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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Road to the Altar episode called Parade of Vendors is really funny! Another episode of the web series that every bride can relate to when planning the perfect day. The stars, Jaleel White (Urkel from Family Matters) and Leyna Juliet Weber from As The World Turns are great as a couple stumbling toward the altar and meeting every imaginable obstacle along the way. I also love the episodes interviewing the wedding planner- the chick with the blue hair-OMG! Here is a synopsis of the show:

Jaleel portrays Simon, a thirty-something man about to tie the knot with his Jewish girlfriend.

“Basically a couple sells their pending nuptials as a reality show to win a honeymoon. And the groom quickly realizes that he is in over his head,” Jaleel told “She’s not quite a ‘bridezilla’, but the decision making process from the valet to the catering is definitely bringing out his fiancee’s neurosis.”

“Road to the Altar” is shot as a mockumentry, poking fun at the process leading up to a wedding by taking the possibilities to the extreme. The series also allows for the spotlight to be shared, as supporting characters post in-character Tweets and blogs in between episodes, something Jaleel wishes he had been part of.

You really need to watch this! It's funny and inventive and will take the stress of planning away- for a little while!

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