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Friday, May 24, 2013


Summer is here- well, almost, and you may be planning a summer wedding.   I love finding out all about what Matthew David Celebrations is doing, so I asked Matthew about what he is seeing for summer weddings.   He told me some trends he is seeing and sent me these images of the creative and wonderful things he is doing for his lucky brides!   I really love this arbor escort card idea!!   Here is what Matthew had to say:
What are brides asking you for this year for their summer weddings?
Our brides are looking for their personality and a feeling of family history to be woven into their weddings.  Of course style is key when doing this and a bold look is very fashionable right now.  They want the look to be all things - personal, romantic, nostalgic, bold and timeless.  That's why they are coming to us for vision and execution.  My goal is to get to know them and then prioritize the elements so all of those things can be woven into the design.  Which elements stand out more and which elements become supporting characters in the story?  That all depends on the personality of the couple getting married.
What types of flowers are you using most this summer?
Ranunculus is a big hit this summer.  The palette of colors is wide and comes in bold or soft colors.  They are so romantic.  Also – lilac in white or violet, for a touch of fragrance that doesn't overwhelm. 
What color trends are you seeing for summer weddings?
Classic feminine colors remain the go-to palette for this year.  Teal is huge for that bride who really wants to make a statement.  My personal favorite is to create the wedding in classic shades of white – layered everywhere.  Then, we add a touch of color for the cocktail portion of the celebration and finally, a profusion of color to add a celebratory and festive atmosphere to dinner and dancing.
Are you seeing brides with library themes, garden themes- what is biggest request for design?
I honestly haven't had a request for a library theme – though I LOVE the idea.  Gardens are always a hit because of the nature and romance of them.  I find that when we use the couple themselves as the theme and build the design elements around their lives – the celebration becomes more memorable to everyone.
Have high centerpieces become less popular and replaced by more multi- dimensional pieces?
Tall centerpieces are simply outdated – unless they are wildly, gorgeously “of the moment” (read - elevated level of design).  What I really like to create is ceiling décor that becomes the “star of the show” and then low centerpieces that are gorgeous and intimate.  This gives a wow factor to the room (from the ceiling décor) and a sense of intimacy at the table.  In fact, I've just published a blog-post on collagecenterpieces.
Are you using more vintage or rustic props this year?
Yes.  Vintage props such as frames made of old tin ceiling; graphic wallpaper and lace are hot right now.  Rustic props such as outdoor garden elements have always been cool at weddings.  The feeling should however always be forward looking while not forgetting the past.
Tell me what your favorite summer trend is and why?
I love the current trend of juxtaposing high elegance with fun: photo booths with chandeliers, hammocks with high style pillows, truffled mac and cheese.  LOVE IT!
Photo courtesy of Matthew David Celebrations

Photo courtesy of Dreamlove Photography
  If you are planning a wedding, in summer- or any season, you can ALWAYS count on Matthew David Celebrations to have the best ideas and the most elegant and dazzling ways of making your wedding vision a reality.  Remember, Matthew gets to the heart of you and your personality.  He will make your wedding a reflection of you- not a copy of all the weddings you have been to or seen.   Personally, I can't think of anyone I would rather work with on your wedding! 
Photo courtesy of Matthew David Celebrations


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