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Thursday, April 14, 2011


In an article this morning, TaylorMade Weddings talked about things a bride should think about before embarking on a DIY wedding, It got me thinking about all the DIY brides I have assisted and how much they depended on me to be there the day of their weddings to see that all those projects were right. Jess and Nick had a summer wedding on a country estate. All the centerpieces were fresh flowers and herbs in all kinds of vessels. Getting them to the venue, setting them up and collecting them at the end of the evening was a job. A job that I did, so that Jess could relax.

Brianna was a very crafty bride with great taste. Her fall wedding was aglow with candles, pumpkins and lots of flair. She made every centerpiece, thought out all the details, made her save the dates and her place cards. We all converged on the venue the day before and set the tables. Then on the day of the wedding, I made sure that all the final details were in place and it was a beautiful wedding. Again, at the end of the evening, I packed it all up and loaded it in the car to go to her parents.

Janice and Jeremy had a wedding in a museum. Janice wanted to use the museum as her theme. So, she used little easels with cookie portraits of the couple as favors and collected gold frames and mounted them on a draped board for the escort cards. My job, on the day of the wedding, was to assemble the board with all the frames.

Lauren was a very talented and detail oriented bride. Her invitations, menu cards, favor boxes and escort cards were her own creation. Being organized, she had everything boxed and ready to go. When I got to the venue to check on things, I had to make sure every detail that she had created was placed properly and looked the way she wanted it to look.

If you want to put your stamp on your wedding, make sure you have help. Don't leave your DIY projects to chance. And, if you don't have the budget for a full wedding planning package, contact me. Many of my brides hired me for the day of. They got a great value for their investment. I will not leave you in the lurch or say no to a request. And, tell your bridesmaids that if they need help with a bridal shower, they can call me too. I am happy to help your entire wedding party- including the moms and the groom You can also ask me a question or get a referral, here, on my blog- it's easy and inexpensive and may be just the thing you need to feel more sane. My services are unique and very geared to making the whole experience a happy one.

Thanks to TaylorMade Weddings for the inspiration to share some of my DIY brides with my readers.

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Darlene said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for the mention. There is so much involved for a DIY wedding that many brides don't take into account until it's too late. But it's why we are here! Best Wishes to you! ~Darlene, TaylorMade Weddings