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Friday, October 18, 2019


Reality TV!   Its been around for awhile, from Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, to Say Yes To The Dress, to Four Weddings.  Brides flock to these shows for ideas, for inspiration, for validation- and because its fun.  I admit- I watch it too.  I even did a blog series when SYTTD did the first season.  

So, why am I writing about this now?  And, why are my images, here, all of me dressing my brides?  I'll tell you.  REALITY TV isn't real!  Its scripted and planned and edited and- full of bad ideas!!  I know how to dress a bride properly and I always make sure they are picture perfect before anyone sees them. So, let me pick apart my reason for this article. 

 When I look at a bride who is doing her first dance and her train is wiping up the dance floor, I ask- where is her bustle?  Did she not know she needed to have the seamstress add one during alterations?  Or, didn't she know she needed one?  Or, was there no one to help her after the ceremony?  That little loop at the bottom of the train is NOT to hold it!!  Its only there to hook it to a hanger. WHERE IS THE PLANNER?

If you are planning to wear your hair down, remember two things.  First, the weather could have you looking bedraggled before your pictures are taken, so have a back up "do" ready in case of rain, snow or wind.  Watching a bride on a TV show whose hair looks like it hasn't even been combed is not attractive.  Also, that flowing mane does not lend itself to a veil on a comb plopped on the back of your head.  When I see a bride on TV with a plain veil stuck in her flowing hair, it drives me crazy!  Think about what goes on your head and make sure that if you are planning to wear your hair down, ask about alternatives when you go shopping for the veil. Your planner can be a great resource for ideas of how to looked finished from head to toe.

Now, as for the dress.  I spent several years running bridal salons.  In that role, it was my job to oversee alterations, sometimes do the alterations- or remake a dress, and advise brides of what looks nice.  Let me tell you, a puddling hem does not look nice.  Your dress should be an inch from the floor- IN YOUR SHOES.  So, before you have your first fitting, make sure you have the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day.  If you are wearing a strapless dress, the last thing you want is to be pulling at it all day.  Make sure it is snug, well structured and have the seamstress put an elastic belt on the inside at your waist.  This will keep it from sliding.  Because, guess what, your dress is going to "grow" as you perspire.  TV brides constantly have dresses that are too long and strapless dresses that don't fit properly.  When I see it, I ask myself- WHY IS THERE NOT A PLANNER HERE?!  

Other things that I notice on Reality TV, brides with no real focus.  There is no reason on earth for any bride to try on over 100 dresses.  After the first couple, it begins to become clear that some shapes work and some don't.  It isn't true that the more dresses you try, the more sure you are.  Just the opposite.  Its so much more confusing.  Focus on what looks nice on your body.  And,  DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD LIKE!!!  Its your day, its your dress.  Only YOU need to like it.  Limit your posse.  Too many opinions are confusing.  TV brides who show up with 20 people to try on dresses are just asking for trouble.  I find myself yelling at the TV for those on the couch to be quiet!!  

Pinterest is a great place for ideas.  Its hard to stick to one theme when you there are so many to choose from.  Don't try to do too many things.  Four Weddings is notorious for this.  One of the biggest things I see when I watch this show is that a bride has an idea, but gets carried away and either does too much or tries to incorporate too many themes into her wedding.  Again, focus.  Pick a color palette or a style and stick with it.  A good planner can help you sort out your ideas and put them together in a beautiful vision board that will bring your ideas into focus.

Here's the thing.  Reality TV is entertainment.  Its fun to watch and everybody loves weddings.  But when it comes to your REAL wedding, don't depend on Reality TV to find answers.  If you have questions or want to know more about my services, contact me.  I am an experienced source of really good information.  Lets talk about your wedding.  I offer a free consultation.  Can't wait to hear your wedding ideas!

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