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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS... is having a contest! Why would I put this on my blog- another planner having a contest for free coordination? For one thing, it is an intriguing idea! Maybe I should try it- what do you think? For another thing, it re-enforces the idea of every bride having that person on her wedding day to make sure nothing goes wrong. I am constantly reading reasons to HAVE a planner. Conversely, I am constantly reading about all the brides who think they are planners after their weddings. They offer dirt cheap prices to be your planner and they don't have the experience or the expertise to actually pull it off! Besides, do you want to trust your most important day to an amateur?! We are important, we work hard and the job is not glamorous!!! We are not all Preston Bailey! Anyway, check out the contest over at Blue Orchid and let me know if I should do the same in Philadelphia!


perfect bound said...

Go for it girl. I think Philly needs you. Maybe you could take the "donation" as a tax write off? (Not sure, however.Check it out.)

Wendy said...

I think Philly needs me too! After watching Who's Wedding Is It Anyway and seeing some of my competition- hands down I am the best! I'll let you know when post my contest!