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Thursday, November 14, 2019


Photo: Sarah DiCicco
Over the years I have worked with lots of photographers.  Most of them are amazing!  They all have their own style.  However, when you are searching for the photographer for your wedding, you need to find one that matches your style.  Its important to CONNECT with your photographer.  If you aren't in sync, you will not be happy with your wedding pictures.  And, you can't do them over.  The other piece of advice would be, DO NOT GO CHEAP!  There are great photographers who are very affordable.  And, you can customize your package to suit your budget.  Remember, this is the memory of your wedding day.  

Here are some tips for finding the perfect photographer.  Take a look at the photogrpaher's work.  does it speak to you?  Does that photographer have a style that you like?  Meet more than one photographer. 

 Set up an engagement shoot.  The way you and that photographer interact will tell you whether its a good choice.  I worked with a couple a few years ago who had hired a photographer and done an engagement shoot.  Afterward, the bride called me to say that she didn't like the photographer's personality.  She couldn't smile.  And, she hated the pictures from the shoot.  I offered other choices, but because they had given a deposit, they stuck it out with the original photographer.  When the proofs came from the wedding, the bride was not happy.  So,don't hire someone that doesn't make you comfortable.  No matter how great or how many referrals, there IS a right photographer for you.

Find out what is included with the price.  Many photographers work with a second shooter- which means both you and the groom will get those "Getting Ready" photos.  And, not a moment will be lost, because there are 4 eyes on your wedding all day.  How many photos do you get included?  Is an album included?  Most of the time, NO.  So, be prepared to pay for a wedding album.  Do you get all of the photos on a disc?  Talk to the photogrpaher before you sign a contract.  Be very clear what is included.

Find out if the photographer also does video.  Many photographers do offer it.  And, it is something you want to include in your budget.  Hiring a videographer is not a luxury.  When you look back on your wedding, don't you want to hear those vows again, listen to the song you danced to while watching it?  Remember, this is a once in a lifetime and will never be repeated.  So, you want every moment to be documented.   

The most important thing to remember when deciding on your photography- and videography is that this is the memories.  These pictures, this video is what you will look back on for years to come.  So, choose wisely.  And, feel free to contcact me for advice or referrals.  Happy Planning!
Photo: Kelli Wilke

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