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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today, at Drexelbrook, Gene Blum and I discussed the incredible amenities for Indian weddings at the venue. Since I love the beauty and pageantry of these weddings and since Drexelbrook has the perfect set up for these special events, I decided to post about it. Of course, Drexelbrook is a perfect venue for any wedding. And, right now, there is a tremendous deal for new couples- which you can read about here. But, Drexelbrook also does many Indian weddings every year and I just had to tell you about it! The bridal suites at Drexelbrook are large and lovely. For the Indian bride and her family, there is plenty of room for those changes between ceremonies. There is so much room here for gathering, entertaining before the wedding and for the grand reception after your ceremony. Drexelbrook works along with Moghul catering for all of your specific needs. Moghul is the best caterer for your celebration. The staff at Drexelbrook is very in tune with the unique and special needs of the Indian bride and her family. They have impeccable expertise in this area. Even the Baraat ! is executed in a most festive and splendid way- yes, you can have the horse or the elephant! The ballroom can hold up to 800 people and there is a separate area for the Mandap in all its splendor. After the ceremony, cocktails can be served in the gorgeous foyer while the bride changes for her grand entrance into
the party.

Here is a video of one Indian wedding at Drexelbrook. When you get ready to book your venue- go to Drexelbrook and see why you don't have to look any further!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


With the arrival of spring comes the string of friends' weddings. It seems that when one of you gets engaged, all of your friends follow suit. So, you are not only planning your wedding, but also getting ready to be a bridesmaid in several other weddings. Is there no end to the money flying out of your wallet and the decisions to be made and the parties to go to and the showers to plan? These are some of my past clients that had the issue. So, I thought that it would be a great idea to help you all to save some money and take some of the stress out of planning your weddings. From now until the end of April, if you book my day of services, I will take $500 off the price for every other bride in your wedding party or another wedding party where you are a bridesmaid. That means that anyone in your wedding getting married, and you, get a huge break in the price of my services. Now, to see what you get when you book with Wendy's Affairs of Heart. You can read this blog, you can read the reviews and endorsements on Weddingwire or you can just cut to the chase and call me to discuss how many ways I can make your day perfect- and perfectly stress- free. This deal is good through the month of April and is a "group rate", meaning that you all have to book my services to get the discount. Think of how relaxed you will be now that you know you have someone watching your wedding, even when you are busy being in someone else's. We will all get to be great friends by the end of all those weddings. I can't wait to get started, so don't wait. Call me today at 215-237-7149 or email me.



Drexelbrook has a VERY special offer for couples planning a 2011 wedding. This is a limited time offer, but a tremendous value that you won't want to miss. Drexelbrook is a lush and elegant venue for any wedding celebration. The service is top- notch and the food is as delicious as it is beautifully presented. This Sunday you can visit and see for yourself how incredible it is. Here are the details.

"Drexelbrook Catering has created a very special “Wedding Experience” for couples booking their 2011 Weddings with us Between Sunday February 27th and April 1, 2011. This offer is valid for any 2011 Wedding that books with us during this limited time
Choose our “Signature Wedding Experience” At a Very Special Rate & receive the following in addition JOIN US THIS COMING SUNDAY FOR OUR OPEN HOUSE FROM 11:30AM to 4:00PM Sip Champagne, Meet our Team & Enjoy some wonderful Appetizers

To Make your Wedding Day more “Magical” we would like you
To add your own personal touch. Please select two of the following items to Enhance your Wedding Experience

Silver or Gold Charger Plates to enhance your place setting

Barista Bar ~ Espresso’s, Cappuccinos and Lattes
Up-lighting of your Ballroom in any of our available colors

Drexelbrook’s Signature Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Bananas Foster Station
Waffles & Ice Cream Station

120’ Round Organza Sparkle Topper for
each of your guest tables

Drexelbrook’s Signature Candy Station
Double Heart Ice Carving ~ (names at an additional charge)

Chocolate Fountain with all appropriate accompaniments
Add on an additional passed hors d’ oeuvre for a total of six
Shuttle Service for 14 of your guests.

$89.00 Per Person Inclusive of 19% Banquet Service Charge & 6% State Sales Tax This exclusive offer is valid for all 2011 Weddings and will expire as of April 1, 2011"

Please stop by on Sunday and take in all the wonderful details that will make your wedding a dream come true.
I look forward to seeing you all there. It will be a great afternoon and you will leave with the knowledge that your wedding wishes will be handled by the best.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, Pa is having a Simone Carvalli Trunk Show starting today and going through February 27. The Wedding Shoppe is one of the loveliest bridal salons around with some of the best designers. The shop is dazzling with a separate bridal floor and abounds with shoes, veils, accessories and bridesmaids. The seamstresses are among the best around. So, call The Wedding Shoppe and make your appointment to see these and all the fabulous gowns they feature every day.

Simone Carvalli Trunk Show February 23- 27
The Wedding Shoppe
503 W Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, Pa


This weekend, come visit and see these vintage inspired gowns and accessories. More information can be found here. So, make you appointment- and ENJOY!


This just in! Brides give Back is hosting an event this evening in Phoenix, Arizona. This auction and cocktail party will help Save the Family. Read more about it here and go out and support this cause while saving money on your own wedding.


It's that time of year! Trunk shows everywhere for all the new brides to be. Here, at Bridal Reflections, there are two exciting trunk shows coming up. The Eve of Milady trunk show is set for March 4- 6. These dresses can be seen by appointment at the Fifth Avenue store.
Eve of Milady
dresses are exquisitely detailed bridal gowns of the most luxurious fabrics, embroidery, yards and yards of train-Eve of Milady gowns seem fit for any royal wedding. Best known for their lovely bridal ball gowns, Eve of Milady also creates perfect empire waist dresses, trumpet or fluted skirts, chapel and cathedral train gowns to remember. Eve is famous for their bodices and signature drop waist with dip at the small of the back, together creating a perfectly fitted silhouette.

Special Pricing. By Appointment.

The other fabulous trunk show coming to Bridal Reflections Fifth Avenue store is the Ines Di Santo on March 11- 13.

Ines Di Santo’s Haute Couture bridal designs are breathtakingly
innovative, luxurious with contemporary style. Ines Di Santo’s creations portray a variety of looks and styles, catering to even the most distinct and individual bride and personality. When asked to describe what women should look for in a bridal gown, Ines responds: “A wedding gown is an expression of the bride’s personality. Her dress should complement her figure, her mannerisms and mirror her personal style and aura.”

Special Pricing. By Appointment.

Bridal Reflections has three locations in the New York area for the bride, the bridal party and for other special occasions. They pride themselves on their service and their wide selection of gowns and accessories. So, don't miss your chance to view these gowns at the trunk shows. Call and make your appointment today.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you ever wondered why the girls walk to the left or the boys or what the significance of "something borrowed, something blue" means? Are you confused about whether to "ask for cash instead of gifts" or how to word your invitations? Well, here are some interesting facts and some answers to etiquette questions. Lets start with the wedding ring:

The wedding ring symbolizes the circle of the earth
, the sun and the universe. It represents the wholeness and the continuity of the marriage vows. It is worn on the third finger of the left hand because the Greeks believed that there was a vein that led from that finger straight to the heart.

The white dress: In ancient times, a bride wore red or another bright color, such as emerald green or gold. Some say it was it was Napoleon's bride, that bucked tradition and wore a white dress, setting the stage for the modern bride. But, most credit Victoria, who wed Albert in a white dress. Until then, even black or brown were acceptable colors for a middle class bride to wear. Now, we are seeing color in wedding gowns again. So, if white isn't your cup of tea...

The bride on the left is one of my favorites and one I tell all my couples and their wedding parties at rehearsal. In the days when the men wore their swords, they may have occasion to need them to protect their ladies. Hence, the ladies needed to be to the left of the men in order for the sword, carried on the right, to be readily available if needed. This is also the reason for the bride's family sitting on the left. If the father of the bride needed to defend her or her mother, his sword was on the outside.

Some other fun facts of wedding lore include...

Something old, something new-- the old should come from a happily married woman so that the happiness is transferred to the new bride. The new is hope for the future of the couple, The borrowed signifies wealth and prosperity for the couple's future. And the blue is the symbol of heaven and true love.

The bridal bouquet used to be the "protection" from evil spirits. The bouquet was made with flowers and herbs
that warded off the the bad that could befall the couple by those enemies that lurked. Also, the reason for attendants, chosen friends to mimic the couple's clothes to confuse those enemies.

The sixpence in the heel of the left shoe, or a shiny dime, to bring good luck and prosperity to the couple.

Not that many do it anymore, but the garter and bouquet toss is a funny one. It seems that bride used to throw her garter at the men. But, they were usually very drunk and would go after ti themselves, leaving the groom to go to the aid of his new wife. So, the brides decided that throwing the bouquet was a better idea.

Another tradition that has waned is the receiving line. This tradition grew out of the idea that if the guests touched the couple, they too would have good luck.

The cutting and feeding each other of wedding cake is symbolic of the couple "feeding" the relationship. No doubt, the smashing of it in each other's faces came from another source.

Now, for some etiquette. There is so much to say here and many questions that I won't answer. But, feel free to contact me and I will answer your question. These are just some general rules of thumb.

Though times have changed and the cost of the wedding is a combined effort, these are the old guidelines of who pays for what.

Bride- the groom's ring and wedding gift
Groom- engagement ring and bride's wedding ring, ceremony fees and music, marriage license and the bride's bouquet and other bouquets and corsages
Bride's Parents- the invitations, the bride's gown, the reception, the entertainment, cake, bridesmaid dresses and the decoration at the reception
Groom's Parents- rehearsal dinner and sometimes the honeymoon.

The invitations, though traditionally are worded with the parents of the bride as the host, can be done in other ways. If the couple is hosting the wedding, then it should be worded " the bride" and "the groom" request the honor...
If the parents of the bride are divorced and are both contributing, then the bride's mother should be the host line and then the father, on a separate line. If the father is not a part of the wedding, then only the mother of the bride should be in the host line. If there are two sets of parents- the bride's parents are both remarried, then both sets of parents and stepparents should be on the host line, but each on their own line. And, if both families are hosting, then the bride's parents and then the groom;s parents should each have a host line. The "no children" issue is a sticky one. Here
is one way to handle it: " Adult Reception" on the response card. Otherwise, word of mouth is the best way to handle this. The full name of the bride and groom should be used. there should be no abbreviations or initials. The return address should be that of the host.

One other place that I find confusion is the processional and the introductions. This is the proper way:
Processional for Ceremony
The groom and the groomsmen enter first
Grandparents of the bride
Grandparents of groom
Mother of groom
Mother of bride
Maid of Honor
Ring Bearer
Flower girl
Bride and escort

tions for Reception
Parents of bride
Parents of groom
Grandparents of bride
Grandparents of groom

Bridesmaids and groomsmen in the order they exited ceremony
Ring bearer and flower girl
Bride and Groom
I hope this was helpful. When you are planning a wedding, so many things cross your mind and you may not always know where to find the answer. I would be happy to help you in any way I can. You can do this right from here. Looking forward to hearing from all of you new brides to be.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Time to think spring! The taste of spring yesterday inspired me to create this collage of spring colors. When the buds on the flowers start appearing and the air stays warm for more that a few hours, you can begin thinking of these luscious colors for your big day. Whether you lean toward the bold of yellow and orange or the softer pale purples and pale yellows, or just choose one color and accent with white or ivory- I hope these sweet shades inspire you to start creating a palette that makes you THINK SPRING! For more fabulous color palettes, check out The Perfect Palette. There is no combination of colors that hasn't been created there and the inspiration boards are spectacular!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Every day I read. I spend time on the computer reading everything from Facebook to message boards to articles about the industry, to publications such as eWedNews and many, many blogs. I see all kinds of opinions, all manner of information and every sort of vendor- good and bad. Yesterday, I read a blog post from Preston Bailey about the value of your dollar and whether a bride hires a vendor for their experience or their price. Hence, my idea for this post.

He asked, you said yes. Now the planning begins. You sit and read, peruse the web and bridal magazines, look to friends and fellow brides on message boards for recom
mendations. You see big ads on wedding websites telling you how and why this vendor or that is the best- all from a photo and their big advertising dollars.. So, you click on their site and see more photos and maybe "packages" and pricing. You think "Wow, that's cheap and look how good it looks". But, do you compare? Do you look to see what those "packages" entail, what they DON"T? How many hours do you get? How much time before the wedding do they allow for questions and meetings? What is "extra" or "a la carte"? How qualified are they? Where have they worked and what do those vendors think of them? What do other brides think of them?

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is never more true than now. Why would you shortchange your wedding day for "cheap"? I understand wanting to stay within a reasonable budget. Times are hard and this is one day.
One example of this is the dresses. Yes, you can go to the internet and buy a dress on line for very little. But, will that dress actually come? Will it be the dress you ordered? And, what if it looks terrible when it arrives? You have no recourse. You have lost that money and you still need a dress. Have you saved anything- NO! You have wasted time and money. As a former bridal shop manager and buyer for the stores, I can tell you that workmanship is of utmost importance in buying a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. The cheaper they are made, the more chance they won't look right- no matter how good the seamstress is. Are you going to risk it?
Another important component to your wedding is the venue. There are lots of them out there.
They promise everything, including and on site coordinator. But, that person is only there that day for the venue- not before and not for you personally. they may have 2 other events going on at the same time. And, they don't care if your photographer is late or if your bustle loops break. The food may not be fresh, but frozen and microwaved before it is plated. I have witnessed mice in a very well respected venue on the couple's final walk through. The linens may not be pressed or they may be too long or too short. How many other events are going on the same time as yours and how much staff do they have for your wedding? The per person cost and the gratuity may be great- and cheap, but not if these questions are not answered to your satisfaction. Do you want people to leave your wedding hungry or upset at the service? How much is ti worth to you to have a fresh, hot meal that all will enjoy and wine that tastes like wine and not like watered down soda- or worse.

The photographer and the florist are also important to your day. What is included in the photographer's package? Is a DVD of all the pictures taken included? What happens to them after you have chosen your album? What kind of album do you get? How late does the photographer stay and how much extra does that cost? What type of film do they use or is it all digital? How many photographers will be covering your wedding? You can get wedding pictures for less than $2000, but how good are they? Will you ever see your wedding pictures or will that "cheap" photographer lose them, abscond with them or just change their phone number? It has happened, many times.

Let's talk about the wedding planner. Do you need one and how much should you be willing to pay for one? First, YES you need to have someone at your side for your wedding day to see to the details- and it can't be you, it shouldn't be your mother or your bridesmaids and your great aunt Millie has no idea how to do this. Is your wedding day, that you have worked so hard to plan and spent so much money to make perfect, not worth this wise investment? I have done some research by looking at these web sites. Read the fine print carefully. The "packages" are limited. Do you only want to see this person who is supposed to keep your day running smoothly once or twice before you wedding? Do you want them to leave after dinner is served- or pay more to have them stay? Do they spend the day with you or are they decorators, busy setting up the venue while you are struggling to get ready and the limo is late? Be careful. Are they really wedding planners or are they florists or event design firms who make a wow room, but have no idea about your needs before you walk down the aisle. Do they offer to do the invitations, the favors, do they have a retail button on their site? How available are they before your big day? How many weddings are they doing on your day? Are they coming to your wedding or sending an assistant? You can get a wedding planner "cheap", but are they really cheap? Or, are you paying extra for things by the hour?

Every bride deserves to have a perfect day- no matter the budget. But, it is up to you to read carefully, to research diligently and to hire vendors that make an impression at the start. Cheap is not always better- in fact, it is almost never better. So, don't wind up with bad food, dead flowers, awful music, amateur photos and no one to be your advocate through the process. Be smart and have a perfect day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, I have finally added a Fan Page on Facebook. There needed to be a place for all of my clients, past, present and future to find information and share stories and for me to write about all the great industry people I know. . So, here it is and I hope you will visit soon! In the meantime, here is some more information about me and Wendy's Affairs of Heart...
Wendy's Affairs of the Heart was founded in 2003, born out of my need to have a more flexible and fulfilling career and my background in restaurant management and events planning. My experience in sales, design and construction of wedding gowns and some backstage theater work -- costume design and construction and dressing made me want to pursue my heart- helping the bride have a perfect and stress- free day. My philosophy is that the day is about the bride, not about the wedding planner. I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing a perfect day and a happy bride. I work hard and give the extra effort, so you won't see me screaming at the help or sitting around the day of the wedding. What you see is very hands-on and my personal best at every wedding. In the words of some of my most wonderful brides:
All the planning was definitely worth it - but thank God for our wedding coordinator Wendy Hartigan from Wendy's Affairs of Heart, we could enjoy our day.
Mimi & Mike

Dear Wendy,

Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you for your amazing work, versatility & thoroughness throughout the past year & especially on our wedding day. You truly went above and beyond from day one. Thank you for being an amazing coordinator.
Love, Joy & Bob

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for making our wedding day so special. You were terrific! Steve and I appreciate all you did to ensure everything went smoothly. It was a wonderful wedding celebration that was over far too quickly...and then we were on our honeymoon trying to absorb it all. We didn't have a chance to thank you properly.
-- Wendy & Steve
I love what I do and I love all the beautiful brides that I have worked with. Some are too hard to let go of and so we keep in touch. I have been to baby showers and christenings, networked with and corresponded with so many of my lovelies. I am pleased to have worked in some of the most elegant and interesting venues around, with the best people in the industry. And, I am proud of my work and of my reputation. Thank you to all that have crossed my path in a most uplifting way and to all the stunning brides that have allowed me to be a part of this momentous time in their lives. I look forward to more weddings and to more of you to connect with me and tell me about you.


The Wedding Salon and Romantic Travel Belize

The Wedding Salon has announced the ultimate giveaway this Valentine’s Day with Romantic Travel Belize! One lucky bride-to-be’s dream will become a reality with this fantastic celebrity-style honeymoon giveaway. You and your hubby could encounter the wonders of Belize with your own luxury suite during a six night honeymoon stay at the Hidden Valley Inn, courtesy of the number one concierge service for Belize travel, Romantic Travel Belize.

This resort has so much to offer from relaxation to adventure seeking, so just imagine… Splashing in your own private waterfall during your complimentary, private Honeymoon Waterfall Lunch, complete with sparkling wine. Relaxing at one of the 2 Hidden Valley Inn Lounges, while enjoying spectacular food and exceptional service

Hiking the mystic ruins of the Mayans, compliments of Cayo Adventure Tours

Now, how do you get there? To enter, simply send an email to with your engagement story. The best story wins! And don’t forget to also include your name, address and wedding date in your submission!

The winner will be announced on

Monday, February 28 on and with the month of love upon us, we are sure there will be many amazing engagement stories coming soon! For all our male readers, this could be that perfect incentive to plan the perfect proposal!

P.S. The honeymoon giveaway includes the 6 night stay and round-trip ground transfer to the hotel, air travel is not included. The offer/prize is valid for 12 months only and must be redeemed with

Romantic Travel Belize

by February 2012.

Thank you to Sarah and The Wedding Salon for giving me the opportunity to post about this amazing honeymoon adventure! The Wedding Salon has so many great events for the bride! Stay tuned for more info on other events upcoming and visit The Wedding Salon to find out more.