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Monday, January 28, 2008


"Here here. I thought we could do it all, and my poor mother was STRESSED OUT for the wedding. She didn't even get to hang out with us while I was dressing. No bride should deal with that. One of the biggest regrets I have."
So it goes for the bride and her mom who didn't think it was a wise investment!!! Thank you Rebekah at! The mom in this photo of a wedding I did last November wasn't stressed- but getting her face done with the girls! It is so much less stressful for everyone to have someone there in charge of keeping the day stress- free!
"Mary Beth and I are very grateful for your help. You cannot understand the comfort you have brought to this affair with your support and patience. You are a real treasure." And this, from a grateful dad about his daughter's wedding in August of 2007. Girls- show these to your moms and think about it!
Thanks again Rebekah!

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