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Friday, January 23, 2009


When Danea called me to help her with a small wedding for 50 people, I thought "what can I do to help her?" She had a venue picked out, but as we explored it we found the cost was prohibitive and full of hidden charges. So, I set about trying to find a perfect spot for Danea and Joseph to have a perfect day on a budget. When I saw The Joseph Ambler Inn, I was excited! Not only was it a beautiful place to get married, but Danea could custom desiign a wedding based on their budget. Wendi was wonderful to work with and very helpful in giving us ideas of what to do. As soon as Danea and Joseph saw the Inn, they were hooked! Joseph Ambler Inn has gorgeous grounds for a ceremony, several reception locations and accomodations for the wedding couple and the guests. The food is perfect and the charm of the property are unsurpassed. .

The next thing Danea needed help with was flowers. Again, with a small wedding on a small budget we had to be creative. Who better to call than Leslie at Whimsical Welcomes! Leslie always has great ideas and perfect product to make any bride happy! These are some of the wonderful flowers that Leslie has created- beautiful...Yes?!

We found cameras for the tables and decided to let the guests be the photographer. Candids from the guests in a beautiful book would be personal and fun. Danea and her aunt could make the invitations from a computer template. Danea was so easy to sork with because she was flexible, realistic and understood the limits of her budget. Her expectations never exceded her wallet and that is key to making a wedding on a budget look like the "sky's the limit"! Girls, decide what your priorities are, be realistic and hire a planner who can help you find the right fit for your budget and your dreams!


Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

james' company has their christmas parties there, verryyy yummy!!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Congratulations to Danea and Joseph! The practical ideas you applied were so ideal especially for those who have tight budget. The venue is outstanding - not too large but very refreshing. Love the green view! For couples who have tight budget, you may consider to visit to see more budget-friendly wedding essentials like affordable wedding favors, decors, invitations, gifts and etc.