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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Since Anne, over at perfect bound, graciously included me in her oh, so fun series on dream registries, I have been following to see what else brides are longing for in their dream registries. Anne has had so much fun, she is continuing- today with brooklyn bride. Perfect bound and brooklyn bride are both worth the daily read!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


"Here here. I thought we could do it all, and my poor mother was STRESSED OUT for the wedding. She didn't even get to hang out with us while I was dressing. No bride should deal with that. One of the biggest regrets I have."
So it goes for the bride and her mom who didn't think it was a wise investment!!! Thank you Rebekah at! The mom in this photo of a wedding I did last November wasn't stressed- but getting her face done with the girls! It is so much less stressful for everyone to have someone there in charge of keeping the day stress- free!
"Mary Beth and I are very grateful for your help. You cannot understand the comfort you have brought to this affair with your support and patience. You are a real treasure." And this, from a grateful dad about his daughter's wedding in August of 2007. Girls- show these to your moms and think about it!
Thanks again Rebekah!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This one is for you moms out there who keep me from helping your daughters with their weddings! I have lost three wonderful brides in the last few months to mothers who insist that "I can help", "the event planner at the club will do it", "it is a waste of money" and various other sabotage tactics!!! Listen up! I will not usurp your position in your daughter's wedding. I will assist your daughter with things you can't. I will handle emergencies the day of the wedding that you will be too busy to handle. YOU are the hostess for the day!!! It is not up to you to be the planner for your daughter's wedding- be the mother of the bride!! The co-ordinator of the club only cares about the club! They will not follow your daughter through her day, fluff her dress, dry tears and have a needle and thread handy for a broken zipper!!! They will make sure the servers are on time and the food is hot. Don't fool yourself! I have as many notes from parents as I do from brides thanking me for being there- "we couldn't have done it without you"! Before you nix the idea, talk to me, visit my web site and my blog and then decide how valuable I am, what a good investment it is!!


While browsing the blogs today and clicking over to, I happened on this designer and had to share! Alisa Benay is a clever designer for the bride who doesn't want to wear white or is getting married in a magical setting. She claims to have a magic wand and will make the dress of your dreams. So, log on to and see if she can "bippity boppity boo" you a dress!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In my constant research for unique and interesting ideas to give my clients, I happened on a magazine yesterday full of wonderful things! I also learned that the idea of favors at a wedding comes from an old Italian tradition meant to bring good things to the couple- and based on those almonds that no one wants to give or eat! You can visit the on line catalog for and explore the knowledge and the goodies they provide! These two ideas popped out at me as the weather is frigid and I am thinking of spring. They can double as favors and place cards and can be filled with chocolates- or those dreaded almonds!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After meeting with five different florists for one of my brides, I feel like I could start a side business. But, I learned a thing or two about flowers that I really want to pass along.
1. Research your "dream" flowers and make sure that you don't want peonies for a December wedding. Certain flowers are only available seasonally- or they are VERY expensive!!! So, if you have a budget, find a flower that will work in the season you are getting married.
2. Ask to see the flowers you want to use- and ask them to do a sample for you of the type of bouquet you want. You may find you hate what you saw in a picture or it isn't what you want after all. Maybe the varieties you like don't go well together. You may find that the shape needs to be different or the array of colors isn't compatible.
3. Back to the picture- what you see in print doesn't always happen in nature. Flowers vary in color, as shades of blond or brunettes vary on your heads. The same bunch of ranunculus may have several shades of the same color. And, a rose isn't just a rose. Have your florist show you the different varieties of colors they are using in your flowers.
4. Be flexible! If you have a closed mind or a set in stone vision, you may be disappointed. Keep in mind that nature is unpredictable and florists are only human!
5. Check your facts. Some florists will tell you they can't get a certain flower and others will tell you it is no problem. Make sure the flowers you want are available by calling a few wholesalers or looking on line! Also, check the durability of the flowers you are using. Some flowers, like gardenias, are extremely fragile. Others don't hold up when not in water. You don't want your bouquet to be drooping before you walk down the aisle.
Your flowers are a very important part of your day. Be careful, be informed and be realistic. Then, have a great time finding the perfect look for your special day! I would be glad to answer questions about your flowers or florists in the area! Write to me!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


These cake toppers are so ridiculous they are cute! From a company called, I happened on them in search of something totally unrelated to cakes for one of my clients. If you want something really far fetched on top of your cake, visit this site and have fun!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


In my daily perusing of the wedding blogs, I came across this on a little site It is from a company called and I couldn't resist writing about it! For all of you couples who spend too much time on the cell phone this is the perfect cake topper!!!! I love blogging!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS... is having a contest! Why would I put this on my blog- another planner having a contest for free coordination? For one thing, it is an intriguing idea! Maybe I should try it- what do you think? For another thing, it re-enforces the idea of every bride having that person on her wedding day to make sure nothing goes wrong. I am constantly reading reasons to HAVE a planner. Conversely, I am constantly reading about all the brides who think they are planners after their weddings. They offer dirt cheap prices to be your planner and they don't have the experience or the expertise to actually pull it off! Besides, do you want to trust your most important day to an amateur?! We are important, we work hard and the job is not glamorous!!! We are not all Preston Bailey! Anyway, check out the contest over at Blue Orchid and let me know if I should do the same in Philadelphia!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I was so excited to go to a Nicole Miller event today! The dresses are fabulous and if you are a bridesmaid- you will love the selection. I am sharing two of my favorites, but there were many more to see. Please go to and see what I mean. There are two stores- one in Manayunk and one in the Bellevue on Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia. The girls are wonderful and, maybe you can shop for your honeymoon!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year! So, he popped the question on New Year's Eve and you are beginning the daunting task of finding all the right components of a 2008 wedding- with your own personal flair! Here are a few ideas for some unique and interesting pieces of a big puzzle! First, with the new "green" wedding, use things natural for your escort card table- this one is using grass to hold the cards, but you can also check out Pottery Barn for chalkboard pots to use for placecards or table numbers- incorporate your favors filling them with herbs or little flowers. Another big question that brides often ask about is what to do about the guestbook. This is a great idea- a beautiful charger with glass pebbles and notecards for your guests to write words of inspiration . Other ideas are polaroids of the guests in a book with a note from each. A coffee table book from your reception venue, such as the book of art from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, with your guests wishes for you in the pages. There are so many wonderful things to make your wedding unique and fun and I love finding them for you! Stay tuned for more ideas in the coming weeks- or write me for specific ideas or help with your big day! And remember- the best investment for your wedding is a planner to take the pressure off of you and your mom!!! Believe it! Congratulations to all of the new 2008 brides and good luck with your planning!!


If you are looking for a dramatic getaway from your wedding reception, this is it!! Philadelphia Helicopter can land in the parking lot and whisk you away for snacks, champagne and a bird's eye view of the city before you sail off to "honeymoonland"! What a way to go and your guests will be awed by your exit!!!