to many of these dresses. Vintage Bloom, made of lace and organza flowers and silk leaves embroidered on ivory or antique tulle, Vintage Bloom is as delicate as the flowers that grace its border. Imagine having it float behind you as you approach your groom. How lovely!

And, lest we forget to adorn your hair with an equally magical jewel plucked from the fairy garden. Apple Honey- pale yellow, porcelain flowers, pink leaves and rosebuds all wrapped in gold. A vintage and romantic piece to compliment a dress like Rhoswen or Emmeline. Or, Aria Vine- a floral vine with Swarovski sprinkled leaves to add glittering touches to Luna or Cherry Blossom. Finale Crown- the queen of all the pick, a Swarovski encrusted band of leaves with floral pendants and available in silver or gold. And, Bloom- Swarovski crystal flowers on a gold band with vintage green center crystals. Aria Vine and FinLinkale Crown are two of the stunning and always dazzling designs from Enchanted Atelier for Claire Pettibone. I am never tired of looking at Enchanted Atelier and their charming collection of pretty baubles from the beauty of their nature. The enchantment and magic of Claire Pettibone doesn't end with the wedding. Oh no, more magic awaits when you arrive at your honeymoon destination. Claire Pettibone has a soft, feminine and lacy collection of lingerie to please you and your new husband. These delicate and sweet confections are sexy and will certainly cast a spell on your spellbound spouse. Slips, camis, loungewear, bras, panties and other dainty treats await you in your land of love.
Your enchanted wedding can begin and end with Claire Pettibone. So, if you want to fly away on Gossamer wings with enchanted things, visit a salon and take your enchanted wedding to the moon.

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Natasha said...

I just love Enchanted Atelier's jewelry.
p.s. Angelique is my absolute favorite!