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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Flowers are one of the biggest and most confusing part of planning your wedding. What is available at what time of year? Does my favorite flower come in my wedding color? What varieties of flower work well for centerpieces? Well, here are a few tips for talking to your florist, and some popular- or not so popular varieties of flower.

Hydrangea is available most of the year and comes in pink, blue, green and white.

Mini Callas are so elegant and make a beautiful bouquet. They are available in purple, red, yellow, mauve, pink, green, white and ivory. They are available all year.


Arm bouquet

The look: old-fashioned. Think beauty-pageant winner: Long-stemmed flowers are cradled in the crook of the bride's arm. Best for: retro-themed weddings.


The look: structured. A round bouquet that features concentric rings of flowers that fan out from the center. Best for: hip, cutting-edge events.


The look: free-flowing. Flowers and greenery that spill downward from a base, creating a waterfall effect. Modern cascades have a more compact teardrop shape. Best for: grand, large-scale weddings in a formal setting.


The look: structured. Petals or buds wired or glued together to create one single bloom. Best for: artistic, creative affairs.


The look: loose and casual. The stems of flowers are bound with ribbon or raffia instead of being placed in a foam-filled bouquet holder. Best for: casual affairs.


The look: classic. A tightly-packed, round bouquet. Best for: nearly any type of event.


The look: Victorian. A hand-tied bouquet with stems cut to the same length is placed in a silver, cone-shaped holder. Best for: elegant affairs.


The look: structured and globe-like. A round ball of flowers is attached to a ribbon loop handle. Best for: romantic weddings.


The look: similar to a nosegay but smaller. Best for: corsage alternatives for the bride and groom's mothers and grandmothers.

Toss bouquet

Less expensive flowers used solely for the traditional bouquet toss

Butterfly Weeds-- are available year round and come in vibrant yellow and orange.


Floral Arch

The look: romantic. Flowers are woven into a tall arch that the bride and groom or the officiant stands under during the ceremony. Best for: ceremony venues without altars.


The look: natural. Flowers or greenery woven together into a ropelike structure and draped over railings, doorways, or church pews. Best for: traditional church weddings.

Pew vase

The look: casual. A small vase of flowers that's clipped to the end of a pew. Best for: simple, small church ceremonies.


The look: contemporary. Branches bearing buds, flowers, or berries. Best for: tall, potted arrangements.


The look: casual. A structure of wooden or plastic latticework supports climbing plants and flowers. Best for: outdoor weddings

Anemones-- a sweet little flower that is perfect for fall through early spring. It comes in purple, red, blue, violet, pink and white.



The look: nontraditional—vases of flowers are clustered together at the center of the reception table. Best for: bohemian events.


The look: classic—a low glass bowl with flowers at the center of the table. Best for: traditional and elegant affairs.


The look: contemporary—a vase of flowers is placed on a surface that rises a few inches from the table. Best for: architectural events.


The look: offbeat—flowers are arranged on two or more different levels. Best for: hip, urban events.


The look: formal and offbeat—flowers or plants trimmed into geometric shapes. Best for: upscale events with an artistic edge.

Tower Vase

The look: regal—flowers tower above the ta

ble. Best for: glamorous affairs.


The look: contemporary, offbeat—a vase that's small at the base and flares out at the top. Best for: contemporary, offbeat, and urban affairs.



A single bloom or small cluster of flowers pinned to a man's jacket lapel. Worn by the ring bearers, groom, groomsmen, and fathers and grandfathers of the bride and groom.


A single bloom or small cluster of flowers pinned to a dress or worn around the wrist. Worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom.


Flowers, boughs, and leaves woven into a ring shape. Worn by flower girls as headpieces or placed at the base of centerpieces.

Aisle Runner

An aisle covering that the wedding party walks on during the ceremony.


Tiered candles that are used as altar arrangements and in reception decor.

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