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Monday, September 22, 2008





"Say Yes to the Dress is a new series that brings the viewer into the inner workings of the world's premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal. Located in Manhattan on a narrow street in Chelsea, who would expect that this three-window storefront opens up to over 30,000 square feet filled with taffeta, organza silk, and feathered creations. Part fashion show, part bridal story, part family therapy, we uncover the hurdles every staff member faces to make each bride completely satisfied on what may be the single most important day of their lives. Watch as a team of specialists guide brides through the process of selecting, fitting, altering and delivering each flawless dress in time for the perfect day. It's not a stress-free endeavor, but somehow by the final fitting Kleinfeld pulls all of the details together. Inside over 250 employees work to make every bride that walks through the door feel like she is worth a million. At the top, are co-owners Ronnie and Mara. In the world of high bridal fashion, one would expect the stuffy and standoffish attitude of an owner or two, but co-owners Ronnie and Mara run this business like a family. This is what the "Kleinfeld Experience" is all about. Treating every customer as if they were family, paying every attention to detail and making every bride feel like a star. Ultimately, this series is more than a simple story about a woman searching for the perfect dress, whatever the price. It's about the stories behind the story. The people, the personalities, the craftsmanship, the fine attention to detail, and the lengths to which staff members will go in order to make every girl that walks through the door enter a new stage of life with confidence and joy. Kleinfeld Bridal is truly a family; a family of 250 working under the guidance of Ronnie and Mara. This is the Kleinfeld Experience..."

What a fabulous store with a magnificent staff and a wonderful little show on Friday nights at 10 EST. I have had the amazing privilege of visiting Kleinfeld's and meeting the people on the show- the sales staff, the managers and Randy. I have also spoken to the owners of Kleinfeld's and three of the brides lucky enough to have chosen Kleinfeld's for their wedding gowns and chosen for the show. This week I will be filling you all in on the fun I had and the reasons you should all make the trip to New York. Brides from all over the world trave
l to Kleinfeld's for the incredible selection, the impeccable service and the warm and welcoming people that assist in every step of the process of "the dress"! You will feel like a princess, you will look like a dream and you will want to do it all again after you have chosen your wedding dress from the the best place in the world! Tune in every day this week for more and tune in on Friday nights for the "Say Yes To The Dress" show on TLC.

Photos Courtesy of Kleinfeld's


Sarah said...

I actually bought my dress at Kleinfeld's and couldn't agree with you more. The Kleinfeld experience is unlike any other. It's a bit of a trek for my Arizona brides, but it is certainly worth it.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I'm very sorry to disagree with your Kleinfeld's endorsement. I bought my wedding gown there, and wish with all my heart that I could get my money back and start over. From the beginning, I've been lied to by sales consultants and customer service reps (I went for a sample sale, and was told that samples only come in size 2; then I was coerced into buying a dress in a size I knew was going to be far to big for me at an additional $200 for the size, and now I'm being told that they may not be able to fix the dress to fit without losing the beading) and I have been condescended to by everyone from the receptionist to the fitters. I guess buying the $5000 gown at Kleinfeld is like buying off the clearance rack and doesn't warrant the same level of service as those brides who are buying the $10,000 and up gowns. Whatever the reason, when it comes to Kleinfeld's, I would warn all brides to think twice before buying there.