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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I received a comment on my post about Samantha Goldberg that I chose not post. It took a very negative view of this interview and of Ms Goldberg. Ms Goldberg has a very successful and long running business. She is certainly an expert in the field. She DID NOT "bash" anyone specifically-she did not name names. I posted this interview because there are too many self- proclaimed "experts" in this business and too many brides who get sucked in to the celebrity of some and the "value" of those that work cheap, but lack the experience. I posted this interview because I try every day to do the right thing by all of the brides that read my blog. I felt that this interview pointed out some important issues that industry professionals and brides alike face every day. I'm sorry that this reader was so offended by the post. I'm sorry that this person, who did not choose to comment publicly, but posted anonymously, did not read this post in the spirit it was written. But, I am not sorry that I have the courage to post the truth. Photographers get their photos stolen off of their sites by would- be amateurs. Florists are closing their doors because of people who buy flowers from the grocery store and arrange them in their kitchens. And, worst of all, people with celebrity are making weddings big business in reality TV, that brides think is reality- it's still TV. Your wedding is for one time. Your wedding is a huge investment and a heart- felt event in your life. Your wedding is your most important day and should be looked upon with respect and dignity. Likewise, people who have spent their lives making your weddings special, who's livelihood this is, are being cheapened every day. Brides need to be aware of the choices out there. They need to know what is right for them. I wrote this article to help the bride decide what kind of vendors she wants to help her make her day a ONCE IN A LIFETIME dream come true.

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