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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I picked up the new Philadelphia Wedding magazine yesterday and I am in love! These dresses look like a wintery dream! I can't decide if I like the soft pinks and creamy champagne or the silver and silk whites. Either way, these dresses will make you look amazing on your wedding day.
From top left: 1. Edgardo Bonilla's Antoinette. Available at Bridals by Danielle, Philadelphia 2. Vera Wang. Available at Vera Wang, New York 3. Romona Keveza. Available at Bridals by Danielle, Philadelphia 4. Judd Waddell. Available at The Wedding Shoppe, Wayne 5. Vera Wang. Available at Vera Wang, New York 6. Maria Romia. Available at Maria Romia, Philadelphia 7. Priscilla of Boston. Available at Priscilla of Boston, Wynnewood 8. Romona Keveza. Available at Bridals by Danielle, Phialdelphia 9. Platinum Collection by Priscilla of Boston. Available at Priscilla of Boston
, Wynnewood
Remember when you go shopping for your gown:
1. This is your dress for your day. Only you can decide what you want- what it "The Dress"
2. Don't go with an entourage! Too many opinions are too confusing and distracting. And, it is really hard for any bridal salon to accommodate a large group of people
3. Make an appointment!! Walking into a salon without one is usually not the way to go. You may not get the service you deserve
4. This is an important purchase- dress the part. Don't go in sweats with your unwashed hair in a knot. Do your hair, feel pretty and wear good underwear. In fact, WEAR UNDERWEAR!! It's true- I have seen brides go shopping without underwear.
5. Wear a good shoe- or take a pair with you. It is hard to see how a dress looks in bare feet.
6. Don't discount a bridal consultant's suggestion. It may be that the dress you say "no" to is the dress for you. Try things on. You only get one shot at this. While I don't promote going to 15 bridal shops and trying on 1000 dresses, it may take you a shop or two to find "the one".
7. When you feel right- stop! Don't second guess, don't sleep on it. You will know when you have found the right dress. Yes, there will be others you see that you love, but you can only have one. So, go with your gut
8. Be prepard to put a 50% deposit on your dress.
9. Try on veils, tiaras, etc while you try on things. Getting the whole picture is much more helpful in actually seeing yourself as a bride. Even if you don't purchase your veil with your dress, the salon will write down what you have tried on and will help you decide when your dress arrives.
10. Yes- it takes months to get your gown, so shop early. I read all the time the question" did they really order my dress?" or " why does it take so long?". These dresses are very intricate and the hand beading takes time. Use a reputable salon and trust that your dress will be on time.

If you have questions or need advice or the name of a good salon, write me. I am happy to help you find the right salon or the answer to a question. Enjoy shopping for your wedding gown.

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