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Friday, February 15, 2013


Have you seen the latest Friday, Bride Day show on TLC?   Something Borrowed, Something New  begs the question- "Should I wear my mother's dress or a new gown that I choose?"   Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly and Sam, the funny, talented and wonderful duo that helps a bride decide.   Kelly Nishimoto, a designer, cuts and pastes a family heirloom into a one of a kind gown, while Sam Saboura, a Hollywood stylist scours the bridal salons for a new dress.   The finger biting decision is a secret to them both as the bride appears on her choice.    

I asked them both what the easiest part of the show is and what is the hardest part.   

Kelly-      The easiest part for me is the vision.  I can see what I can do to make an old dress new again.   The hardest part is the construction in the short amount of time and the blind fit. 

Imagine how much stress is involved in creating a dress out of something that already exists in a short time!   
Sam- The easiest part for me is the inspiration.  It is natural for me to visualize the right dress.   The hardest part is that the bride sees nothing until she looks in that mirror.  The pressure to find "the dress" as opposed to her wearing her mother's dress is stressful.

I remember selling dresses.  I always saw "the dress", but making the bride SEE it was another story!  Add in the emotional bond of a family heirloom and WOW!

I asked Kelly and Sam if there were any nightmares in the filming of the show.  Well, it seems that one mom got really upset with Sam because she REALLY wanted her daughter to where her dress.   Sam had to do some real smoothing out of ruffled feathers.  And, there was a bridesmaid that caused a bit of a ruckus.  But, all in all, they both love the show, the brides and their moms and the idea of creating a dream dress- even if it means wearing mom's dress in the end.       

Kelly Nishimoto started out in Georgia, her first design being a wedding gown made from a trash bag and a glue gun.   She soon knew she was destined for bigger and better things and headed for Miami where her first collection, made from colored Reynolds Wrap, was a hit.   Spreading her wings and moving to California, Kelly began reinventing the corset and soon became a hit on the Red Carpet.    Designing wedding gowns came as she was asked by clients to create their dream dress.   Kelly's designs are cool, sophisticated and feminine- just like her personality.   We had a great chat and I can't wait to chat again soon.    

Sam Saboura is adorable!!!  He started out as a personal shopper for Fred Segal in LA.  Dressing celebrities came naturally to him, but he always had a fascination for weddings.   Sam headed the team of Extreme Makeover.  His warmth and keen eye were a great combination for transforming lives.   But, Sam loves Something Borrowed, because it gives him a chance to explore the world of weddings- his passion.

So, tune in tonight at 10 and get to know Kelly and Sam- and the brides who have to decide- Borrowed or New?       

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