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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After meeting with five different florists for one of my brides, I feel like I could start a side business. But, I learned a thing or two about flowers that I really want to pass along.
1. Research your "dream" flowers and make sure that you don't want peonies for a December wedding. Certain flowers are only available seasonally- or they are VERY expensive!!! So, if you have a budget, find a flower that will work in the season you are getting married.
2. Ask to see the flowers you want to use- and ask them to do a sample for you of the type of bouquet you want. You may find you hate what you saw in a picture or it isn't what you want after all. Maybe the varieties you like don't go well together. You may find that the shape needs to be different or the array of colors isn't compatible.
3. Back to the picture- what you see in print doesn't always happen in nature. Flowers vary in color, as shades of blond or brunettes vary on your heads. The same bunch of ranunculus may have several shades of the same color. And, a rose isn't just a rose. Have your florist show you the different varieties of colors they are using in your flowers.
4. Be flexible! If you have a closed mind or a set in stone vision, you may be disappointed. Keep in mind that nature is unpredictable and florists are only human!
5. Check your facts. Some florists will tell you they can't get a certain flower and others will tell you it is no problem. Make sure the flowers you want are available by calling a few wholesalers or looking on line! Also, check the durability of the flowers you are using. Some flowers, like gardenias, are extremely fragile. Others don't hold up when not in water. You don't want your bouquet to be drooping before you walk down the aisle.
Your flowers are a very important part of your day. Be careful, be informed and be realistic. Then, have a great time finding the perfect look for your special day! I would be glad to answer questions about your flowers or florists in the area! Write to me!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the wedding flower tips!

A Bride in the Making said...

Thank you! These are excellent tips!

Wendy said...

Glad they were helpful! As a planner I learn something new every day- and from every wedding I do. I love passing along my knowledge to brides everywhere.