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Friday, August 17, 2007


A tuxedo isn't just a tuxedo anymore!! There are so many styles- and new colors! If the groom is a "fashion plate", a bride "wanna be"- wearing white ro ivory or just not into the formal vest or cumberbund- there is something for everyone. The little man can wear something equally as stylish- this one from the "peanut butter collection". Here are some other tips about tuxes: Make sure you visit the store well before the wedding. Your out of town groomsmen can be measured by a tailor in their area and phone in the measurements to your shop. DON'T wait until Friday afternoon to try on your tux!!! If there is a problem and the tuxes are rented from a wholesale supplier you will be out of luck! If you have several out of towners, best to rent from a store that has their own inventory and a tailor on site! Ask how to put on things like the cumberbund or button covers! If you don't know, the wedding day is no time to find that out!! You and your guys should look just as fabulous as the girls! After all, it is your wedding too- even if it as all about the bride!!!

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Seraphine said...

Tuxedos can rock. Nice tips.