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Thursday, December 07, 2023



It has been almost 21 years since I began this journey.  When I started, it was my love of planning and my passion for happy brides that propelled me.  Through the years, I have been lucky to have so many amazing clients all over- from NYC to Florida, to Chicago.  While most of my clients are Philadelphia based, I have had some wonderful travels and many memorable moments with all kinds of couples.  

Times have changed, the business has changed and weddings have changed.  I have NOT changed.  My passion is the same. My commitment is the same.  My philosophy is the same.  I don't try and be a "one stop shop".  I don't rent the "stuff", do the flowers, set up the tables and clean up the trash at the end of the night.  I commit myself to YOU!  I help you find vendors to fit your budget and your vision.  I listen to you as you plan.  I do as much or as little as you need.  I am by your side from day one and I am there to carefully pack up your personal items at the end of the day.  I work for you.  I care about you.  I do what I do for YOU!!  

Angel of Hearts has no fancy website.  I have this informative and friendly blog to help you along the way.  I am not "showy", I don't parade around everywhere like a celebrity.  I am quiet and hard at work.  So, maybe I get lost in the shuffle.  So, here I am today to tell you that I am here after 20+ years, still making magic, still committed to every couple and anxiously awaiting to hear all about your wedding and how I can make the magic for you!  Happy Planning!

Friday, January 07, 2022



If you watch the Food Network, you know that when a master chef or a baker create something, the judges don't always agree on how good that dish is. Some love it, some don't. Maybe it isn't their taste in food, maybe they don't like that spice or that sauce. Taste is subjective. WELL, so is reviewing vendors. So, today, let's talk about REVIEWS. 

I am going to start by asking you a question. If you had a business and worked really hard at that business, made your living, paid your bills, fed your family with that business. how would you feel if someone, not only disrespected your business in a review, but actively tried to ruin you- and attacked your person besides?  It would make you feel pretty awful, I would guess.  

Weddings are very personal.  they are costly, stressful and you want everything to be perfect.  BUT, THINGS HAPPEN! Maybe you don't have the budget for the Pinterest board you saw.  Maybe the flowers you love are not in season. Maybe the photographer is late, because there was a major accident on their way.  At the end of the day, you are married, the vendor team YOU chose did their job and life goes on. If something didn't go just so, do you really think you should blame your vendors?  

Sometimes personalities don't connect.  That's OK. Not every vendor fits every couple.  Sometimes you don't listen to what the vendor is telling you or you don't read the contract or you hear what you want to hear.  You must be flexible, communicate with your vendors.  SOMETIMES you just had a vision that was unrealistic!  Figure out what your budget is at the beginning and find vendors who fit that budget. Look, there are great vendors, good vendors, mediocre vendors- AND, there are some REALLY BAD vendors.  After 20 years in this industry, I know that. And, as someone who advises couples on vendors, I would not recommend someone I know to be CONSISTENTLY bad.  BUT, I WOULD NOT TRASH ANYONE on the internet.  

Everyone has a bad day.  Maybe your DJ lost their mother recently. Maybe the caterer had staff that didn't show up for work. Maybe the venue had a flood in the ladies room that morning. However, they show up. they do their job. They work past the trouble.  And, they do their best to give you what you paid for. 

RED FLAG:  If someone has a great rating on a wedding website and you read review after review that raves about the vendor. Then, you read some absurd NEGATIVE review that completely destroys someone's reputation- STOP!  Think about it!!  Is it possible for so many couples to be wrong and this ONE or TWO be right?!!  PLEASE!  use your common sense.  

Finally, instead of taking the word of other brides- good or bad, reach out to a vendor. Explain that you read something about them- there are 2 sides to every story.  Ask other vendors who have worked with that vendor- find out what they think. Ask your venue if they have worked with someone and what their recommendation would be.

As with the Food Network, TASTE is subjective.  So, don't destroy someone because you don't like the spices!!  Walk away and find something good to say- maybe you liked the "sauce". And, ask yourself, would I want someone to slander me on the internet?  My guess is, your answer would be NO!  Be kind. And, as my mother used to say- "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".  

Happy Planning!


It was my pleasure, yesterday, to visit Darianna Bridal and Tuxedo in Warrington, Pa.  And, the only thing more fun than seeing such a beautiful store, was meeting the owners, Franco and Wendy, and their happy staff. If you are searching for THE DRESS, PLEASE visit this salon!!   

You can feel the warmth and caring as soon as you walk in the door- including the dress in the window, bearing the names of the brides that bought a dress here.  You are greeted with a friendly HELLO.  And, the store owners could not be more accommodating! Franco and Wendy are just lovely, real, authentic people, who pride themselves on the way they interact with their brides and the community.

Visually, this is an inviting place to walk into.  The huge window that lets in so much natural light, the dark hardwood floors, adorned with beautiful oriental rugs, the ethereal look of the gorgeous gowns hanging on the wall and the most incredible and private bridal suite I have ever seen!  It just makes you feel like you have been wrapped in a blanket and loved!!  The bridal suite is off to the side and surrounded by a wall, open to the gowns on two sides. There is a huge, ornate mirror and a delightful, cushioned bench for your entourage. There are belts and sleeves to experiment with while you decide which gown you MUST have.  You WILL feel like a princess when you try on gowns in this space.

There is a beautiful selection of veils and accessories.  There are dresses for mom and some bridesmaids. AND, on the other side of the center floor, there are suits and tuxedos for the men in the wedding. 

I have to say, I have visited a lot of bridal salons in my career, and have worked in several.  This salon is the perfect place to feel embraced, cared about, listened to and appreciated!   I am so happy for the opportunity to share this salon with my readers- and my brides! You really should make an appointment to go see them! You can call, text, schedule on their website or message on Facebook

Darianna Bridal and Tuxedo- 215-491-8500

Monday, March 15, 2021


 Right in the center of Philadelphia, with a view of City Hall, in a historic building, is Le Meridien Hotel.  With beautifully appointed guest rooms, a gorgeous library for an intimate ceremony and several options to party the night away, your wedding will be perfect in every way.  And, right now, planning an intimate occasion for the most dear to you or an elopement for just you two, there is no better time to plan your wedding at Le Meridien.

Last week, I visited Lauren Pasquini and we chatted about how the hotel has pivoted to accommodate the things that have changed in this last year. And, how dedicated they are to making sure that with smaller weddings AND smaller budgets, couples can still have a magical wedding.  Here are some of the things that Le Meridien is doing for couples right now:

Book your wedding in 2021 FOR 2021 and receive: 

 ** Complimentary ceremony ( $1000 value)

** Complimentary Tier 2 or 3 entree at a Tier 1 price ($20 per person value)

** Complimentary 1 Hour After Party food display ($20 per person value)

Book your wedding in 2021 FOR 2022 and beyond with under 50 guests and receive ONE of the above options.

Book your wedding in 2021 FOR 2022 or beyond with over 50 guests and choose two of the above options.

The photos here are from one of my weddings at Le Meridien.  And, I must say, it was perfection- all day!  Lauren and her team will make sure that nothing is left to chance and that every moment is unforgettable.  Even in these strange days, weddings should always be special and ALWAYS be memorable.  Le Meridien will see to that. So, give Lauren a call to book your special day.  And, let me know how I can help!  Because every wedding, big or small, needs a planner to keep you sane and stress free.

Stay tuned for more info about a special evening coming soon at Le Meridien in April.  Details to come.

Lauren Pasquini- 215-422-8221

Thursday, November 19, 2020


These are strange times for planning a wedding.   Many couples are just having a private ceremony and planning a celebration for later with family and friends.   And, some couples are opting for a small gathering with their favorite people.  How would you like to be able to bring your wedding to your home for an elegant evening without lifting a finger?  Let me tell you how.

We will hire a chef to plan a menu and prepare a beautiful meal.  We can use your china and linens or we can bring them in.  Decorating is easy.  Some beautifully placed flowers and some candles create a mood.  Ensconce your home in romance, with a spot for a ceremony and an intimate dinner for 2 to 20 people.  A photographer to take some photos of your magical evening.  And, VOILA!  

Creating memories and sharing a special moment with those closest to you can be totally stress free and just as wonderful as a big event.  And, right now, what could be better?!  Contact me for details and lets get started planning your intimate wedding at home.  Contact: or 267-500-4328.


Monday, March 02, 2020


Just look at these two happy people!!  Relaxed, fresh and having a great time.  And, why are they so relaxed?  Because they HIRED A PLANNER!  

Why is hiring a planner so important?  And, why should you hire one?  Because, I know you are thinking you don't need one.  Your mom will help. Your bridesmaids will help.  Your cousin, who isn't in the wedding will help.  Or, the best one- the venue has an on site planner.  

So, let's explore these options.  Your mother already has a job that day- she is the Mother of the Bride.  She should never be asked to handle the day of.  Your mom should be by your side, enjoying your happiness, helping you get ready, sipping champagne with you.  She should also be relaxed, happy and fresh.

Your bridesmaids are just that- your bridesmaids.  Giggling and chatting while having hair and make up done.  Sharing your joy.  Being there to share in this special day.  They will be needed for photos, for keeping you from being too nervous, for walking down the aisle and standing by your side when you say I Do.  They should be dancing, laughing and enjoying this blessed day.  

I know, you wanted your cousin to feel included because you already had too many bridesmaids.  So, let her hand out the programs.  Have her make a special toast.  Maybe she can create a photo book for your guest book.   I'm sure she has a talent that you can recognize.  Let her be a guest and enjoy your day with you.

AND- that on site planner-  they work for the venue!!  So. if there is a problem before the wedding, they don't help.  If the florist doesn't show up or is late, NOT their job to follow up.  If the venue closes before the wedding- oops!  There goes the venue AND the "planner"!   Somehow, I don't think you want to have to face that scenario alone!  On site coordinators are only there for the day.  They work for the venue.  They may or may not know how to do your bustle.  They may have some thread to fix a button- but, they sure don't have an emergency kit to handle any emergency.  They haven't worked with your vendors for the last 6 months to a year to help you navigate all the ins and outs of a wedding day.  They don't really know you- because they haven't invested the time to get to know you.  And, some of them are hard to find on the big day.

So, what to do?!  A seasoned wedding planner will be there for whatever happens from beginning to end of the planning.  A planner will help you navigate the journey to the altar.  A planner will recommend vendors that are reliable, professional and do a great job.  A planner will know how to do a bustle, have an emergency kit, be at the venue before you to make sure everything is how you envisioned it, interact with all of the vendors before the wedding, have all the contact numbers, names and other info needed to keep the day moving.  AND, THIS PLANNER will know how to get car grease off of a satin gown, how to totally reinvent a wedding in two weeks if the venue shuts down, can alter a dress on site if needed, can make a bouquet, can be a counselor, a referee and a mentor from the moment you say Yes until you say Good Night to the last guest.  

Don't cheat yourself.  Don't play Russian roulette with your wedding day.  And, PLEASE, don't let an amateur or a friend be responsible for such an important day.  Everybody has a purpose in your wedding day.  Mine is to make sure there are no problems, no stress and that the magic happens.  My job is to make sure YOU are as happy as these two were on their wedding day!!  

Friday, December 06, 2019


I have worked with lots of photographers!  Most of them are amazing and most of them are very easy to work with.  I have my favorites- for different reasons.  And, not every photographer is right for every couple, no matter how great their talent.  That's why I recommend different photographers depending on the couple.  One thing I have learned over the years, you MUST connect on a personal level with the person taking your wedding photos.  So, today, I want to introduce you to someone who you can't help but connect with!!  This guy lives the words he says.  And, he takes great photos.  Josh Goodman Productions does photography and videography- well!!  

I met Josh through Instagram and Facebook.  I just fell over a photograph one day and I was hooked.  In getting to know him, I found that he is not only a great photographer, he is an even greater human being.  His philosophy completely gels with mine.  He runs his business the way I run mine.  And, he has the cutest little girl in the world!!  

Josh does engagements and weddings.  This is great, because you can get to know him during your engagement shoot, so you will have time to really get a feel for who he is, and vice versa.  Josh lives by his grandfather's words- "get the details right".  And, Josh does that.  

When the big day comes, Josh will be ready to capture every nuance of the day.  You can opt for photography and video- which is is something I always recommend.  Josh has your covered.  You can decide how much time you need, but if things get behind, Josh won't leave you hanging.  He will get every important moment, with no hidden fees at the end.  You can choose from 6 hours to all day, which all include a complimentary engagement shoot.  

Josh Goodman is just that, a Good Man.  He is an artist who produces quality work and a phenomenal human being.  Josh is affordable, creative and waiting to hear from you.  So, contact him while he still has dates available. 

Thanks, Josh for sharing your work with me and for being so eager to make memories that last a lifetime.