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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Still recovering from my car accident on Monday, it is hard for me to see and to sit at the computer for a long time. My posts have not been as consistent this week. But, I don't want to let down my wonderful readers, so I thought I would mention some of my favorite vendors and let you in on what they have to say about me. Thanks to everyone who understands my commitment to my clients, appreciates my passion for what I do and is willing to tell other brides why I am a good choice.

Leslie, of Whimsical Welcomes, is so patient and kind. She puts her heart and soul into what she does and she always listens. Here is what she had to say about my services:

"Wendy's brides are her passion. She generously shares her expertise throughout the planning process with dedication to and focus on each of her brides. On her wedding day, Wendy makes sure that the bride and her wedding party are treated as royalty. In order to provide such a personalized service, Wendy spends hours researching
and getting to know her brides. Wendy's planning and commitment assure that a bride's wedding is her dream come true."

Another of the fine people that I love to recommend is Ron Soliman. What a great eye he has behind the camera. We worked with one difficult bride and Ron never lost his sense of humor. He had this to say:

"Wendy is very helpful and very informative. The last wedding I did with her, she kept me on the loop of what's going on. I will definitely recommend Wendy to all my brides."

When it comes to the music for your wedding, Rennaissance Orchestra is one great choice! They really know how to get the party started and keep it going to the last song! They were so kind to say:

"There are so many components and moving parts that go into making a great event. You need someone to help you put those parts together and guide you through what can be a stressful time. Most importantly you need an advocate that knows your vision and can see it thru. Let Wendy's Affairs of the Heart be your guide!

I recently did an interview with Kim Bensing of Heirloom Occasions. I just love Kim's designs and her approach to her business.

"Work with Wendy and work with someone who cares. She really understands your wedding and every single detail you care about. Wendy is able to spend all of her time and energy getting to know you, and your fiance, making your day sentimental, and meaningful. You couldn't choose a kinder planner."

Finally, one of my long time friends and a most talented designer, Petah Bashano of Alvin's Flowers. Petah and I have done many events together. He is always inspiring! This is what he thinks of me:

"Wendy's background is not just writing a time line, going to a few meetings and checking contracts. I think brides loose sight as to who is a real planner and who just became a planner because they planned their own wedding and took an online course. Wendy knows bridal fit and fashion, she worked in a bridal salon for years, she worked in event production, then in catering, all the while gaining a lifetime of experience. She knows all that happens behind the scenes because she has worked there. This gives her TRUE insight as a planner. Something you don't get from a certificate. She knows what to expect of a vendor and which are the correct vendors for you. So your day is - perfect. The one thing I love about Wendy is she gives so much of herself to each event. To Wendy it's not just a job, it's a true love affair with her work. Bride's can feel at ease knowing Wendy is on the job.

I enjoy working with all the people that I have been associated with. Part of what makes this job so interesting is the talented and wonderful people that help make a couple's wedding so perfect. I could not do what I do without the help of all of these people and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

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