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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I found this post recently and wanted to share it. This is such good advice and something every bride should read and consider! Thanks to the author, whose link is below.


Do you need a Wedding Planner? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Be realistic about the time you really have to devote to putting together the sort of wedding you want. If you have lots of spare time, you may be able to pull it off. Interesting enough, most Brides simply don’t think they can afford a planner (silly Brides!), and it’s the one vendor they WISH they’d spent a portion of their budget on. Ask a recent bride, she’ll tell you the same!

Here are some good reasons we believe that tell the story of why you should hire a wedding planner:

• You’re planning your wedding in another city or state.

• You have special needs, such as finding a place of worship that will accommodate a mixed- religion ceremony, or would like to track down a caterer who can prepare a diabetic-friendly, or vegan/vegetarian menu.

• Both you and your fiancĂ© work long hours and/or travel frequently for business, and you want a big, blow out event; but who can make the time for all the detail work AND end up a nice woman, when it’s all said and done?

• You don’t particularly like hassling with little details; you’re a “big picture” person.

• You want someone else to do the leg work for you! As an example: your coordinator/planner, after spending time with you knows what your budget and needs are and sets appointments with vendors they think will be a good match. You don’t waste your time looking for vendors by going on appointments that are a total waste of time based on price points, or your budget/vision.

• You’d like to be able to purely enjoy your day with no worries regarding any issues that will undoubtedly transpire.

A wedding planner can actually SAVE you money – Most planners will be able to get you discounts with different vendors that they work with on a regular basis (baker for your cake or cupcakes, catering, photography, flowers, videographer, officiates, and even at venues)!

Brides: You need a “Day-Of” coordinator; you just don’t realize it!

Why? Well firstly, you’re hosting the biggest party of your life! (How many people can you imagine would throw a formal, sit-down party for over 50 people and not hire help? Exactly!). Secondly, we know how perfect you’d like everything to be and we know after years of experience, a Bride cannot sanely be in 8 places at one time and truly enjoy her day. Thirdly, your choice of reception site may have a Catering Manager, but it’s really not her job to be sure you stay on schedule or to wrangle!

Our “Day-Of” Wedding Consulting Service will afford you a sense of control and ease, allowing you the opportunity to relax, enjoy and be in the moment:

• Complete oversight for your Rehearsal and Wedding Day

• On-site meetings prior to the Wedding to ensure placement of flowers, gift books, etc

• We’ll keep you completely on Schedule the Day-Of

• We’ll make sure each attendant knows their role for the ceremony

• Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Tutoring

We communicate with every contracted Vendor prior and the day of, ensuring all requirements are met. They will know exactly where to be and what the bride’s and grooms expectations are.

We’ll make sure your photographer and videographer get the Photos and Reel from your Shot Lists, etc.

Cuing the music, the procession and more.

Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is imperative…

While you may not need someone to assist with the menu or your dress or color choices or any number of your dream desires for your wedding day, we strongly advise hiring a “Day-Of” coordinator, who at the very least will assist you for some months prior to and the Day-Of; we’re here to assist and as much or little as you like!

What is a “Day-Of” Coordinator? For example: a month out we will meet with you, help finalize contracts and your desires for placement and decoration; the time line on your wedding day and so much more. We make all the follow up phone calls, we do all the organizing so that on the Day-Of your wedding, you’ll have one or two main people (depending upon the size of your wedding), to answer any and all questions, maintain the day’s flow and to be sure you and your groom really enjoy your day.

If you’re thinking you can handle all this yourself; consider that it may sound easy; certainly seems like something you can handle and it very well may be, but if you want people running up to you the whole day asking:

• “What time will the limo be here?”

• “Aunt Jo and Uncle Charles from NYC are lost; how do they get here?”

• “Little Eric, where’s the ring pillow?”

• “When are we supposed to line up?”

• “Where’s Tiffany; your Mom, your Cousin Ilene, the Catering Manager?”

• “What time are you going to throw the bouquet?”

• “Should we ask Earl (who drank too much and is disrupting guests) to leave?”

• …and more; then by all means, run your wedding day yourself!

If, however, you would like to be kept out of this mix, free to spend time with your attendants, your guests and your new husband, then please reconsider. Even if you’re the “Anti-Bride”, there are still lots of things you’ll really want help with and with the cost of an average “Day-Of” coordinator being typically less than approximately 10% of your overall budget; it’s really affordable. We can save you money, too! Ask us how.

Copyright © 2009 – Mrs. Amy Bacon. Reprinted with Permission. You will find Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Planners and Consultants, kind, professional, knowledgeable, helpful and excited to be of service. They won’t break your budget either! Please contact their office at 602-234-1200 and speak with Mrs. Hancock or Mrs. Amy Bacon for a free consultation. Visit their Website at:


This article sparked my curiosity and inspired me to reach out to Jenne Hohn. I contacted her, only to discover that things on the West Coast are not much different than they are here. Jene told me that even linen companies are offering "day of" services! She calls it :Polluting" the industry. I love the term. I requested permission to re- post this to my blog and Jenne was very enthusiastic at the chance. She told me she is working on a Part 2- so stay tuned! In the meantime, this is some very interesting and relevant information. And, I couldn't agree more. When I contract with a bride, my main goal is to create a relationship with that bride that will enable me to bring her vision to life and to make her dream come true. After all, that is why I do what I do!

Jenne Hohn Writes: jennehohn

One of the biggest illusions in the wedding industry is entitled “day of” wedding planning. The premise of this type of planning consists of a bride hiring a wedding planner to show up on her wedding day with little to no prior history of the event, and execute the wedding day’s activities.

The bride does the front-end of the planning to the best of her ability: hiring her own vendors, putting together her own rental orders, creating her own time-line, managing her own transportation, and communicating layouts to the venues, just to name a few. The wedding planner arrives on they day of the wedding to pick up all of the pieces.

Unfortunately, most brides don’t have the experience to do the front end of the planning, which leads to potential disaster for the planner, the bride, and the event.


“Day of” planning became overwhelmingly popular when the economy took a turn for the worse. Suddenly, struggling event planners, weekend warriors, caterers, venues, DJs, florists and even photographers jumped on the bandwagon and started offering “day of” planning services as a way to stay afloat. These vendors not only offered the service, but at a vastly reduced cost. Most of these vendors do not have the experience to plan and execute a wedding. This inexperience and price deflation has been poisonous to experienced wedding professionals and has devalued the wedding industry overall.

“Day of” terminology has taught today’s bride to equate wedding planning with “cheap” and/or “what’s the least amount I can pay if I want a wedding planner?” Many brides no longer take the skills of a professional wedding planner seriously.

But wedding planning is not a profession to be taken lightly. Experienced wedding professionals deserve the same respect and recognition as a doctor or accountant. A well-executed wedding is just as important as a clean bill of health and proper tax reporting!

Why do we go to any professional? We go because we are not trained to do what they do. For example, we go to an accountant to prepare our taxes because we are not tax specialists. We work with lawyers to prepare contracts that protect us from litigation. Lawyers are to contracts as wedding planners are to weddings. Brides need to be taught that an experienced planner will go out of their way to create her perfect wedding day.


The time has come to eradicate “day of” terminology from bridal vocabulary. The key to doing so is education–education within the wedding industry and educating brides directly. Wedding professionals can continue to educate themselves by attending events hosted by associations such as ISES (International Special Events Society) and WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association).

In addition, there are a number of respected planners that have put together regional education platforms. The Academy for Planners and Designers by Wedding 360 was recently hosted in San Francisco. Celebrity event planner Sasha Souza has taken her skills on the road to numerous ISES chapters and is now hosting “Sashapalooza,” an intensive training seminar. The by-product of this education trickles down to bridal clientele. Educated planners mean educated brides.

Wedding professionals must explain to potential clients the importance of working with the bride along the way. Obviously not all clients require full-service attention, but there are steps to guide them as they progress to the wedding day. Share your preferred vendor lists, work with the bride to create her time-line, talk about the venue layout, and find a way to insert yourself into the planning process along the way so that you have some control over the final outcome. Explain to clients why utilizing shuttles for transportation takes longer than driving in cars.

If she’s DIY, DIWH (Do It With Her). Incorporate her design elements and creativity by mindfully weaving them into the wedding day. If anything goes wrong, you’ll know how to handle it, as you’ve been a part of the planning process.


The bottom line is. . . most of today’s brides are hiring wedding vendors from the Internet rather than at the recommendation of a wedding professional. Most brides do not know how to create wedding day time-lines. Most brides do not know how to manage transportation. Most brides do not know how to write rental orders. Most brides do not understand that DIY can spell DI-SASTER. Most brides think they can manage their wedding planning but as the day approaches, realize how little they have time for.

Most brides do not understand that having a planner with them throughout the planning process will actually save them time and money! There has never been a better time to explain the importance of a qualified wedding planner. Take the time to educate yourself, and your bride. Now is the time to restore credibility to the wedding industry, and it starts with you.

Copyright © 2010 – Jenne Hohn. Jenne Hohn Events is an innovative award-winning event management company located in the Napa Valley. From corporate events and groups to spectacular weddings, we are known for creating an exemplary, unforgettable experience. Visit her Website and BLOG!

Thanks,Jenne for sharing!


Wendy Darling, the keeper of the peace, the mender of shadows and the voice of reason. She and I have the same name for a reason, I guess. Everyone has always told me that the name came from this story, which I never believed. But, for me, Wendy Darling and I have a lot in common. So, when I think of all the reasons why you should let me help you plan your wedding, Wendy Darling comes to mind. After all, she had to deal with unruly boys, wild Indians, torn shadows, jealous fairies, pirates, crocodiles and growing up. Not much different than planning a wedding- and the multi- tasking that she must have had to do- WOW!

Lets bring this down to a more practical perspective. When you got engaged, the prospect of planning a wedding was exciting and new, much like flying. But, there is no pixie dust, no magic and, probably, very little time to research all the possibilities. That's where I come in. Tell me what you want and I will find it. As Wendy Darling did very well, I too am a good listener. When we meet to discuss your wedding, I will be running through my list of quality vendors and thinking about who has the ability to make your vision a reality. I will be taking in your personality, your most important "must haves" and drawing a picture in my mind of what will be the best option for you. I have my own pixie dust- and a network of amazing vendors who have it too. Tinkerbell has nothing on me! Once we have the "short list" of possibilities, I will assist you in meeting these vendors and guide you through the process of finding the perfect fit. This will save you time and keep you from getting in trouble at work for being on The Knot.
Next thing is "the dress". Having been in the retail end of weddings for a long time, I can help you to shop. Where should you go, what looks great on you, how should it fit? All questions that I can help you answer. When it comes time for your fittings, I am right there to help you make it clear to the seamstress what it is that you want. And, like Wendy Darling, if something isn't right on your wedding day, I will be able to mend your shadow too.

Now, back to listening. As your advocate and mediator, I can cut to the chase with your vendors, keep your mother in check and help you with those pesky "pirates", I mean guests, who want to make your wedding seem more like walking the plank.
Say that you want the cake cut at 10 and the caterer wants to cut it at 9, I will sprinkle them with my pixie dust and they will cut the cake at 10. If your mother wants to take over the menu or pick out your veil, I will remind her that it is your day and you will do the picking. And, I will make sure you enjoy your party. No one will ruin your day on my watch! A stress- free wedding day is what you want- and it is what I provide. See how happy this bride is- that can me you! I will be with you from the beginning of your day until the guests leave and the room is packed up. And, if a problem arises, remember- I have my pixie dust! My experience with wedding planning has equipped me to handle anything that might arise. I have invested in years of gaining that experience, in finding new ways to handle emergencies and in networking with the best people in the industry. I read every day- from social media, to wedding web sites, to trends in bridal- in every aspect. I follow the advice of the experts who study the wedding industry and I listen to the brides to see what they want from their vendors. I have my finger on the pulse of the wedding industry and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on your wedding.

With my assistance and caring, understanding magic, you will not be remembered as a fire-breathing bridezilla, but a storybook bride with a happy ending.

Let's recap: Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have me assist you in planning your wedding.

1. I will listen and help you bring your dream into focus
2. I will save you time and money by finding the right vendors and assist you in negotiating with them
3. I will interact with all your vendors and make sure everyone understands your vision
4. I will be your advocate, mediator and confidante
5. I will help you use your budget to the best possible outcome, keeping in mind what is most important to you
6. I will keep you stress-free and your wedding day smooth as silk
7. I have the experience to take care of anything that can arise
8. My comprehensive approach will get you from beginning to end with one fee and no hidden costs
9. I will work together with the "on site planner" on the big picture- they only work for the venue
I will send you off to your new life with happy memories.

I have written other articles about the need for a wedding planner and my approach to the business. This is just one more amusing way to make you feel comfortable about calling me to assist you in planning you
r fairy tale wedding. I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to read other articles in my archive under "planners".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Browsing the discussions on LinkedIn a week or so ago, I happened on this young lady and her new site dedicated to helping the bride on a budget. I commented that DIY weddings were a tricky business and unless you are crafty or have lots of free time ( who does?), planning a wedding should be left up to the professionals that do it every day. She and I had several exchanges after that. Rebecca, as it turns out, agrees with me, but also wants to assist those brides who are able to put their own special touch to their big day. She was one of those brides who decided to do it all herself and found out that it is harder than it looks. today, Rebecca shares her thoughts with you, my readers. Thank you, Rebecca, for your insight.

Why the Budget Bride Should Hire a Planner

When it came to making a wedding budget, I immediately crossed “wedding planner” off my list. After all, I had 15 months to plan and organize and figured I could keep all the details under control myself. Hiring a planner seemed like a big expense I needed to cut right away to save money. As it turns out, that was a mistake that cost me in the long run.
As the wedding date got closer and closer and stress built, I still needed to make what seemed like a million decisions, all while I was working a full-time, high-stress job. With just one month left to go, I started making decisions based on efficiency over cost. I spent more than I needed to on flowers, favors, and even programs.
When it came down to it, the money I overspent there could have been better used toward a wedding planner, and I would have saved a lot of sanity to boot. So here’s three big reasons why I think even the budget bride should hire a planner:
Avoid the Stress of Dealing with Vendors
Without a wedding planner, you’re left to deal with all the vendors yourself, and brides often overpay when they do it this way because they don’t know what a fair price is. It’s far too easy to lose yourself in the enormous details of the day you’ve been dreaming of for much of your life.
Wedding planners also know plenty of little tricks that can help you save money. In fact, you’ll probably end up saving enough money to cover your planner’s fee, and then some. For example, wedding planners might have connections that will allow them to rent your flower vases instead of purchase them. This can save a ton of money on the decorations.
A wedding planner can also help by dispelling some of the common myths about saving money during the wedding planning process. For example, most brides think that having a buffet is cheaper than a sit-down meal, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a buffet costs more because the caterer has to keep it stocked up the entire time.
Wedding Planners Take all the Worry Away
Another reason the budget bride should hire a wedding planner is because they need someone looking out for their special day. A bride who has to worry about all of the little details often turns into Bridezilla because she is so stressed out. Your wedding day is supposed to be a day of pampering and excitement about your life ahead. The last thing you want to do is remember your special day as the worst day of your life because you were so worried that things might go wrong. Kick back, relax, and let someone else worry about it.
Staying Organized is Priceless
Hiring a wedding planner will also help keep you organized. There are so many details to attend to that it’s easy for one thing to get lost in the shuffle, but a wedding planner will make sure this doesn’t happen. She will also ensure that you get the special day you have always wanted without any of the things that could go wrong. Organization is key to planning an event of this size, and you want someone who does it professionally to help keep everything running smoothly, both before and during your special day.
Guest post by Rebecca Parker of The Wedding Planning Guides, a site dedicated to sharing practical (but fun) advice to brides and grooms throughout the ups and downs of wedding planning.

Friday, April 22, 2011


The royal wedding is a week away and the excitement is mounting. Are you planning your own "royal" wedding and need some inspiration? Well, I have some right here. Imagine a deep blue organza table linen adorned with silver or gold accents. This napkin ring, exclusive to Wildflower Linens will finish the look of the table with a royal flair. A gown fit for a princess and elegant bridesmaid dresses will surely finish the look of your royal wedding. While Kate and William have Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, you can still have your own royal feel at your wedding right here. The possibilities are endless. I can help you fulfill any wedding dream. Let's talk about your vision and how it can become your own fairy tale wedding.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Through the gate and into the enchanted garden of your wedding we go. What lies beyond the gate is the dream you have of flowering trees, a stone path and your groom at the end of it. So, here we go into the enchanted and exotic land of peacocks and willows and brilliant shades of nature- to your happily ever after.

We begin our journey with beautifully crafted invitations available on Etsy. These handcrafted and personalized invitations will set the stage for your fantasy come true. You can also add the beautiful ceremony programs, each tied with a satin bow and a real peacock feather. The linens that will adorn your table are lush and carry the peacock name. Perhaps, you will dine under a canopy of moss orchids. And, the light from lanterns hanging in the trees as the sun sets on your enchanted evening, and the guests dance the night away with the fairies flickering within. .

Imagine yourself entering this magical garden in a pale green gown by Vera Wang, with the breeze billowing the soft layers of tulle as you go. Your bouquet, not flowers, but a collection of brooches that were given to you by family and friends- and will never die. The groom and his groomsmen will wear peacock feathers on their lapels. A gift, from our beloved, a locket carried by two birds with a message only for you inside. When the evening is through and the guests have gone and you and your love return through that garden gate, you will have an enchanted memory of the day you became one. And, the knowledge that you and I made the dream a reality.

Follow me through, yet another garden gate.
This one an arbor in the country. The walk down the brick path to the waiting crowd of family and friends can't see you as you make your way in your
wisp of a gown. The colors or early summer, the smell of the peonies and the roses that you carry. When you arrive by the side of your love, he will be entranced by your similarity to the lovely flowers in the garden that surrounds you.
After you say "I Do", you will enter the clearing and the terrace to enjoy an evening of dancing and wonderful food. Again, the smell of the peonies- big, beautiful vases full of them and the David Austin roses that open just like the peony, but have the scent of an English rose. The table linens with the dainty embroidered rose and the soft organza fabric. Your cake, a garden unto itself with butterflies flitting about. Surrounding you are things that remind you of a day long ago, when tea parties and big hats and ladies stitching embroidery while the men played croquet. Pink lemonade and antique birdcages and hand tatted napkins. A grand affair in amongst the roses. Chandeliers hanging from the branches to give light to the evening. All the wonder of the day, brought to life by your dream and my knowledge. A team made in heaven, which is where you will find yourself when you depart down that brick path and through the arbor, hand in hand with your new husband.

So, before you walk through your garden gate into your enchanted wedding, lets talk about your vision and how I can help you make it a dream come true.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Imagine being proposed to at a baseball game or on TV. We have all seen proposals on The Today Show. Carrie Ann Inaba was proposed to on Regis and Kelly. Writing "Will you marry me?" in the snow- or as one very artistic groom, in the sand, in flowers. One proposal happened on the show Minute To Win It. Proposing in a unique and romantic way isn't an easy thing to do. It takes a creative mind and some planning. It may require making special arrangements, orchestrating a rouse to get her there and getting cooperation from others. But, as these clever grooms did, you can also surprise your bride with a real stunner! Of course, you will need some help. The first time I had a call from a groom to help him plan a proposal, I thought, "this will be fun!" He had an elaborate plan for an anniversary weekend in Philadelphia and a return to a park that they frequented in college. The problem- he lived in Chicago. Knowing what he wanted to do, he and I set about making it happen. I made the arrangements with the park. I called a florist that I knew was up to the challenge of spelling "Will you marry me" in roses across a field. The photographer and I made a trip to decide the perfect angle for the "reveal". A little foot bridge above the "spot" seemed a great vantage point for the bride to discover the flowers and the trees surrounding the spot were perfect for the photographer to hide away to capture the moment. This stunning proposal required a split second timing, a golf cart to transport the flowers and crowd control, as this was a public park. A project that I jumped at the chance to take on. So, if you have a fabulous idea to propose to your future wife- maybe I can help!


Purple majesty! Is this deep, delicious palette what you yearn for on your wedding day? If so, I will assist you in making it your reality. Your flowers can look like an English garden or as exotic as these calla lilies. Perhaps you want to make a statement by using feathers and ribbon for the boutonnieres. Or, a brooch bouquet-quite the rage right now. Your tables will be spectacular in shades of purple with a billowing skirt on the backs of your chairs. Table linens don't have to be flat. This one creates a textured look with a flair. And, your dress- it doesn't have to be white. Yes- that is one of my brides walking down the street in her purple wedding gown.
If purple is your passion, then lets make it happen. Being a unique and regal bride can be easy with my help and a little imagination.


Romance is in the air along with the budding flowers and trees. So, what better time than some inspiration for a romantic wedding with an old fashioned flair. From flowers to dresses, I can help you design a wedding from a bygone era. Jane Austen, the Brontes', your great- grandmother's wedding photos- whatever inspires you we can turn into your wedding dream.
Let's begin with pinks and golds, lace and pearls. Muted colors and dreamy concoctions to adorn you, your maids and your tables. Linens with rich color and fine embroidery, chairs with a luscious cover- like gossamer. Bouquets that carry us back to a time when your flowers were plucked from the garden on the morning of your wedding and wrapped in a fine doily or piece of heirloom fabric. A small token
of your true Love's devotion, such as this lovely locket.

Let's talk about the dress. An English garden with a basket of fresh flowers. A grand ballgown, befitting a princess of the royal court. An heirloom that your mother retrieves from the attic, wrapped in tissue- or something new, made to look like it came from another time. Picture your wedding rings on this satin pillow tied to ribbons attached to an antique brooch that belonged to your ancestors- or his. A bracelet that you found at a flea market or Wedzu or Etsy. Your bouquets made from broochs, not flowers.

Vintage gowns, jewelry and floral arrangements can be found in the most unexpected places. In my daily travels through the many blogs I read, through research for a client or from my own passion for all things romantic and frilly, we can create this dreamlike picture just for you. If this ethereal and rich collection of beautiful things is what you see when you dream of your special day, let me help you make it a dream come true. The best vendors, the most amazing photographers and your dream wedding await. All you need to do is call or email me and we can get started.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


LinkKye Harman is a very clever and amusing gentleman from the U.K. that has a blog called Simply The Bestman. He wanted to send me this article because he happened on my blog last week and thought I needed more for the men in the wedding. So, here are some tips on being the bestman. Enjoy the article and then take a look at Kye's blog for more advice, etiquette and ideas. Thanks to Kye for this great piece!
So you have been asked to be best man, you have gone through the usual stages as it sinks in. Firstly your friend/brother/cousin has finally acknowledged you are indeed the "Best Man", a fact you have believed all along, what’s more you’re finally going to get a free meal out of him.

Then the touching sentiment has dawned, that of all the people he knows he has chosen you to be by his side on the most important day of his life.

And finally you realise the massive task you now face, organising the stag do (can anyone actually co-ordinate his rabble of friends and family for a decent knees up?), taking care of the main man and seeing him through his big day and then there is the sphincter tightening realisation that you are going to have to write and deliver the killer Best Man’s speech.

But where do you begin? It is possibly one of the most daunting roles a man will face.

Most modern couples plan their weddings with near military precision (although this is mostly down to the sensible bride rather than the hapless groom) however you might be called upon to help out. Make sure you communicate regularly with the happy couple in the build up to their big day offering your services where required. They have picked you for this huge honour for a reason so make sure you help out wherever you can.

Communication is king. Stay in regular contact with the happy couple, find out what roles they would like you to fulfil on the day and how they would like your help during the planning. The groom will probably have a few ideas of his own when it comes to the stag do, make sure you respect his wishes at all times (well… most of them). A day crawling from one bar to another en route to a lapdancing club might be your idea of fun but is it his? And will this land him in any trouble with the soon to be Mrs?

Also you might find the groom is starting to break under the strain of having to choose the best one out of 200 dresses that all look the same to him and other assorted tasks he didn’t see coming. The beautiful girl he fell in love with has suddenly turned into Bridezilla, and at times it will feel to him that no matter what he says or does, any word of him will bring forth accusations of not caring or pulling his weight and a few lonely nights on the sofa. Offering to get him out on “wedding fact finding missions” to the local bar might be an invaluable help.

The greatest advice we can offer to any Best Man is to get organised early. When facing such a massive task many guys revert to type and work under the delusion that “if I just don’t worry about it it’ll sort itself out and it’ll all be ok in the end” or are filled with such dread of everything that faces them that they simply bury their head in the sand and keep putting everything off until “tomorrow”. Bad idea. The more you put things off until the last minute the more of a panic you’ll find those last few weeks before the wedding. And come the big day the bride and groom will be panicking enough already without finding out that the man they thought they could rely upon above all others has spent the last few weeks trying to beat his highest score on “Call of Duty” rather than taking care of the tasks he had promised faithfully to accomplish.

Now it is fair to say that most women are far more organised than us guys. One thing that certainly sets us apart is the matter of writing lists. Most guys at some time or other have noted how the woman in their life has an inbuilt propensity for writing lists for pretty much everything that happens or needs to happen in her life. While we guys find this notion completely alien. Lists are for girls right? Or are they? In fact men are actually the king of lists, it is indeed where we thrive. Not convinced? Name your top 5 films of all time? Greatest All Star NBA line up of all time? Top 10 albums of the 20th century? Lists are the corner stone of the most hotly debated guy talk in barss and offices the length and breadth of the country. So start with a list of tasks the future Mr and Mrs wedded bliss have asked you to take care of before the wedding. A list of the names and numbers/email address of the stag attendees, a list of everything you’ll need to attend to on the big day.

Its really not as scary as you think. Communicate. Get organised. Write those lists. Soon you’ll find you’re halfway there and that on the day you will indeed be the BEST MAN. As for that speech, well we’ve got a few tips for you there as well. Come check us out at and we’ll guide you through every part of the perfect speech.

As for those lists… we thought we’d share of few of our own. Although obviously we don’t like to think of them as “lists”. These are just a sample of our “Top 10’s”. We don’t write lists…. Lists are for girls! Top 10’s

Top 10 Stag Do Daytime Activities

1. SKeet Shooting

2. Paintball

3. Go Karts

4. ATV Riding

5. Racing School

6. White Water Rafting

7. 4x4 Off Road Driving

8. Mud Buggies

9. Tank Driving

10. Infantry Experience

Top 6 Stag Do Anthems

1. White Wedding - Billy Idol

2. It’s Over - Roy Orbison

3. Love Is The End - Keane

4. See You On The Other Side - Ozzy Osbourne

5. Modern Love - David Bowie

6. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It - REM

Top 8 Bachelor Weekends

1. Golfing Weekend
For the competitive streak in you why not get a bit of Tiger Woods style action (minus the prostitutes, press exposure and loss of endorsements).

2. Road Trip
Hire some classic wheels or VW camper vans and take the groom on a road trip back down memory lane to all those happy places he’s never going to be allowed to see again.

3. Go Overboard
3 men in a boat? Why not hire a cruiser and find every fine beach bar along the coast.
The world’s your lobster. See the big picture and go find yourselves a new playground to have fun in.

4. Overseas Trip
The world’s your lobster. See the big picture and go find yourselves a new playground to have fun in.

5. Go Native
Tents, tequila and tantrums. Can any bachelor party survive the riggers of a camping trip and live to tell the tale?

6. Activities Weekend
ATV riding, go cart racing, skeet shooting, kayaking. Why not visit one of many activities centres and do the whole lot?

7. Summer Camp
Remember getting packed off to summer camp when you were at school and hoping after the archery, rock climbing and white water rafting you can get drunk and talk one of the girls into letting you put your hand up her sweater? Well there are now many summer camps that cater for bachelor parties at weekends.

8. Kidnap
Try any of the above just don’t tell the groom. Simply tell him what to pack, turn up on the day and bundle him in the back of a waiting car. Be sure to make it authentic and hand the bridea ransom note telling her where to pick him up and what the price of his safe return will be.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In an article this morning, TaylorMade Weddings talked about things a bride should think about before embarking on a DIY wedding, It got me thinking about all the DIY brides I have assisted and how much they depended on me to be there the day of their weddings to see that all those projects were right. Jess and Nick had a summer wedding on a country estate. All the centerpieces were fresh flowers and herbs in all kinds of vessels. Getting them to the venue, setting them up and collecting them at the end of the evening was a job. A job that I did, so that Jess could relax.

Brianna was a very crafty bride with great taste. Her fall wedding was aglow with candles, pumpkins and lots of flair. She made every centerpiece, thought out all the details, made her save the dates and her place cards. We all converged on the venue the day before and set the tables. Then on the day of the wedding, I made sure that all the final details were in place and it was a beautiful wedding. Again, at the end of the evening, I packed it all up and loaded it in the car to go to her parents.

Janice and Jeremy had a wedding in a museum. Janice wanted to use the museum as her theme. So, she used little easels with cookie portraits of the couple as favors and collected gold frames and mounted them on a draped board for the escort cards. My job, on the day of the wedding, was to assemble the board with all the frames.

Lauren was a very talented and detail oriented bride. Her invitations, menu cards, favor boxes and escort cards were her own creation. Being organized, she had everything boxed and ready to go. When I got to the venue to check on things, I had to make sure every detail that she had created was placed properly and looked the way she wanted it to look.

If you want to put your stamp on your wedding, make sure you have help. Don't leave your DIY projects to chance. And, if you don't have the budget for a full wedding planning package, contact me. Many of my brides hired me for the day of. They got a great value for their investment. I will not leave you in the lurch or say no to a request. And, tell your bridesmaids that if they need help with a bridal shower, they can call me too. I am happy to help your entire wedding party- including the moms and the groom You can also ask me a question or get a referral, here, on my blog- it's easy and inexpensive and may be just the thing you need to feel more sane. My services are unique and very geared to making the whole experience a happy one.

Thanks to TaylorMade Weddings for the inspiration to share some of my DIY brides with my readers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I LOVE Judd Waddell! I have always loved his gowns. He is a class act and this spring is no exception. The fabrics are rich, the lines are feminine and the details- gorgeous! You can find these gowns at Kleinfeld's, The Wedding Shoppe and The Bridal Garden. I just had to let you see these few dresses, now you need to find a salon near you to see them on you!


Yesterday, I got an email from someone in the UK saying that he liked my blog, but didn't find enough about the groom. Interestingly, I have noticed that my Facebook page has more of a male following than female- go figure! So, those two things coupled with the eWednews stories that my friend, Paul Pannone has been writing about the tuxedo business, I decided it was time I gave the groom some attention. Here, we will talk about the different styles that are trending for grooms, some of the fun colors and accents that grooms are choosing and a yummy example of the groom's cake that is finding it's way back into the wedding picture. Let me ask you, are you a modern groom having a wedding in an outdoor or unusual place? Is your bride wearing a gown of silky fabric and shoes of color? Then, this seersucker suit with a pastel shirt and tie may just be the right choice. Or, are you having a formal wedding in a ballroom or a museum with a bride in lace and a plated dinner? If so, then a tuxedo is the right choice. Whichever style is right for you, remember a few things when shopping. First, fit is so important. If the suit is too big, too tight, if the sleeves are too long or short- you won't look your best. Gentlemen- this is your wedding too! Shouldn't you look as spectacular as your bride? the answer is- YES! Are you renting your tuxedo or buying it? Are you buying a suit just for the wedding? The caliber of the tailor, the store and the fabric are important. Whether buying or renting, your suit should be made of quality fabric, with precise craftsmanship. The value in the garment is not in the price, but in the quality of the work. But, remember- you get what you pay for. As I tell the bride, if you buy it cheap, you get a garment that is not well made and not a good fit. Your wedding is one time that you should look your best. Here are some ideas for a formal look and for a more modern and informal look. The groom in the middle with his bride had his tuxedo custom designed. It was smashing and he looked amazing next to his bride. How about it men! Are you worth it?! To quote my friend Paul- a tuxedo aficionado

"The most recent data from suggests a rise in the purchase of formal wear and a greater rise in the purchase of non-formal wear products (suits). This is due to the decline in innovation and fashion creation in the formal wear business. However, I just left a meeting that has put forth an agenda to create new fashion products that are of interest to a a younger demographic; slimmer fit, vented and non-pleated pants in soft, supple fabrics. In time, the production and marketing of these goods under better branded labels from FLOW Formals is expected to turn the tide and revert attention back to sanctioned formal wear items."

These three examples run the gamut. From a daytime wedding in a meadow to a black tie affair in a ballroom, there is a look for all of you. It would seem, from my research, that the trend is for the purchase of you wedding attire, as opposed to the rental. It does insure that you are getting a proper fit. However, if you are going to rent, please do it from a reputable vendor. I can suggest Gino's as a great place to begin your search. Ventresca's is another good choice, as is Black Tie, Formals by Antonio and
Kleinfeld Men.

Now, you have your suit and you need to accessorize. Ties, cuff links, pocket squares... all things you may want to add to your polished look on your big day. I found these fun and unique touches on The Cordial Churchman and Wedzu. There are great ties and pocket square at The Cordial Churchman and lots of fun accents at Wedzu. Some of the companies that design bridesmaid dresses also make matching ties for the guys. Coren Moore is one of those. Check with the bride and let her know I filled you in- won't she be impressed you are paying attention!

Now, for the fun stuff! These yummy groom's cakes are just a few examples of what you can hint to your bride about. What is your favorite pastime? Your favorite sport? Your favorite team? Are you a sailor, a golfer, a wine connoisseur? These tasty and whimsical additions to your wedding will make you feel more connected to the wedding preparations. Something just for you. And, they are very trendy right now. Here is another thing you can impress the bride with- "Hey honey, lets do a groom's cake. They are "in" now". So, now have I given you food for thought? Made you feel more like a part of this big, expensive and VERY important time in your life? I hope so! Now, get going and make some decisions. Take some of the pressure off of the bride. Show some interest in the planning. And... call me and give your bride an early wedding gift- ME! Happy planning and I know you will be great. .