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Sunday, December 16, 2012


 There is a treasure hidden in the countryside of Montgomery County that is perfect for a romantic getaway, a bachelorette weekend, a place to pop the question or a destination for your wedding party's overnight stay or your rehearsal dinner.  A lovely place for a bridal shower or luncheon for the special girls in your wedding.   Shearer Elegance is a beautifully restored Victorian mansion with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.   From the big wrap around porch to the glorious woodwork throughout and the lovely antiques and treasures in every room, you won't find a friendlier place to entertain your wedding guests.   And, starting on February 3, 2013, there will be a series of bridal events- Bridal Blossoms, hosted by Whimsical Welcomes Floral Design.   Come and see the house and find out all about flowers for your wedding, plus speak to wedding experts about your questions in planning your big day.  Tour the house, feel the love and come away feeling more informed.  Can't wait to see you there.  More details to follow in my Tidbits and Events.           

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Let me introduce you to a beautiful way to preserve your wedding flowers.   Floral Preservation will make sure that your bouquet is forever lovely!   Here in her own words is Debbie's story:

I am a flower preservationist which means just what it sounds like; I give life to your flowers. My name is Debbie Flohr and I work out of New York’s Hudson Valley, servicing brides from throughout the tri-state area. My last name, Flohr, actually means flower in French. Seems like I was destined to work with flowers! 

I have 3 young, beautiful, blue eyed boys who keep me on my toes and help me see the flowers all around us. I’m lucky that I get to do what I love and to work out of my home so I can juggle work and being a mom.
I have always been artistic: have taken art lessons for years. I have always enjoy creating things with my hands. I came across floral preservation almost by accident when I was looking for a way to hold onto my own bouquet after my wedding. In the eight years since, I have created countless keepsakes, helping brides to hold on to their wedding memories forever. I am passionate about creating one of a kind masterpieces for each couple that commemorate the most meaningful day of their lives.
If you are a bride who spent hours dreaming up the perfect wedding bouquet and can’t bear the idea of tossing it...don’t! Preserve it! It’s not only diamonds that are forever, with a little help from me, your flowers can last forever too.
Each wedding is unique- so is each keepsake Floral Preservation creates!
Let’s make something special!

Put your flowers in the fridge.
DO NOT put in freezer.
Do NOT hang your bouquet upside down.
If you know you want your flowers preserved, its best to call prior to your wedding day!
The fresher the flowers the better the results.
Some types of flowers may need color enhancement and petal reinforcement.
Each keepsake is customized to your specification.
You can include in your keepsake: Pictures, invitations, tiara, cake tppper, favors, boutonniere, garters etc.
We have a variety of shadowboxes & acrylic domes to choose from that WILL fit your budget.
We serve the Tri-State area.
You can have someone drop them off.
You can have them shipped.
Pick up service is available depending on your location.
Prices to preserve your beautiful bouquet will vary depending on your frame selection. You may select to have just a few flowers, just the bouquet or include many of the wedding mementos. Generally the cost of preserving your flowers is relatively very low given lifetime of enjoyment.
Now that you know more about preserving your bouquet. Make preserving the bouquet part of your wedding plans. You can have your flowers for a lifetime of enjoyment, so why not?



Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 This week I had the distinct honor of chatting with Matthew David Hopkins about his newest love- Celebrations.   This photo sums up the feeling I got when I began talking to Matthew about this phase of his already dynamic and distinctive business.  So, lets enter the doors of this glorious world of scents, shapes and color and I will share with you my conversation- as well as some images that tell the story better than any words ever could.  

Matthew has an incredible dedication to what he does.   With a degree in architecture and a love of design, Matthew began his voyage of creating beautiful spaces by arranging flowers for restaurants.   He never really worked as an architect, but instead took his knowledge and used it to build a business creating dramatic, intimate and fun spaces for all kinds of events.   His creativity took root in the corporate world with 360 Design, a full service event design and production company.   This gave way to his most recent undertaking- Matthew David Celebrations.   Matthew's unique style combines sculptural pieces coupled with creative details to envelope your senses when you enter a space.   When Matthew David designs your wedding, he will enthrall you and your guests, inviting you to explore one aspect to another, from the first glimpse of the room right through to what the cake looks like.   
I asked Matthew how he goes about designing the vision of a bride. First he meets the bride and gets to know her.   What does she like to do, what is her favorite hotel, what is her vision of her wedding? He may ask her what her favorite color is.   Delving into a bride's head to find out what makes her tick.   At a second meeting, Matthew begins to draw a picture of what he feels will appeal to the bride's tastes.   He will show her colors, textures, things that create a visual message that " I see this for you".   At the creative meeting, ideas are shared and a plan is hatched.   Finally, Matthew presents a proposal, complete with all the elements of the design and the pricing.   Matthew creates a clear and scintillating picture that reaches into all of your senses and pulls out your imagination.   Almost like creating a work of art, Matthew uses color, texture, shape and light to paint a picture that speaks to your vision and to every one of your guests, establishing a beautiful and thought- provoking design decor that is unique to you and your wedding.   Drawing your eye from one place to another, guiding you through a wondrous story of the couple, this is Matthew's signature style.   Matthew is so ingenious that he will even create two bouquets for a bride- a white one for the ceremony and another one with a burst of color for the reception.    
 Speaking to Matthew was not only very interesting, but fun.  We share the same philosophy about our work.   Like me, Matthew takes a back seat to the bride.  He is there, not to be the star of the show, but to guide a bride through the process, bringing her personality and her vision to the fore.   Matthew believes that "style dictators" have no place in the industry.   It is your wedding and should be your vision.   So, you are not paying Matthew for HIS vision, but for his talent in making YOUR vision a reality.   These two weddings- Gotham Hall (above) and The Plaza Hotel (below) in New York are perfect examples of the amazing talent, incredible vision and attention to detail that Matthew produces every time.   His range of creativity is endless, his enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to reach into your head and pull out exactly the right combination of sensory elements is phenomenal!!!    I can only imagine how exciting it is to work with Matthew on such a momentous time in your life!   I can tell you, that it was exciting just talking to him about what he does!!   
Though based in New York, Matthew has worked all over the United States.   He is very accessible and willing to travel anywhere to make your wedding dreams a reality.   And, you could not ask for a a more down to earth, kind and talented person to orchestrate the complete organization and execution of your wedding day decor than Matthew.   For me, I can't wait to work together with Matthew in a wonderful collaboration of our first wedding as a team.    The most endearing thing I found to be true of Matthew is that he is so humble.   His talent is quite obvious and his client list is impressive.   But, he has not let it go to his head.   He remains true to his roots and committed to what is REALLY important- YOU, THE BRIDE.    I just fell in love with him!  It was an instant connection- one that you will feel too when you sit down with him to discuss your wedding day decor.  

If you want to make a statement that will live forever in the minds of every guest at your wedding and dazzle you again and again every time you look at your wedding pictures, then you NEED Matthew David Hopkins!  

Thank you Matthew for spending time with me and for sharing these images.  It was a privilege to have the opportunity and a blast to chat.  If you want to chat to Matthew about your wedding, you can do it HERE.   And, don't forget to mention that you found him on Bridal Affairs!  

Matthew David Celebrations
95 Morton Street
New York, NY 10014
212- 905-3000 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I am always looking for inspiration and lovely things to share with you.  Today, I have the pleasure of sharing the incredible talent of Matthew Robbins and an interview I recently did with him.   Matthew's book, Inspired Weddings, is full of beautiful images of his work and ideas for making your wedding a magical experience.   In it, he shares his process and some insider tips on how you can create a beautiful wedding.   As Martha Stewart's constant resource for wedding inspiration, Matthew Robbins has assisted many brides in achieving their dream wedding.   
 These images of some fall weddings will give you just a hint of the glorious and unique ways Matthew brings the vibrancy of fall into focus, creating details that will inspire you and wow your guests.   There is nothing ordinary about these event designs! 

Matthew does not believe in what he calls the "factory approach" to design.  Instead, he empowers his clients to identify what they cherish and turn it into an inspired design based on their unique vision.  

With his beginnings in San Fransisco in floral design, Matthew has moved to New York and has launched a comprehensive and diverse event business.   It is here, that he incorporates his talents with a team on equally talented people, to create events that are forever remembered and admired.          

So, now let Matthew tell you in his own words what inspires him, how he works and where he figured out what he loves to do.

Q: How did you get started in this business?
A:My intro to the event world was in college as an art student in San Francisco. I worked part time after class and on the weekends to earn extra money as a student and during this time I developed a real passion and curiosity for event design. 

Q: What inspires you?
A: I'm always inspired by travel. I love seeing and experiencing new places, new architecture and different ways of living. I also rely heavily on the art world and gardening and landscape design for great ideas. 

Q: Brides do not understand the differences in the term “planner”. They don’t get that
the designer does not “fluff the dress” or hold their hand while they get ready. They are
not clear that the caterer does not set up their DIY centerpieces or that the officiant does
not run the day. Can you explain your services and responsibilities to my readers?
A: My focus is design and creating wonderful environments for my clients. The small design details are just as important as the big picture so I like to be involved in anything and everything related to the design of an event. I definitely cross over into "planner" territory by being involved in every detail related to design such as the look and feel of the paper goods, the presentation of food and beverage and the overall flow of the event. All of these details come together to define the look and feel of an event. A planner focuses or (in my opinion) should focus on the details related to logistics only such as vendor contracts, budgets and timelines. A good planner is an amazing project manager but does not control the design of an event unless you he or she to specifically design your event. I suggest doing your research and ask the right questions. Talk to potential planners and ask what their focus is. I don't believe one person or company is great at everything. A good designer should focus on design and I can speak from experience! When my clients prefer to have my company handle all logistics and design I bring in a planner to collaborate on the project. This is a clean division of responsibilities and duties. Everyone needs to understand a planner is not designing an event by recommending floral designers, lighting designers, photographers, etc. The professionals who offer these design services are designing the event and will make that magic happen. 

Q: I notice that your fall weddings are not necessarily “traditional fall colors”. Can you
give my readers some insight as to your inspiration for creating color palettes that are
not traditional, yet have fall elements?
A: I like to focus on the general mood and spirit of the season rather than the obvious details so think about what makes Fall inspiring. Textures, layers, rich and muted color palettes, bountiful and decadent forms are all elements I use from the beauty of the season. Find one obvious detail such as a rusty red or pumpkin orange and pair it with something unexpected like a warm ivory or chic grey tone. This instantly takes a traditional palette and turns it into something unique and memorable.

Q: Though opulent, the elements of many of your weddings are simple concepts. Can
you give any tips to a bride who is on a budget ways to bring that same opulence to her
wedding without the cost?
A: An opulent decor is not so hard to create if you rely on a few tricks such as layering textures, focus on a limited color palette and incorporate pattern into your design. Texture can come from floral material, fabrics and lighting. A limited color palette brings an instant chis and styled edge to any decor plan. I like to layer neutral tones as a base and add in a few vibrant or rich tones to add contrast and a little drama. Pattern is a wonderful too for adding opulence and style to your event. A simple fabric runner with a fabulous pattern can transform a otherwise very ordinary table. Try a patterned dinner napkin or patterns on your vases, planters and candle holders. 

Q: You say that you “empower” your clients with their personal style and you “educate”
them to use unique elements to achieve this vision. Can you elaborate?
A: I spend a good amount of time getting to know what inspires my clients. I like to know as much as I can about their own style, their backgrounds, where they travel, how they entertain, etc. This really informs so many of the design decisions for every event. I also try to connect my client's love or passion for a particular thing or place to real, tangible design details so they can see their personalities are informing the design process. I believe most people have an internal sense of their own style and vision but they just need a little help articulating that vision. A good designer knows how to discover that spark and build a whole story with the information. 

What else would you like my readers to know about you- your vision, your philosophy,
your business?
A: My work is dedicated to bringing a more effortless, unfussy and approachable sensibility to the event design world. I believe the design world (in general) has made a real effort to really fine tune a more elegant, eclectic and personal approach so I make this the focus of my business. I also offer interior design services and this is a real treat as it allows my design skills to dig even deeper by working with clients to create spaces they can live with for many years. I'm currently finishing up design details on a line a beautiful vases in a collaboration with an amazing tabletop company. I can't wait to share these with everyone in the new year! 
 Let me leave you with these last two images.   I just adore this vegetable garden of escort cards!  Now, that is inspired!  And, the rich gold, brown, green and red of the tablescape and cake make for a perfect fall wedding!!    I hope that Matthew has inspired you to use your most precious things to create your wedding dream!   Many thanks to Matthew Robbins for his time and to Christian Oth for the images.   You can see more of Matthew's creativity at Matthew Robbins Design.   Or, contact him to help you design an amazing wedding design.  

Monday, October 22, 2012


The view from the suite at the Hotel Monaco Philadelphia was spectacular!  As Mary Ann was pampered in preparation for her big day, she could see the turning leaves and Independence Park out the window.    A lovely table of delicious pastries, fresh fruit juice and pitchers of water with strawberries floating in them were laid out by the hotel to keep the bride fed.  It was nice to see how calm Mary Ann was as she was fussed over by her hairdresser and Kelly Quinlan of Face the Occasion.   After all she had been through, the last thing I wanted was for her to feel the least bit nervous or stressed.      

By the time the photographer got there, Mary Ann was ready to go.  I was touched by the way that she fussed over her mother and actually took the time to dress her, while Sarah Miller and Patience shot photos of the dress and the flowers and the blue shoes.  I also thought it was so sweet how Mary Ann had a brooch pinned to her bouquet with a photo of her dad. When it was time, I got the bride into her gown and sent her off to the hotel roof for
some time alone before the ceremony.  
 Meanwhile, I went to check on the officiant and the Girard Room, where the reception would be held.   Mary Ann had all her own touches to add to the table.  Being an intimate party for just the family, there was one long table.   Gold charger plates and lots of votives made for a glimmering table, with flowers by Cheryl Ann Floral Design.  All the flowers were white with lots of deep green touches.   It made for a spectacular table.   The cake, from Bredenbeck's was so pretty.  I added the fresh flowers to it in addition to setting up the table and the gift table.  

 The ceremony took place on the roof under a perfectly blue sky.   Cocktail hour was immediately following in the Mist Pavilion.  While the guests gathered to share the day, the couple made their way to Independence Park for photos.   And, then it was off to the Girard Room for a lovely dinner and dancing to the sounds of Sound Sensation and DJ Mike Ellis.   

 DJ Mike even got out on the floor and got the party moving!   It was a great day and a beautiful time had by all. 
 As this wedding almost didn't happen, due to a string of disasters 3 weeks before, I must thank Michael Mitloff of the Hotel Monaco and ALL of the staff of the hotel for their outstanding efforts, cooperation and service in order to assist me in making this couple's wedding more than they ever dreamed.   I could not have done this without Michael, whom I called almost every day.  He was tireless in making every detail possible.   I also want to mention Erik Travers, whose attention to detail with the presentation of the meal and constant concern made for a flawless reception and to the chef, Guillermo Tellez, whose food is outstanding!   And, finally, to Nick Gregory, the general manager, who kept in contact with me and made sure nothing went awry.   This was truly one of my biggest triumphs!   Everything went wrong for this adorable bride and yet, her day turned into a magical experience that she could not have imagined.   
I got this from Mary Ann yesterday.   And, they are planning a party early next year for all the people they did not have at the wedding.  So, I will be working with them again. 

  'Thank you for everything. We really can't say enough about how great you were through this entire journey. You are absolutely wonderful.  This was better than we ever imagined and I now believe that things happen for a reason."

Monday, October 01, 2012


On Saturday, Adrianna's parents walked her down the path of her aunt's home to join hands with Paul and his daughter, Emma.   The bride was radiant in her ivory, silk organza gown.  Carrying a bouquet of ivory roses from Ilonka Floral, with her proud father on one arm and her dazzling mother on the other- wearing a gorgeous ice blue silk gown, Adrianna and Paul- and Emma, begin their lives.   Getting there- well, there is a tale to be told!   From the photos, it would seem that a design team came in and transformed this incredible house and property into a lush scene.  But, the team consisted of the bride's Aunt Claudia, whose home it was, and Claudia's talented friends and neighbors- oh, and myself!!  This was a monumental task!!  Just look at how it turned out!!    

THE DETAILS:  It began 3 weeks ago with a frantic phone call from Laura, the mom.   She had been under the mistaken impression that the caterer was going to assist in the execution of the rehearsal and wedding.   When she realized that the caterer DOES NOT get involved with the DIY details or the tent that came from an outside source, she panicked!!  So, three weeks before this big event, I came on board to calm the nerves and pull the pieces together. 

When I first met Adrianna and her mother and aunt at the aunt's sprawling home, there were antique linens, vases and various other beautiful touches all over the dining room.  The yard was in transformation mode and Claudia was still accumulating things to decorate with.   There was no real game plan until the day before the wedding.   And, the linens for the tent were not arriving until three hours before the guests, there was a lot of work to be done.  

In the three weeks before the wedding, the details of the tent had to be figured out.  Many conversations and several trips out to the house later, the tent was up- with a floor, by Wednesday.   On Thursday, when I got there for rehearsal, there was still no sign of a successful execution of a wedding on Saturday.   But, as evidenced here, that was not the case on Saturday at 5PM when the guests started arriving.  

I arrived at noon on Saturday, with an assistant.   When I got there, the patio was awash with tables, garden tools, ladders and two of Claudia's friends, making arrangements to hang on the patio and on the shepherd's hooks lining the bridal path.  One of my first tasks was to make big tulle bows for all of these arrangements, while my assistant walked the yard looking for the leavings of the three dogs!   She and the bride's uncle collected several "surprises" that could have been disastrous to the the bride!   After the bows, my assistant and I set about creating the gift table, the escort card table, the table for the guest book and filling at least a hundred mason jars with candles to line the patio and steps.   At about 2PM I called to check in with the bride ( since I am usually WITH the bride at this point) and she was upset.  The florist had not made the bridesmaid bouquets the way she was supposed to make them.   I told her not to worry.   And, I sent her aunt out to get me 2 dozen pale pink and two dozen ivory roses.   When the girls arrived at 4:15 ( yes, an hour before the ceremony), I took apart the bouquets, remade them with the roses and retied them for pictures.   Adrianna was much happier!   The ceremony took place in the center photo here.  The linens on the escort table and the guest book table are family pieces.   Every flower arrangement was made by Claudia and her friends.                 

 Adrianna waited in the house, trying not to be seen by the groom.  He was not cooperating!  The girls were dressed in pewter, chiffon dresses and carried bouquets of ivory and pink roses, blue hydrangea and tied with green ribbon.  The flower girls- of which there were five, carried mini bouquets of blue hydrangea.   The ceremony was very personal and lovely, and ended with the new family sending up three white balloons into the clouds.  Emma loved this part!   Cocktail hour was on the patio and then dinner was served in the tent.   The party was very lively and sounded like Jerry Blavat was spinning records.  This was a crowd of oldies lovers for sure!!   Mixed with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin for Adrianna's Italian family and, of course, a tarantella!   Adrianna danced to a beautiful Italian song with her dad- very sweet!!  The homemade wine was flowing and everyone was on the dance floor!! 
Provence Catering did an amazing job!  The stationary hors d' oeuvres table was loaded with Italian meats, cheeses and breads.   They passed sliders and stromboli along with several other delicious goodies.  The staff is wonderful at Provence!  They are so pleasant and helpful.  And, for this wedding that was special! It took all of us to carry all the centerpieces back into the house at the end of the evening.      

The cake was delicious.  And, the dessert table was full of homemade Italian cookies and pastries, mostly made by Adrianna's aunts and grandmother.   The food alone was a picture!  Great job, Provence!   What a wonderful team of professionals!!
 There were seven little ones in the wedding party- five flower girls and two ring bearers.  They were all so darling.   Emma, Paul's daughter, was so excited.  And, the littlest one, Olivia, was  really funny!  I love this photo of them all watching Adrianna and Paul cut the cake.  And, little Olivia got icing on her nose.   After dinner, the kids made their way into the house, PJ's on and watching Cinderella.  A fitting way for little cherubs to end their big day.    
For the grownups, they ended their day on the Bocce Ball court.  This yard was incredible- and big!   I just had to take this last shot as I was limping to the car.   

All in all it was a perfect day.  There were lots of twists and turns.  There could have been some disasters.  But, with a competent planner on board ( even though at the 11th hour), it all turned out just as the bride wanted.   

Thanks to Provence Catering, Jeremy Hess Photography, Ilonka Floral and Joe Amoroso DJ's for helping make Adrianna and Paul's wedding a beautiful day! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There is nothing like walking in to a new venue and being blown away!  Such was the case yesterday when I took a couple into the new Hotel Monaco in the Lafayette Building on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.  WOW!  Still under construction, but set to open on October 4, this is a MUST SEE for all of you modern brides!  Even the ballroom is unique and amazing!  And, with the help of the effervescent and darling personality of Michael Mitloff, the director of catering, we made a couple's dream wedding a reality!    
The Lafayette Building stands proud and elegant just across the street from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  A Greek Revival building The Lafayette was built by Stephen Girard and the original ceilings and the grandeur of the building remain.  
The lobby takes your breath away, with it's stunning marble and the massive pillars wrapped in rope.   The spectacular chandelier- a ship, in remembrance of Mr Girard's days on the sea, is like nothing you have ever seen.  
The front desk and the "living room", with it's very French flair, is jaw dropping!   And, there is a little nook called the "love nook" that is a perfect spot to snap a photo or sign a ketubah.  STUNNING!!
Up on the roof is a drop dead gorgeous bar- the Stratus Bar and Lounge, with a pavilion on either side for private use.  My couple wants to have their ceremony up here- WOW, again!       

The guest rooms are unlike anything I have seen.  From the bright colors and shiny whites to the incredible views of the city- the old city, every detail have been thought of!  I adore the oriental cabinet that the TV sits in and the bathroom is a picture!   The walls of the hallways throughout the hotel are full of old Mummer's photographs and antique postcards of Philadelphia in gilded frames.     And, the walls are painted red and yellow or have plaid wallpaper.  For the third time- WOW!

Now, I MUST tell you about Michael!  From my first phone conversation with him to the chat at the chef's table, every moment was memorable and so much fun!  A newlywed himself, and hailing from Chicago, he felt like he was coming home to Philadelphia- and I am glad he is home!!    He is warm, welcoming, funny and made my bride feel like a queen!   

Finally, I have to say, you see my smiling bride below?  Let me tell you, she was not smiling when we began.  She had booked her wedding at another location and was told over the weekend that she could not have her wedding there as the building had been sold.  She also lost her make up person and her officiant.  To say that she was ready to call the whole thing off- well!  But, here you see Michael making her smile and showing her the yummy menus for her wedding dinner.   I am thrilled to be doing this wedding at the Hotel Monaco!  I am overjoyed at the prospect of working with Michael and his staff.  And, I am so excited to be showing you this amazing hotel before it even opens!  

If you are looking for a unique, chic and totally urban setting for your big day- PLEASE contact Michael!!!   Or call me and I will be glad to take you to see him!  You will be blown away and you too will say- WOW!     A HUGE "thank you" to Michael Mitloff for your time, your professionalism and your charming and hilarious personality!   You made my bride's day and helped me save her wedding! 

Monday, September 17, 2012


So excited to be a part of this inspired event on October 4th!   Join Provence Catering as they host this taste of autumn at the lovely Appleford Estate.  Joining them, besides myself, will be the exquisite designs of Nancy Saam.   
Her floral designs are always glorious and her lovely personality will make your selection of flowers for your wedding a delight.   The exciting sounds of CTO Artists- music that will wow your guests and create a lasting memory of a great party at your wedding. 
The talented team from CinemaCake, that will document your day and create a video collage of all the most precious moments of your special day. 
 Invitations by one of the best teams- LoveLeigh Designs.  Making the process of inviting your guests fun and unique.
 And, the amazing and creative mind of Paul Roebuck and Unique Concepts Studio.  Wedding photography that has won awards and a guy that just glows!  

So, join us on October 4th, from 6- 8:30PM, as we celebrate fall and YOU!   RSVP to:
Provence Catering
610- 539-8330

See you there!