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Friday, September 14, 2012


I was on the phone with a friend the other day and we were talking about tattoos and brides.   She told me that she had just gotten a tattoo for her 60th birthday- WOW!   It got me to thinking about some of the brides I have worked with who have them and started me wondering how YOU feel about them.   

I remember one bride I had many years ago. She was an exquisite beauty!  She had dark red hair and alabaster skin.   She was from a well- healed family on the Main Line of Philadelphia.   And she had tattoos covering most of her body!  Her mother was visibly upset by this, but trying to be supportive of her daughter whom she loved desperately.  The bride fell in love with a lace, strapless Christos gown.   She looked amazing in it.   Mom was not so sure.   We wound up making a long sleeved version of the gown- at great expense.   The bride looked stunning on her big day and the mother was happy that the guests could not see the tattooed "sleeves" under the dress.   

Well, times have changed and tattoos are all the rage- everybody has them!   Blogs like Offbeat Bride, Broke Ass Bride and Green Wedding Shoes often have photos of real weddings where the bride has her tattoos proudly peeking out of her gown.   Of course, if you want to hide them, you can have your make up artist do that for you.   I, personally, have had brides who wanted to showcase their skin sans the art they wear on a daily basis.   How do you feel?   Will you be sporting a tattoo on your wedding day?   I would REALLY love your feedback.              

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bridechic said...

Good luck on this event, dear and a thousand thanks for your comment!