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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Recently, I corresponded with a lovely new planner in Ontario, Canada. She is just beginning her business, Designed Dream, and we chatted about the many reasons why we both got into the business and the merits of EVERY bride hiring a planner to assist in making this once in a lifetime event happy and stress free. Fidan Ismayilova is committed to making your dream come true, as am I. She sent me this quote from an interview she did, about why she wished she had hired a planner. She found out that even when you are the planner for others, you can't be your own planner. Here is some of what she said. You can read the entire interview here. So, if you are planning a wedding in Ontario, please give Fidan a call. And, of course, if you are planning a wedding in the Philadelphia area- or anywhere, let me tell you how I can help you make your dream wedding a reality! Thanks, Fidan, for your help with this post. And, good luck with your new business!

ou might be wondering: Why do you need a Wedding Planner? What role does a Wedding Planner play?

I asked myself the same questions, but on my wedding day I realized just how much a wedding planner would help. Everything about my wedding: the florist, decorations, photographer, videographer, invitations etc. was organized by me. I thought I took care of everything and that there would be no surprises on the big day itself, that i would get to enjoy my wedding in its fullest. I was brought back to reality though, when a number of little but important last-minute details started appearing on that day. And since I was my own wedding planner, I had to take care of those details myself. As an outcome, I would not relax even for the moment right up until all the guests were gone. A good wedding planner was the only thing missing on my wedding day, one that would take all this stress away, who could take care of all these little last-minute things and let us relax and enjoy the most important day in our lives.

- Not only does hiring a wedding planner provides you with a stress-free Wedding day, but you get a lot more.

-The Wedding Planners let you save your greatest treasure – Time during the preparation phase. You don't need to follow up, negotiate, coordinate with your vendors, don't need to spend time searching for good vendors and looking up referrals. Your Wedding Planner has already taken care of it and has the whole list of selected and trusted vendors.

- But that's not all! Believe it or not, the Wedding Planner can also help you to save your... Money. Wedding Planners always have better deals for their clients, because of the network of vendors and all kinds of discount those vendors are willing to provide.

Think carefully when making a decision regarding hiring Wedding Planners, because you could be making the same mistake I and so many others have made.

Remember, the purpose of your wedding day is to celebrate...Don't let little details get in your way!'


Coco - Alpha Prosperity Events said...

You did it again Wendy. It doesn't get any clearer than this. Great post. I will be re-posting this one for a long time.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Coco! This is such important advice and sadly, advice that too many brides don't heed. Thanks, too, for spreading the word!

Fidan said...

Thank you so much Wendy for posting my article on your blog. I hope it can be helpful! It is my pleasure working with you!
Thank you Coco for your comment, I am glad you liked my post!