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Monday, November 03, 2008


I have to start with these two little guys! They didn't do any dancing, but they were at the wedding! Nathan and Noah are only 2 weeks old! That's Noah with grandmom before the wedding. And, both are asleep in the bridal room after feeding later on in the evening. They are so adorable- and so little! I got to play babysitter in the morning while I waited for the bride to return from getting her make up done. It was a real perk for the day, I have to say!! Are they not precious?!

Now, on to the official members of the wedding party- in miniature. The two little flower girls were dressed in dresses fashioned after the bride's. with a blond and a brunette, it was really cute. They had matching fur stoles, but neither wanted to wear them. Of course, Jennifer wanted to have make up like the big girls. But, Katie didn't want anyone "looking at her". Jaydon was very handsome in his tiny tux! He is only two, but he practiced and after tears at the door, he walked down holding Braden's hand to the gazebo!

Keeping everyone neat and happy was the job of one of the younger bridesmaids. Trucks that made noise seemed to do the trick! Of course, Jaydon had a mini meltdown. But, Thomas the Tank Engine helped to smooth things out.

Katie was so cute. She was very shy and wasn't at all sure she was going to be in the wedding. But, Jaydon hung on late into the party and I can't wait to see his dance moves on the video! Here, he is a little bewildered by the whole thing!

Little ones at weddings is sometimes a sticky situation. But, in this case, it was wonderful. There were plenty of grown ups to look after them and it was really cute to see them walk down that path!! Well, that is the end of Brianna's wedding. I have so enjoyed telling you all about it. Almost as much as I enjoyed Brianna and her family!!!


bridechic said...

Adorable little guys aren't they? Kids add so much to weddings, I think . . .

Wendy said...

Yes they do!! These little guys sure did. But, I understand when a bride doesn't want the distraction. To each his own!