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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


...really nice things about me! As the wedding market is flooded with all kinds of ""planners" and decorators and event designers, I decided to post some of the feedback I have received from brides, grooms, parents and vendors about me and my work. See if you don't agree that I will do whatever it takes to make your wedding the most perfect day! I am proud of my record and of my commitment. I take each wedding personally, as if it were my own child getting married. You will never feel neglected or short- changed with me. And, each wedding is custom designed to fit! SO- here is what they are saying:
I won a dream wedding package from a local casino and Wendy was one of the contributing vendors. I had a total of 3 months to plan my wedding and that required me to go all over creation to meet with the other vendors. (I am not one of those girls who has dreamed of her wedding day all of her life, so the idea that I had to make crucial decisions in a very short amount of time stressed me out like you cannot believe.) From the day I won, Wendy was right in touch with me to get the ball rolling. When we met, I explained to her that I am not the planning type and desperately would need her help. She never blinked an eye and told me exactly what I needed to do and when. Also, when I fell off track, she was calling me to get things squared away. I truthfully have never met a more organized person in my life! While dealing with my "quick" wedding, I believe she was dealing with 2 or 3 other brides (and the only reason I know is because I asked her). Wendy was so professional in making sure that I felt as if I were her only bride and went to EVERY appointment with me to make decisions and the amount of travel & meeting times she put into my wedding is unbelievable. She was incredibly professional with every other vendor and when a certain few of the vendors decided to "ignore" me, Wendy was on top of it and got answers for me. She made me laugh every step of the way and kept me excited for my big day (when all of those minor details can get you down). I called her all of the time with the most minor of issues (bridesmaids drama, parental drama, etc) and she would listen and offer me calming advice as to how to resolve the issue. She genuinely went above her call of duty to assure me that my wedding day would be perfect and that I did not worry about the small stuff. The day of the wedding, so many minor things went wrong and I did not even know about them because Wendy was there and resolved the issues....QUICK! When I could not find my entire wedding party to line up, Wendy did. When my photo booth broke, Wendy worked with the employee to get it resolved and I ended up receiving the photo booth for free. When my bustle broke, she was standing right behind me with a sewing kit fixing it! When I thought I lost my grandparents 50 year old cake topper, Wendy had it neatly tucked and safe so it would be lost. And finally, when I had a panic attack and literally could not breathe at the end of the night, Wendy stayed with me and calmed me down (for an hour AFTER the wedding). I cannot commend her work ethic and efforts enough.She had every half hour of the wedding organized and I received more compliments on Wendy the day of my wedding than you could believe. Without a doubt, winning a dream wedding was a blessing for my husband and I, however, it was all over very quickly. I feel truly blessed that I worked and became friends with Wendy Hartigan. She made our wedding so perfect and I thank God every day that I met her. She will be a very positive asset to your organization and will not let you down. She is incredibly intelligent, patient, friendly and most of all organized.
Jen Meyer-Bachulski


I wanted to thank you for all you did. Your organization skills were of great value, as you thought of things that I’m sure we would not have
thought of until too late. You also helped keep us focused and on track through the whole process. I’m sure you were a great help and comfort to Janice & Jeremy, too.Take care, and if Liane gets married in Philly, I’ll contact you.


I know that I had only a very small part to play (thank goodness) but the best part was meeting you and watching what a Cool Hand Luke you are. You are to be congratulated on keeping a very level head through it all. My husband said that, given all the stuff that went on behind the scenes, no one would have known. How very lucky the USO was to have you as the centerpiece.
I want to thank you again for making the gala the greatest in our 67 year history. This comes from the people that count. I have heard through the grapevine already about how amazing of an evening.You put up with a great deal. I am so grateful for your energy and patience. I hope we can work together again under our terms.Relax, breath and remember you did a great thing for the people that count!Bob Baumann

I don't know why you are thanking me when I should be thanking you. The wedding was beautiful. I am so glad we hired you. As I have told you many, many times, I could not have done it without you. You thought of things that never would have crossed my mind.. These were details that really made a difference such as the ceremony music. We probably would have just used the DJ. Anyway, you were such a big help. Jess and I have grown very fond of you and hate to see all of the close contact end. I think of you as a friend and want to keep in touch.

It was great to see you in action
! You were gracious,efficient, patient, and calm. The bride and everyone was at ease because of it. You are in your right profession! Hope to see you soon!
Face The Occasion

Thank You! You did so
much work and it showed.
Father Jim

Mary Beth
and I are very grateful for your help. You cannot understand the comfort you have brought to this affair with your support and patience. You are a real treasure.
Best regards,
Nick Martino


Working with Wendy was wonderful. She was always available when needed, and was extremely helpful with all questions and concerns I had. She was also great on the wedding day. From helping my sister-in-law with her 10 day old twins, to breaking down ALL of the 19 tables centerpieces I designed myself, she was great! I would recommend her services to ANY bride or groom in need of an extra hand on the wedding day. I truly enjoyed my wedding day, because I had someone else to worry about the small details!!She truly is an angel!!
Brianna Beall

I hired Wendy to help with my daughter's wedding as I do not live in the same city as my daughter. To say that we could not have planned this wedding without her is an understatement. Wendy is a workhorse and is very very organized. My daughter already had picked most of her vendors, but Wendy helped us finalize everything. Even though my daugher had a clear vision of what she wanted her wedding to be, Wendy helped her expound on her ideas. Wendy has great ideas and the knowledge to bring them to fruition. She went with my daughter to all of her dress fittings and to the bridesmaids' fittings as well. She has an extensive background in bridal and bridesmaid's gowns and wanted to be sure they fit perfectly, and they did. Wendy also worked with all of our vendors to make sure that they did everything they were supposed to. She is a hardworking, professional powerhouse who has unending energy. I am so happy we hired her. My daughter's wedding went smoothly and was so beautiful. I will be forever grateful for all of Wendy's hard work and attention to detail.

Wendy was great to work with; she went to every fitting, tasting, and meeting we needed to attend. I haven't used other wedding planners, but I know that our wedding was fantastic, and that was all we really could have hoped for. I cannot begin to tell you how much time it would take to evaluate all the vendors we used, which is where Wendy really helped us; she knew all the vendors, and she gave us a selection comprised of very reputable people. Our wedding was perfect - period. In less than 3 months, Wendy organized a 100 person wedding for us. The person playing the Cello said she has been playing weddings her whole life and commented that ours was the most beautiful she has even seen.

When I set out to find a wedding planner, we were already 3/4 of the way through planning our wedding and I thought I would just hire someone to help out the day of the wedding. Little did I know how many times Wendy would save the day over the course of the last three months before the wedding. Right from the start we hit it off. Before we even hired her, she was giving us helpful advice. I was so impressed with her right from the start that we hired her on the spot. We ran into so many problems during the last few months before the wedding that I don't even know where to begin to write about all the times Wendy came to my rescue. I had a reception site that told me in June that they were behind on their summer weddings and that is why I hadn't received any of my finalizations for our August wedding, so Wendy tracked down the owner of the country club and kept at him until we had all the information we needed and she followed up on a daily basis to make sure they were on top of things, including fixing the many things they had wrong. Then, of course, there was my Junior Bridesmaids' dresses that came into the store in the wrong size, even though I told the store owner to order them a size larger. When the store owner gave me a hard time and wouldn't guarantee the dresses would come in on time in the right size by the wedding Wendy called her contacts in New York and pulled some strings and the dresses arrived, in the correct size, three days later. Had it not been for Wendy, I may have had to find dresses at the last minute that may not have matched my bridesmaids' dresses. Those are only two of the many instances in which Wendy came to my aid. She even drove an hour and a half away to pick up my dress two days before the wedding so that I could go to the spa and relax instead of going to get it myself! On top of all this, she managed to keep my 33 person wedding party up to date on everything that they were supposed to do and she made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there and she practically ran my rehearsal when the girl who was supposed to be doing it couldn't seem to deal with all those people. She made sure everyone did as they were supposed to, including the 9 kids. Wendy's motto to me throughout the days leading up to the wedding were "Don't you worry about it let me take care of it" and she did. The day of the wedding she was wonderful. She was at my parents' house before I even returned from the hairdressers. She was pressing all 14 of my bridesmaids' dresses, my 2 flower girls' dresses, my Mom's dress, and my dress so they would look fresh for the church. She then helped my girls and I get ready, get our pictures done, and get out the door on time, down the aisle, and to the reception, and she never once batted an eye at all the chaos. She ran everything with skill and precission, and I can definitely tell you I had the perfect wedding day and I know I owe so much to her for all her help. I was able to relax and truly not worry about a thing. My father says hiring her was the smartest money he spent, I know she is on my Mom's speed dial for when my sister gets married, and I will be eternally grateful to her for making sure I had a fairy tale wedding!

We hired Wendy to be the day of coordinator for our September 2006 wedding, and were thrilled with her work. As an organized bride who knew exactly what I wanted, I found Wendy to be right in line with my vision and understood what I was looking to accomplish. We had already chosen our vendors before working with Wendy, but once she came in, she was on top of everything and coordinated all the small details leading up to the day. She went above and beyond to help in areas that I still needed help with like our Officiant and in helping to see that my florist understood my vision. On the day of the wedding, she was an incredible multi-tasker...from getting through a parade going on right outside of the hotel to fixing a bridesmaids dress to making sure everyone was ready and on time. I wanted my parents to be able to relax on the day of our wedding and Wendy made it all possible. She knows about so many aspects of the wedding business, and it really showed. She took charge with confidence, and I was relaxed, happy, and ready to trust her with the day of events. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Nantaka Joy

Hi Wendy!
Thank you so much for everything you did to help make the day amazing too. You are truly a patient and amazing woman and I see why you are
so good at what you do. I also loved your fabulous red sari, really awesome that you wrapped it yourself, that was really impressive! We are looking forward to future events together with you as well
Cinderella Bridez

Dear Wendy,The event went great. It is a pleasure to know one and all involved .Were always on the go. We worked it all together. The event went all fine. The guests were all happyand they had hell of a time.An event is a team work and as a team coordinator, you excel. I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Moghul Catering

Wendy,Thank you so much for making it flawless. I understand there were a few things in the morning needed and I left time for myself in between appointments to help get things done. It's just that by then you had already completed them. I do always leave myself time to do so but she seemed to think everything was going to be done early when there was still plenty of time. I know you understand but it truly was a pleasure to work with you and I do hope we can do it again! Princeton Hyatt Regency


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