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Monday, May 30, 2011


On Saturday I was catching up with one of the wonderful photographers I work with, Sarah Miller. This is a wedding we worked on together and the reason I am writing this post. Sarah was talking about the DIY bride and why they need even more assistance with their weddings than the bride who hires pros to do the work. Here is what she had to say:
"I would think that if you've created a whole DIY wedding that's an even BIGGER reason you NEED someone there on the day of to keep things moving smoothly. f you make your own bouquets the day before your wedding, who transports them?
Who shows the groomsmen how to put on their boutonnieres?
If you have a friend running an i-pod, who tells them where to set up? Who makes sure they have a table, that their wires are taped down properly? Where the outlets are?
Is anyone arranging for cold champagne to be in the bridal suite at a DIY wedding? how about water on a hot day?
If you're reusing your ceremony flowers at your reception, who gets them to their new location?
A day of wedding planner who sees your vision makes it POSSIBLE to do a DIY wedding with class, and saves you money without compromising the quality... leaving the bride and groom to actually
enjoy their own day, instead of running around answering those questions. "
Jess was the quintessential DIY bride. The only thing she didn't do herself was make the dress. But, with a strict budget and her own great style, she was determined to put her stamp on her wedding. What made Jess so smart with this plan was- SHE KNEW SHE COULDN'T DO IT ALONE! So, she called me, and together we made it a most perfect day. She even tried to do the bridal bouquets herself. But after much frustrated effort, I took her to one of my florists and he created the perfect bouquets for Jess- within her budget. As Sarah, and many others, have told me-- DIY brides need a planner. It isn't an unnecessary, added expense. Look at it as insurance that all your hard work and all your ideas will come to fruition on a day when you should have nothing to worry about but how gorgeous you look in your gown. I can also save you money along the way, help you find a vendor, like I did for Jess, when you just can't do it yourself and make sure that all the pieces come together on your wedding day. Think about it. After months of planning and searching and printing and gluing and tying and working, don't you deserve to have someone who will see to those special touches that you created? I want to thank Sarah for her inspiration for this post. These are two of the great photos that Sarah took that day. Sarah is a perfectionist, like me. So, we work well together. She creates a feeling for each wedding that brings to life the magic of each couple and their wedding dreams. You can see more of Sarah's work here.

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