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Thursday, September 11, 2008


The wedding cake is, by far, one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether simple or ornate, cake topper or flowers, fondant or buttercream- your cake will be the crowning glory of the meal and a focal point of picture taking. Here are a few tips on choosing your cake:

1. When choosing a baker, taste the cakes and go with your tastes.

2. Style the cake to the rest of the wedding and if color is part of the cake, bring swatches to the baker

3. In general, cakes are priced bewtween $1.50 and $15.00 per person. the more elaborate the cake, the more expensive.

4. The rule is- 3 tiers feeds 100 people. But, if you are getting married in a huge ballroom with high ceilings- make sure the cake isn't lost in the room. A good way to save money is to have a smaller cake for "show" and have sheet cakes in the kitchen to cut for the guests.

5. Fondant, a sort of icing paste is more expensive because it has to be molded and rolled to cut out shapes. It is time consuming and requires some artistic finesse. Buttercream is much more economical and has a frothier appearance. If it is a hot day for an outside wedding, you may opt for fondant.

6. Make sure you discuss with the baker the delivery and assembly of your cake. If you have a planner, she can be sure the cake arrives in one piece and has the look you expect. But, discuss the details with the baker and make sure to ask about things like set up fees and refrigeration.

7. Cutting the cake is up to you. Some couples like to cut the cake in the beginning, but the best time to cut the cake is right at the end of dinner. Many couples choose not to make a ceremony of it and just let whomever sees it, see it. Talk about this with your planner and your caterer and decide on the best time for you to cut that lovely confection.

8. Get it in writing! As with all matters in a wedding, get the baker's policies and limitations in writing. Make sure that your expectations are being met and that your cake will look and taste the way your ordered it- and be there on time and in one piece. Have your planner check the contract and follow up at the reception- before the guests see the cake!
Now, you have the recipe for success for a fabulous wedding cake!! Bon Appetit!


amy-jo tatum/bride chic said...

Oh Wendy, the back and white cake is a real stunner

wedding cake said...

Great advice on everything wedding cake related! It's making me hungry just reading it!

Anonymous said...

this is still one of my fav cakes.