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Monday, November 03, 2008


Brianna's flowers were so beautiful! On the left is the bride's bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets. On the right are the mothers' flowers and a small corsage for all of Brianna's aunts who really helped to make her day special! All the personal flowers came from Bonnie's Flowers in New Britain. Thanks, Bonnie!

The venue is a charming little place called Nostalgia in Chalfont, Pa. The grounds are beautiful and very well kept and the house is adorable! The owners, Gail and Joe Morosky, are there from start to finish and they don't miss a thing! I love the way they clear the tables with big wicker baskets lined in pale blue fabric! No messy trays or scraping of dishes in the ballroom. It is such a wonderful idea. The room is lined with windows that look out onto the beautiful grounds and there is a porch out back for guests to get some air or mingle during cocktails.

The food is lovingly prepared by Gail and Joe. Every dish is presented with flair. I just love the angels that look over all the fresh fruit and vegetables. Brianna and Chris chose a buffet so that their guests, many from out of town, could mingle and feel relaxed and really enjoy the party. But, Nostalgia does sit down dinners too. Their menu is extensive and the extras, like the cappucino and espresso bar with homemade biscotti, the fresh dacquiris and the sweet table make it easy to make your wedding unique. The staff is courteous and very pleasant. Kathleen, the maitre' d was wonderful! And, Joe was carving the roast beef himself.
It's not often that I get to see the cake assembled. But, I was there when Jeanne got there to assemble this delicious confection!! It was an amazing cake!! "Enchanted" is a perfect name for Jeanne's business. Girls, contact her. I'm telling you, it was the best chocolate cake you will ever eat! And, she works from scratch and uses butter and real eggs. She even makes her own vanilla. Wow! The inspiration for the cake was the favor. They were a mini wedding cake for fall. Jeanne made the cake look just like it! She put every leaf on the cake while I watched. I wish I could make something this lovely!

All the decorations for this wedding were the brain child of my clever little do it yourselfer! This bride thought of everything! There were three different centerpieces. All the elements were nature inspired. There were no flowers. She used pine cones, leaves, branches- and lots of candles! Sorry to all of you Michael's shoppers! I think Brianna collected all of the fall she could since last year!! We spent Friday decorating the ballroom. It was a great way to spend the day and I got to meet all of her bridesmaids. I also got to dismantle all of this on Saturday night for Brianna's dad and uncle to pack in the cars. I didn't mind at all! I did wish I had about 4 more hands though! It was a long walk form the ballroom to the bridal room.

The linens were a shiny wine pin tuck. The napkins and chair bows were yellow. We used 200 little pumpins! I think we used that many candles too! The room was aglow all night. It was so beautiful! This was fun to work on and the results were- well, just take a look! Brianna knew what she wanted and she set about making it happen. Everyone pitched in and we all had fun. No doubt about it- Brianna had a perfect day!


Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

her centerpieces look great! loved the mismatched bridesmaids too

Wendy said...

She did a great job with them- with some help from her maids and me! I knew you would love those BM dresses. The colors were a little off from your vision, but the same idea. It was a really pretty wedding!

cj said...

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