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Friday, December 31, 2010


Bridal Reflections in New York is a wonderful place where dreams come true for military brides. And, today, your dream can come true! If you are a bride in the military or the fiance' of a soldier, you can visit the salon at 260 5th Avenue, New York, NY and get the gown of your dreams at no cost. Here are two stories of brides who's wedding were made more beautiful by Bridal Reflections.

Amanda Tipton from North Carolina

Amanda and her fiancé Thomas met while both serving in the Marine Corps. That night that she was being promoted to Sergeant, she went out to celebrate at a marina and met Thomas. They dated for three years and now have an 11 week old child. The proposal was at a restaurant in Washington DC they were both fond of. They visited it on July 4th, where the owner of the restaurant proceeded to take them to the rooftop that overlooks the capital building and the national mall. He proposed to her there. Thomas has served in Afghanistan and is now reenlisting, so he will be going back soon.

Another lovely bride who's dream of a perfect wedding gown is

Harrison from New York

n has served in the Army for 14 years. She and her fiancé Sherwin have been dating for four years. They met at a lounge, which she was urged to visit by her sister, as she was always more of a homebody and did not want to go out. They have dated for four years. Right before she was about to be mobilized to go to Kuwait, she was coming home from the airport. He purposely did not pick her up and made her take a taxi. When she got home he acted like he was sleeping, so she decided to take a shower. As she always does after a shower, she opened the medicine cabinet and the ring was waiting for her.
These are only two of the many happy endings that Bridal Reflections is responsible for. The salon is full of glorious gowns for you and your wedding party. The seamstresses are ready to make your dress perfect for you and the staff is anxious to help you pick that perfect, once in a lifetime dress. Bridal Reflections is a family business that is instrumental in community and charitable events. They have been a long time partner in Brides Across America and other organizations. Thanks to Michael Micari and Kerri Hill for this event and for the opportunity to let you all know about their great work- and their beautiful store!

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