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Here is a place to check out what is new, what is happening and what great things you may want to know about.  From bridal events to books worth reading and anything else related to weddings I find.  Maybe even some good advice or another point of view.    So, check back often, as this page will change regularly.  And, if you have something to share or a question- contact me!   Hope you enjoy! 


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THE NEWLYWED COOKBOOK: Cooking Happily Ever After by Roxanne Wyss & Kathy Moore (St. Martin’s Griffin; December 30, 2014; $29.99) is a collection of no-fail recipes for delicious meals from two experienced family cooks that provides all the help needed for a couple to start cooking together. Today’s newlyweds are contemporary and anything but traditional. Couples are more independent and their tastes are savvy because they grew up with the Food Network and go often to trendy restaurants, but their busy schedules mean they’re often strapped for time and not always proficient in the kitchen.

The ultimate gift for newly married or engaged couples, THE NEWLYWED COOKBOOK features a modern design, full-color photography, and over 70 recipes for every occasion. Bold flavors peppered with international influences, comfort foods, and plenty of meatless options can be found in this cookbook—all fresh, budget-friendly and easy to make. Decadent recipes to be relished include:

·         Cilantro Cumin Chicken Chili

·         Tex-Mex Four Bean Vegetarian Chili

·         Toasted Pecan Dulce de Leche Waffles

·         Garlic Shrimp Risotto

·         Flatbread with Roasted Asparagus & Fontina

·         Berry Almond Tarts for Two

Couples will be able to prepare main dishes quickly after work, enjoy a leisurely romantic dinner, and wow their in-laws with a rich dessert or scrumptious appetizer when they visit for the holidays. Specific recipes targeted to the most popular small appliances on today’s bridal registries, such as a food processor and slow cooker, are also included to make the most of those gifts. The authors also include tips for organizing one’s kitchen, stocking the perfect pantry, and marketing know-how. With THE NEWLYWED COOKBOOK, couples can create easy and delicious meals that are as new and exciting as the first year of marriage.

 A must read if you think you can get a designer gown on line at a discount price.  

INSIDE EDITION Investigates Counterfeit Wedding Gowns

One of my favorite brides featured in Main Line Today!

An excellent article to help you understand what a planner really does!


Contrary to Martha Stewart, unless your wedding is on the beach on in a garden at noon, and the bride is in a short dress or informally dressed, the men in the wedding party should be in a tuxedo.  Though this beautiful suit from Kleinfeld's Men is totally appropriate for business or a rehearsal dinner, the men in your wedding party should be as formally dressed as the women.  Think about it- you have spent thousands of dollars on a dream gown.  Doesn't the groom deserve to just as dressed up?  

Here is an article from Canada written by another expert on weddings, Sheryl Davies.  More helpful info on what is proper attire for the groom...

Classic Cool: Three-Piece Suit




When you go in search of that once in  a lifetime gown, there are some things you should know!

1. Use a reputable salon and NEVER SHOP ON LINE.  Except for a rare few custom designers on places like Etsy, buying a gown from an anonymous company that claims to have designer gowns at a discount, is DANGEROUS business.  This is true for many reasons.
These gowns are NOT designer gowns, but cheaply made knock offs of gowns.  They are often made by children in depressed areas of Asia.   It is a slave trade and it is theft of the REAL thing!   You may or may not actually receive the gown and if you do, it may not be anything like what you thought you were getting- and there is NO recourse.   And, you are taking business away from a legitimate salon that needs to survive here in the USA.   If you are a bride on a budget, there are consignment shops that you can find beautiful gowns or you may look for sample sales.  This way, you get a good dress and all the perks of dealing with a real salon.    

2. Make an appointment.   Be assured that you will get the personal attention you deserve. 

3. Be careful who you take with you!  An entourage is NEVER a good idea!  This is your day and your dress.   Go it alone or take your mom.  But, leave the bridesmaids home until your dress comes in and then take them to see it.   



Read my interview with Matthew Robbins, here.  His book, Inspired Weddings, is available on Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble and Anthropologie

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