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Monday, June 11, 2007


Today I have to say something that I wish I didn't have to say! I recently did a wedding that had many problems, none of which were in my control to fix! Things happened due to personalities, the bride's lack of maturity and unrealistic expectations and a general lack of discipline in those in the wedding party. Most of the drama happened the day before the wedding. The wedding itself was very nice. The ceremony was lovely, the caterer did a great job, the party was a success. But, there was nothing that made this girl happy. She found fault with everything! And, she treated all of us very rudely- shouting orders and having temper tantrums at every turn. Girls! Every wedding has something that isn't perfect! And, as a planner, I can't perform miracles! I am passionate, I work very hard and I will do everything in my power to make sure your day is the best it can be! I have countless "thank you's" from brides, their mothers and their guests to prove it. I have never had an unhappy bride, a bride that berated me, or a sense of dread- until now! Though I know it wasn't me, it is very disconcerting to have someone so negative interfere with my strong sense of pride in what I do. I hope that by writing this I will make you think about the fact that, even with the help of a planner, your attitude and your expectations have to be tempered with common sense and respect. It is a huge event in your life, but the whole point of the day is that you are beginning a new life with someone- forever! Shouldn't that be your focus?


Kelly Vasami said...

AMEN! ;)

Wendy said...

Thank you for the support!