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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hi Ladies! I have been battling a bad headache for a few days and have been watching lots of wedding shows on the Style Network. Let me just say- I HOPE YOU DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV!! The show "20 Wedding do's and Don't's" ...What?! Some of the things they talk about are SO not reality! Where do they get some of their ideas?! And, "The Modern Girl's Guide to Life"- it's nice they have given 4 out of work actresses something to do, but let's get serious! Of course, there is always "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway"! I have never seen such nonsense. Yes- you can get married on $10,000, but you have to re-think and really scale down your wedding dreams- or get married somewhere in the midwest! If you are getting married in a city on either coast, it can't be done for 200 people in a beautiful venue. And, those planners don't want to plan your $10,000 wedding if it isn't on TV! Girls- TV isn't the real world- even if it says "reality TV". Get help, have a planner at some level- no matter your budget and be honest with yourself and your planner. And remember- it is about the marriage, not the party. Even a small party can be a fabulous memory! Have a good day!

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