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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ok girls! This is the bottom line about planners. First of all, a recent bride does not a planner make!! It isn't glamorous, it isn't always fun and it is VERY hard work that requires a myriad of skills and a unique personality. Second, don't hire someone "by the hour"! If I charged by the hour, I would be worth millions! No one can calculate the time they spend on your wedding in hours and if they do they are charging you so much more than someone who quotes a fee and sticks to it! Third, if you hire someone for the day of your wedding and they "show up" on the day of your wedding with no prior input or knowledge- you have been cheated! When you hire me for the day of your wedding, I am available to you from the time you sign the contract and I WILL be involved for anything you need. Not even the most seasoned planner can just attend your wedding and do a good job. Finally, every bride needs someone not involved in the wedding to oversee her special day. You are the bride, your maids have a job and your mother is the hostess. Oh, and Aunt Sally can't pick up the slack in a pinch! Hire a planner! It isn't that much more in the scheme of things, and you will be so glad to have that pair of able hands after all the time, money and planning you have done!! Ladies! There are all kinds of people out there claiming to be wedding planners, from decorators, to caterers, to the person assigned to your wedding at your reception site. When you hire someone, make sure they are going to be with YOU all day. Make sure you like them and connect with them in the beginning. And, don't sell yourself short! Even if you are having a small wedding or a lower budget wedding- it is YOUR wedding!! It should be perfect and the happiest memory of your life! I promise, I will make it so! Give me the chance!

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