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Sunday, January 27, 2008


This one is for you moms out there who keep me from helping your daughters with their weddings! I have lost three wonderful brides in the last few months to mothers who insist that "I can help", "the event planner at the club will do it", "it is a waste of money" and various other sabotage tactics!!! Listen up! I will not usurp your position in your daughter's wedding. I will assist your daughter with things you can't. I will handle emergencies the day of the wedding that you will be too busy to handle. YOU are the hostess for the day!!! It is not up to you to be the planner for your daughter's wedding- be the mother of the bride!! The co-ordinator of the club only cares about the club! They will not follow your daughter through her day, fluff her dress, dry tears and have a needle and thread handy for a broken zipper!!! They will make sure the servers are on time and the food is hot. Don't fool yourself! I have as many notes from parents as I do from brides thanking me for being there- "we couldn't have done it without you"! Before you nix the idea, talk to me, visit my web site and my blog and then decide how valuable I am, what a good investment it is!!

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rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Here here. I thought we could do it all, and my poor mother was STRESSED OUT for the wedding. She didn't even get to hang out with us while I was dressing. No bride should deal with that. One of the biggest regrets I have.