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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Once in a while someone comes to my attention and I am stunned! Such is the case of G.E. Masana. Not only is his photography art, but his reasons for taking pictures of your wedding is priceless. My contact with him has been nothing short of astounding and I can't wait to work with him. This one photograph and what he says about it gives me goosebumps. There is so much more to see. But, when you are looking for the person who is going to document the MOMENTS of your history, please contact G.E. Masana and there will be no question. Here is a short quote that sums it all up. I was moved by this. You will be too! Thanks to G.E. Masana for sharing this photo and his thoughts.

When wedding blogs and bridal magazines publish photos of my wedding photography, their interest is in depicting the wedding details such as flowers, colors, jewelry and items of that nature. I do photograph those as they are important and part of the wedding, yet to me, wedding photography is about depicting the moments.

The day after the wedding, everything becomes history. Your history. We visit the wedding day again and again via the photos because of the day’s meaning, because it was of significance in our lives and a day everyone who has meaning to you all came together to celebrate with you. The photos become a place where, no matter how life or death separate us in the years that follow, everyone will always be. Like an anchor in our lives.

Which is why I chose the wedding photo below as today’s Wedding Photograph Of The Week. The bride, her mother, and her father, are seated in the antique car in which they’re about to be driven to the church from their hotel. I love how the bride glanced at her dad. He, along with her mother, is there for her. She wants them there in this moment in her life.

There was something in his face that said he didn’t want to let her go, but knew he had to. He smiled back but looked forward. So they’re there, on this last and final drive, to accompany her start to her new life. I can only imagine how her life similarly may have started with a drive home from the hospital with her parents… and now, here they are, on this last journey.

It’s such a family moment. A meaningful bit of her life to always now remember. And treasure.
That's how I take wedding photos."

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