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Saturday, February 05, 2011


This one is for the groom and his groomsmen. Calvin Klein has just unveiled a new look for the men of the wedding. All focus is usually on the bride, but in these tuxes, eyes will certainly glance and the groom as well. Paul Pannone explains:

By Paul Pannone

They say that love is blind-- and how good a model looks is subjective to personal taste. If that is the case, perhaps love is blind-- but the neighbors certainly aren’t; and neither is the general public. In an ongoing eWedNews investigation dating back over ten years, the days of buyers that have always placed ordered based on their own personal taste rather than consumer demand could be coming to an end.

For years manufacturers, sales people and everyone involved in the selling of products have created new items, made samples and built entire campaigns around selling them without taking the end-consumer into account. Most of the times they are successful but with shrinking markets and price compression it is no longer feasible to have a losing year or even a losing line. Time, effort and company resources that go into producing products are expended and when the goods do not sell, or even worse, not wanted by the end consumers, the results are often catastrophic.

Backed by some of the world’s best thinkers, companies like Calvin Klein understand the importance of image, quality and most important how their customers think. According to Total revenue for the Calvin Klein business grew 16% in the quarter to $272.6 million, with strong growth in sales, royalties and advertising revenue. The Calvin Klein brand continued to experience global growth during the quarter, with an increase in royalty revenue of 13% as compared to the prior year's third quarter. This increase was driven by strong performance across virtually all product categories, with jeans, underwear, fragrance, watches, women’s sportswear and dresses continuing to perform particularly well. Sales for the Calvin Klein wholesale and retail businesses increased 15% as compared to the prior year's third quarter, with the Company’s retail comparable store sales growing 12% as compared to the same period.

“That is why we invest so heavily into their success, the brands are a quality assurance and a way to connect with consumers” says Jeff Weintraub of George Weintraub and Sons. Weintraub’s licensing agreements with major labels like Calvin Klein allows the name to be used on men’s formal wear products.

“That’s what people look for; they always have and they always will. Grooms in tuxedos are such a great complement to the bride! Think "the most special day of your life." The operative word is special. Make it a day to remember and dress to commemorate it. To me the word wedding or special event denotes a man in a tux, dressed appropriately next to the bride,” according to Sheryl Davies.

VP Publisher and Fashion expert at Bridal Guide, Jim Duhe, told eWedNews “Calvin Klein is among the most successful and recognized brand names in the world. The company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars shaping its image. While this doesn't mean that the highly subjective opinions of the men's formal wear rental specialists have no merit, it does mean that Calvin Klein has far more experience in addressing the customer base. Given the success of Calvin Klein compared with the success of the men's formal wear specialists throughout the country, my money is on Calvin Klein.”

Upcoming issues of Bridal Guide will be featuring men's formal wear products by Calvin Klein. Updates to the website will also include the new images and help customers find products in their area. New Calvin Klein products are also being promoted to brides and consumers in a new Social Media campaign that was just launched.

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