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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday, I got an email from someone in the UK saying that he liked my blog, but didn't find enough about the groom. Interestingly, I have noticed that my Facebook page has more of a male following than female- go figure! So, those two things coupled with the eWednews stories that my friend, Paul Pannone has been writing about the tuxedo business, I decided it was time I gave the groom some attention. Here, we will talk about the different styles that are trending for grooms, some of the fun colors and accents that grooms are choosing and a yummy example of the groom's cake that is finding it's way back into the wedding picture. Let me ask you, are you a modern groom having a wedding in an outdoor or unusual place? Is your bride wearing a gown of silky fabric and shoes of color? Then, this seersucker suit with a pastel shirt and tie may just be the right choice. Or, are you having a formal wedding in a ballroom or a museum with a bride in lace and a plated dinner? If so, then a tuxedo is the right choice. Whichever style is right for you, remember a few things when shopping. First, fit is so important. If the suit is too big, too tight, if the sleeves are too long or short- you won't look your best. Gentlemen- this is your wedding too! Shouldn't you look as spectacular as your bride? the answer is- YES! Are you renting your tuxedo or buying it? Are you buying a suit just for the wedding? The caliber of the tailor, the store and the fabric are important. Whether buying or renting, your suit should be made of quality fabric, with precise craftsmanship. The value in the garment is not in the price, but in the quality of the work. But, remember- you get what you pay for. As I tell the bride, if you buy it cheap, you get a garment that is not well made and not a good fit. Your wedding is one time that you should look your best. Here are some ideas for a formal look and for a more modern and informal look. The groom in the middle with his bride had his tuxedo custom designed. It was smashing and he looked amazing next to his bride. How about it men! Are you worth it?! To quote my friend Paul- a tuxedo aficionado

"The most recent data from suggests a rise in the purchase of formal wear and a greater rise in the purchase of non-formal wear products (suits). This is due to the decline in innovation and fashion creation in the formal wear business. However, I just left a meeting that has put forth an agenda to create new fashion products that are of interest to a a younger demographic; slimmer fit, vented and non-pleated pants in soft, supple fabrics. In time, the production and marketing of these goods under better branded labels from FLOW Formals is expected to turn the tide and revert attention back to sanctioned formal wear items."

These three examples run the gamut. From a daytime wedding in a meadow to a black tie affair in a ballroom, there is a look for all of you. It would seem, from my research, that the trend is for the purchase of you wedding attire, as opposed to the rental. It does insure that you are getting a proper fit. However, if you are going to rent, please do it from a reputable vendor. I can suggest Gino's as a great place to begin your search. Ventresca's is another good choice, as is Black Tie, Formals by Antonio and
Kleinfeld Men.

Now, you have your suit and you need to accessorize. Ties, cuff links, pocket squares... all things you may want to add to your polished look on your big day. I found these fun and unique touches on The Cordial Churchman and Wedzu. There are great ties and pocket square at The Cordial Churchman and lots of fun accents at Wedzu. Some of the companies that design bridesmaid dresses also make matching ties for the guys. Coren Moore is one of those. Check with the bride and let her know I filled you in- won't she be impressed you are paying attention!

Now, for the fun stuff! These yummy groom's cakes are just a few examples of what you can hint to your bride about. What is your favorite pastime? Your favorite sport? Your favorite team? Are you a sailor, a golfer, a wine connoisseur? These tasty and whimsical additions to your wedding will make you feel more connected to the wedding preparations. Something just for you. And, they are very trendy right now. Here is another thing you can impress the bride with- "Hey honey, lets do a groom's cake. They are "in" now". So, now have I given you food for thought? Made you feel more like a part of this big, expensive and VERY important time in your life? I hope so! Now, get going and make some decisions. Take some of the pressure off of the bride. Show some interest in the planning. And... call me and give your bride an early wedding gift- ME! Happy planning and I know you will be great. .


Jessica said...

aww groomsmen cakes are so much fun! I love that first pic of the bow tie too...but you know what you forgot? you need to do a post on ascot and those scarf ties. I love both of those so much, its like you're marrying Mr.Darcy!!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jessica! That is another post- a Jane Austin wedding.

ann wedding favors said...

Every time I browse a blog, what they are always talking is all about girls thing. For example,the bridesmaids dresses, hair styles, shoes and bouquets... Good thing that you were able to point out about men's thing. I'm really looking for an inspiration today about this.Thanks to you.