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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Changing your name can be confusing and overwhelming! What to change it on, whether to use his name or your name professionally... and on and on. Here is an article from to help you along.
Make sure that your wedding officiant mails in
your signed marriage license ASAP so you receive
your marriage certificate. You’ll need this certificate
(or in some cases, just a copy of it) to apply for a
name change.
Get a new Social Security card (you’ll need your
marriage certificate). Go to
Get a new driver’s license (you’ll need to bring your new
SS card and marriage certificate).
Mail in your passport (with a new photo) for an updated
one. Go to
Alert voter registration at Click
“Register to Vote” and then check the box that says you
are changing your name.
Change your bank account and order new checks.
(Download our “How to Merge Your Money” checklist for
more great tips on how to meld your accounts.)
Change your credit cards (even ones from
retail stores).
Update any stocks, IRAs, mortgages, leases, or money
market accounts.
Order an annual credit report to make sure all
old accounts are closed—and that no one is
opening accounts using your maiden name. Go
Change HR paperwork at your office, get a
new email address, and alert your contacts of
the change.
Update insurance cards and policies—print out our
“Insurance Inventory”—go to and search
for “insurance checklist”.
Change your name on utility bills, like cable, gas, and
your cell phone.
Contact alumni associations, gyms, and other organizations you belong to.

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