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Friday, August 05, 2011


Last night, The VanCleve Wedding Pavilion dazzled the crowd at the Best of the Main Line Party at Drexelbrook. It was a stellar evening- more to come later today. But, The Wedding Pavilion was a hub of excitement and beauty as the stunning gowns of designer Matthew Christopher were displayed and modeled by two lovely and charming ladies. Matthew Christopher was also in attendance, entertaining the brides and patrons of Van Cleve, as they stopped to gaze and congratulate Deborah and her staff. There was no lack of fun and frolic as the cameras snapped photos and Deborah and the "bride" danced to the amazing and entertaining sound of Jellyroll. This incredible display was a highlight of the evening. And, this is Matthew Christopher with his lovely "bride".

Deborah VanCleve Phelps, Abigail McGrah and Leslie Padilla chatting it up.

Deborah and Abigail with one of Matthew Christopher's stunning dresses.

Matthew and Deborah pose for a photo.

Matthew kept the ladies entertained all evening. He is not only talented, but very funny with his lively humor and his adorable smile. He is mesmerizing, real and so funny.

Jellyroll kept everyone on the dance floor. The Van Cleve "bride" and Deborah were no exception. Imagine this to be your wedding and that is you in that gorgeous gown known as the "Peggy Sue Gets Married" gown. Deborah looked fabulous in her little red dress.

How much fun is this?

Deborah, Matthew Christopher and the models pose for a lovely photo- one of many taken with this stunning backdrop. As ladies stopped by to get a close up of these dresses and sign up to win a Matthew Christopher design, the models answered questions and Matthew took the time to speak to several brides.

The lovely bride. This dress is incredible. The fabric is delicate and the wispy applique makes this a perfect gown for a summer wedding.

Matthew Christopher and Leslie Padilla pose for a photo for me. I had to take two!

All in all,it was a great evening and a fabulous party. I will post more about it later today. The Best of the Main Line Party really was the best!


bridechic said...

I do love Christopher's work. I only recently discovered him on a model/photography site and oooooooh la la he's fabulous. Such an honor to meet him . . .

Bridal Affairs said...

Hi Amy Jo! He is a trip! Loved meeting him and I love his gowns!! Can't wait to see more at the trunk show in September. BTW- mentioned you in my latest post about edgy brides.

bridechic said...

Thank you!

Bridal Affairs said...

It was a great event and I can't wait to see Matthew Christopher again at his trunk show in September there. I will be posting about it, so stay tuned.

Barn Weddings said...

What a stunning wedding dress. Nicely made. :D