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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have done all kinds of weddings, from elegant black tie affairs in New York for TV producers to small and darling garden weddings for DIY brides to many weddings in between. I have done Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, Thai and Korean and Vietnamese weddings. I have even done a wedding where the bride won her wedding on a radio station. So, where are you all? I am more competent than MANY planners who try to do it all and end up wearing too many hats to do anything well. I am more affordable than most of the "celebrity" planners that have had their 15 minutes of fame on TV and print. I am 100% committed to EVERY bride that I help. I will work tirelessly and flexibly for whatever you need. I have a reputation with many vendors that love working with me, but never recommend or feature me. I am the "invisible planner". No one will work harder, do more or give you what you need better than me. So, where are you? Where are the brides? Where are the vendors that like working with me? Where are the blog posts, the Facebook touts, the referrals? This is my livelihood, just like it is all those other big egos. This is my mortgage payment, my grandchildren's future, my heart and soul. I need for you to be as supportive of me as I am of all of you. And, I CAN be the person that makes your day as perfect as it can possibly be. You DO need a planner- every bride needs a planner. You need ME. Let me show you how and why. You won't be sorry. In fact, you will thank me as these brides and many others have. I have been doing this for a long time. I don't do other things- I do weddings- I will do yours. I have told you about me, I have shared my brides with you, I have asked you for ideas, I have vented about things that bother me about fakes and imitations. I have not heard an answer. I work at this every day- for you. For the people that deserve to be praised for their work and the brides who deserve to have a perfect day. I am the INVISIBLE PLANNER. See me- PLEASE>


Petah said...

Truly Wendy is the planner of planners. What she knows takes years of experience to master. Just an online course or planning your own day and magically your a planner dosen't work. I have been a wedding designer and floral decorator for 13 years. I have always been taken by Wendy's knowledge. She also is wise not to "play" and leave the vendors to do what we do best. Not selling flowers or products that she's not familar with. But rather guiding the bride to the correct experts. I've delt with planners who sell flowers with incorrect knowledge of the industry and made messes for us to clean. Trust Wendy

Wendy said...

I am a PLANNER! I am not a designer, I am not a decorator and I am not the go to for invitations and favors and such. I am a hands on helper to the bride- from start to finish. Even if you come to me right before your wedding, you will see how much I can ease your mind and keep you on track. And, where will I be on your big day- right where you can find me! ALL DAY!

info said...

Brides don't try to do your wedding day yourself. To execute a flawless wedding, maximize your budget and turn out a joyous affair, a bridal planner is a necessity in this 21st century.
With Wendy's experience and expertise, she will organize you, assist you and cater to your dreams. She is the go-to person for weddings and it shows!