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Friday, July 17, 2009


There are no pretty pictures or clever quips in this post. I am reaching out to tell my readers and any prospective client that my business name and email address is being used to send spam and pornography to you and to post jobs on a phantom web site. I apologize to anyone who has received a disgusting email, who has "applied " for a job that does not exist or who has contacted me for help with planning a wedding and has not gotten a response. This person or persons has used legitimate web sites to scam vendors in my name and the names of the sites. I am only just beginning to realize the damage that this person has done. PLEASE understand that I would never send anything to anyone that was not real and I would NEVER not respond to a bride inquiring about my services. I have reported this situation to the authorities and I hope they find out who is doing it! In the meantime, if you contact me and don't get a response, please email me through my address and not through the business. And, please, pass this along so that the word spreads and so that none of you have the same disaster happen. Why are people so wicked?! Thanks for your help!

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